Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Girl Laborer trades favors

 Sometimes, like today, this blog is a snapshot of our married life.  After a morning decorating consultation Mr. Maison Decor asked me to give him a hand at his excavation site.  He is a policeman and has this digging business on the side. He is such a good provider, and takes such great care of me and I truly appreciate all he does.  I changed into my jeans and headed over~all I had to do, he said, was hold the measuring stick to make sure this trench he was digging was at the right pitch.  Hey, I get him to put in my sink and all those chandeliers, so its quid pro quo, right?  Note: the time of my arrival is noon.
 This is the trench he dug and it is going to carry the water to this new house. Mr. MD is a one man show and sometimes he needs a helping hand so he doesn't have to jump in and out of his excavator.  We are not getting any younger.....
 You can see the big measuring stick in the trench.  It has a laser thing on it that picks up a signal from a tripod with a bigger laser thing.  That was what I was in charge of, but sometimes there is a lull in the action. Thats when I stepped back to take a few pictures of the job.
 And then did what a girl laborer/blogger would do~I started taking pics of my new boots!
 Tina, from Enchanted Home blog, showed these over there and I thought they were just darling. She is such a bad girl always showing such lovely things one can find online. Don't you just love monograms? Since I wear rubber boots in our back woods walking my big dog I couldn't resist ordering a pair of these.
 I snapped a lot of pics of my new black shiny boots with the hot pink monogram.
And then I took a picture of  my girl laborer gloves.  They have a little pink on the edges!  What else could I take a picture of besides dirt?
  I tried to take some nice self portraits but it is impossible to do that once you are over 40.  Just saying. I'll spare you all the others that went into the deleted pile. And the hat? The thing is that my layered hair goes in my face so I had to wear a little hat to keep it from aggravating me.
 Ok, so now I am about to get fired from Mr. Maison Decor~better grab that stick and make sure this trench drops 1" for every 10 feet he digs.  This job seemingly had no end in sight...I thought I was just going to be here for two hours.
See all of those green pipes there? We are going to connect them and lay them in the trench and then fill the thing back up with all the dirt.  All in one day?  So says Mr. MD.  He said we will go out for a nice dinner when we are finished.  I am thinking that will be around 6PM.
Here is my hard working handsome hubs jumping into the trench. It is around 9 pm now!  I can't even see out here!  At 7:30 pm I had a pizza delivery guy come to the street address with a large cheese pizza.  Have you ever waited on the street for a pizza guy?  It is weird! And why can't they deliver wine? My mind is searching for answers at this point...
 You cannot leave a trench open like this, so the work goes on.  I am soooo tired of standing, even if I am in my new black boots......I wannna go home and watch Dancing With The Stars....knowing this is not going to happen, I pull out my iPhone and vote for Rob Kardashian, and give him all 5 of my text votes. I just think he is the sweetest kid, and reminds me of my sons.  He has come a long way in the competition so far (who do you all like?).  I love how he dances too of course!
 The water lines are in...pleeeeeeez  hurry Mr. MD!
 Covering up the trench begins...we finally get home at 10:30PM. GAH! My black boots were cement gray from the monograms down....I have been standing for 10 hours plus in a trench.  Such is the sophisticated life of a decorator! I had one thing to say to Mr. Maison Decor and that was, "This is a bigger favor than hanging any chandy...."
 He agreed~because the day before he hung my living room chandelier in less than an hour. I was a very a happy girl!
 These pictures are from my iPhone.  I will be sharing how it looks in its new setting this week and can't wait!
Oh, and one other thing, while I am being kind of random, is that on Saturday I went to an auction and bought a box lot of iron things and this sweet little gem was in it.  An antique Christmas tree stand. Isn't it darling?  It is headed to my Etsy shop, so if this rings your bell, come over and get it quick!

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