Friday, November 18, 2011

Burlap ribbon in floral arrangements

 Silk hydrangeas are getting better looking all the time. I made this arrangement for a client's kitchen using a basket, some silk hydrangeas and burlap ribbon. I had to share how awesome this ribbon is! I saw someone selling it online for twice the price I paid for it. Have you seen this stuff or used it? It is from the crafts store Michaels.
 After clipping off some of the wire stems of the hydrangeas I loaded the basket with the flowers.
 Then I took the ribbon and wove it through the arrangement hiding any gaps and let it peak out the ends.  It looks so pretty and rustic.
 Love this.
 This terrific ribbon is $3.99 a roll at Michaels. It has finished edges and it is my new favorite thing.  It is the first time burlap has been in my house~and I love it!  I plan to get more of it before it sells out.
I buy my baskets at Home Goods as I think their selection and prices are better than Michaels.
 This iron plant stand is going to go in my clients kitchen too. Same principal~clip the flowers, fill the container, then weave some burlap ribbon through the arrangement. Super easy.
 This would be easy to change out seasonally too. The container is from Home Goods. After I bring this to my client I am hoping to be able to share some decorating I am doing on her new house trying to give it a little french cottage flavor.
 Other things you can do with this ribbon is line a tray with it and then fill it with plates holding nibbles for guests or make an arrangement using what you have around the house...
 Dillon happened to be on the couch waiting for Mr. Maison Decor to come home and take him for their long walk at the end of the day.
 He is the sweetest dog we have ever owned~we love him to pieces. He is a rescue dog from Oklahoma and we found him online and ordered him, I mean, saved him!
Dillon is a sweetheart. He is six years old now.

Oh, look at him perk right up when he hears a truck coming up the hill~but today a lot of trucks are coming up the hill as a new house is going in on the end of the'll still have to wait buddy.

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