Thursday, November 17, 2011

Country Living Style Kitchens

So much to love about country style kitchens.  Full of inspiration for the DIYer, and loaded with charm, I selected some of my favorite Country Living magazine kitchens to drool over.  A small vintage stove might not be that effective for cooking for a crowd, but you gotta love the sink cabinet, the light fixtures, the vintage lace garlands in lieu of window treatments and the off center framed floral print.
This country kitchen has a strong french vibe~check out the toile wallpaper in the hutch and the checkered cafe curtains.
I adore this kitchen! Look at the shelf mounted straight across the window on corbel brackets for pretty display.  A vintage table cloth is the apron curtain under that fabulous farmhouse sink.  I wanna open every cabinet and see what wonderful treasures are hidden inside. Look~ how darling is the lace pinned to the lower third of the glass cabinet doors?
Pink fridge? Grey and green stove? Oh, I recognize that floral framed print now, this all goes with that fabulous chippy sink cabinet! This kitchen is getting better and better....!
Classic beadboard and wood countertops finished off with a big farmhouse utility sink and fridge. I bet the ice cubes are being made in those metal ice cube trays that have the handle you have to pull to break them apart.
This kitchen could be mine with the giant letter A on the wall and the tole tray.
Mustard yellow walls scream French all the way~
Gorgeous gothic cabinetry, with lowers in distressed black paint and uppers in wood stain with those fabulous gothic muntins.
Oh look, a mini-hutch filled with blue and whites! That looks like a basic white formica countertop with a wood edge, and look how pretty it all looks.  This must be in a coastal location as someone committed to a seashell tile backsplash border.  I wouldn't have recommended that, as the beadboard alone with the schooner painting says "seacoast". 
And the last country kitchen is my own sweet kitchen! Painted cabinetry and a big drainboard sink gave me my own piece of country cottage living, right here in the middle of the suburbs.
Do you have a favorite? 
(Mine not included of course or the voting would be signed sealed and delivered, haha!)


  1. Hi Amy,
    I think your kitchen rates right up there with all those dream kitchens.


  2. Love all those that you pictured. They don't have anything on yours though!

  3. Looks like you like all the same things I do !

  4. Love your choices Amy. I remember that industrial kitchen with the large A. I considered doing something very similar when I saw it years ago.

  5. I am in love with the drainboard sink! I have one behind my potting shed in my garden. (in a wooden stand and plumbed for veggie washing etc.) It is too deep for my countertops!

  6. I am in kitchen heaven!! I couldn't pick just one. Wouldn't it be neat to see these in person?! And yours is right up there with all of them. Be proud!


  7. Fabulous kitchens! I love something about each of them; however, the blue and white kitchen and your kitchen are two of my favorites!

  8. Amy yours belongs in Country Living just like the rest of them. They are all so pretty! I just did a post a few days ago on living rooms from Country Living.

  9. I love the 3rd kitchen!! They are all so unique and beautiful! xo

  10. I so agree. I love every one of them and, I haven't pulled apart magazines in awhile, but I'm sure each of those will go into my kitchen file.

    We in India cannot subscribe to COUNTRY LIVING .. my sis in the US does get a few when she visits but I would love to have all of them **sigh** I love them so much..Now you have given me that pleasure of looking at these wonderful pictures

  12. Hi Amy, The inspiration abounds. Thanks for sharing. The pink fridge reminds me, I had a turquoise sink, surface unit and wall oven in 1962. I was in heaven. Hugs, Ginger

  13. I so enjoy looking at kitchens! And yours turned out so beautiful!!!

    ~ Violet

  14. I like the second one best (excluding yours, of course) ;P

  15. Love your choices to show us! I, however, prefer your own and your display over the stove is just so clever!

  16. The one with the pink fridge is to-die-for!


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