Thursday, November 3, 2011

Silverplate settings

 Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  
Are you hosting dinner this year?  
I like to set a formal table and this year I have some new additions,
 including a complete set of Roger Bros 
silverplate flatware that I got at auction this summer.
If you want to set a fancier table, 
here is a solution on how to get that look.
First of all, consider silver plate.
 My "new" pattern is  called "First Love". 
Silverplate is an inexpensive way to give your table a fancier look. 
 You can find a complete set on eBay for well under $100. 
My set came from an auction house.
 This group of flatware was all dumped onto a tray 
and I didn't think twice about it until I saw no one was bidding on it.
  So I was able to get it all for $10~
later on at home I counted all the pieces and I was thrilled.
 It had dinner and salad forks, teaspoons and soup spoons, knives, 
butter knife, and about ten serving pieces like a ladle, 2 meat forks,  2 large spoons,  a large pierced spoon, a fish server and sugar spoon.  
It was a complete set of 8 settings, shy one dinner fork, 
so I went looking on eBay and found a pair of 
First Love dinner forks and bought them for $15 to complete the set.
 I'll be setting the table with the Clarice Cliff 
purple transferware in rural scenes set I bought from eBay this summer too.
 Lots of miscellaneous pieces of silver plate 
and purple transferware will be on the table as well.
 I like to pull everything out of the cupboards
 and see what needs to be done~polishing and ironing...
 A large carving board in a reticulated plated tray
 with wooden handles was found antiquing. 
 Tina, from the Enchanted Home posted on some 
gorgeous meat trays almost like this one~
but their price was $650~ 
a far cry from $20 at the antique coop.  
These old fashioned traditional pieces can be found for a song.
 Ebay and antique shops and auctions are
 great resources for finding those serving pieces for your holiday table.
I am still on the hunt for a big turkey platter in purple transferware.
Let me know if you see one anywhere please!
 Let the polishing begin!
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  1. Gorgeous silverplate. What a fantastic find. YOur purple transferware is stunning also and all the assorted silver will be wonderful in your tablescape. Can't wait to see it all put together. Hugs, Marty

  2. Oh my, your table is going to be so beautiful! What an Ah-Mazing deal on the flatware. Great find!! The pattern is so pretty. Lacey and intricate but not too fussy. I like it mucho~much =)

  3. Now that was a great buy! I love my silver plate and use it whenever we have dinner guests.

  4. I am dying over this post!! May be my favorite one of yours yet Amy!! That silver is GORGEOUS as is your china and the whole letting....CANNOT BELIEVE THE STEAL YOU GOT IT FOR!! I AM SO JEALOUS!! Wanna be my personal shopper:)
    A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy planning.

  5. I love that silver pattern. I have a few pieces of it myself..just bought as odds and ends. I can't believe you got all of that for $10! What an auction! All that purple transfer ware is so gorgeous. What a table you will be setting. All of it looks so pretty just piled on your table now. I have to say...I am super jealous you got all that silverware.

  6. Pretty! That was a great deal too. I was lucky to win a set of silverware at an auction once and I've never used it! Right now it is in storage. Some day, some day...
    The purple tranferware is going to be gorgeous at Thanksgiving. I love mixing in purple to the atumn pallette.

  7. Hi Amy - Replacements, Ltd. is a great place to look for missing pieces. That is how I filled out some of my patterns. Here is your New Love pattern: . I also searched for violet/purple transferware but didn't have much luck. Hope you find your platter!

  8. Your table is going to look so pretty, Amy! Make sure you take pictures when it's set for Thanksgiving. I love your purple transferware. I had never seen it in purple until I saw yours.

  9. I love your silverware that you found. I have a chest of silverplate silverware that I got when I got married. It always comes in handy when I'm serving a large crowd. Your purple transferware and matching stemware look great together. If I see a turkey platter while out shopping, I'll let you know. I'll be going to Scott's Antique Market later this month. I'll keep my eyes open for one.

  10. That flatware is AMAZING. I am in awe of the price you got. I am a sucker for beautiful old flatware, especially if it is a deal like that. This is very similar to my in-laws pattern. Love it!


  11. Amy, you are definitely ready for a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting. Love the purple transferware. Great buys!

  12. Cool! I love it! The table already looks pretty with all of it just sitting out. I've been grabbing random silver plate pieces too... they're so pretty. I can't believe you found a whole set for $10.00! Great find!


  13. You have an amazing collection there, everything looks so pretty! I'm drooooooling over your carving board, love it!!

  14. Wow! Such gorgeous-ness here! You have so inspired me with that little blue shelf holding that beautiful pink dinnerware..... I have dinner ware that colour...mmmmmm!

  15. Awwww Amy girl you amaze me with every visit to your place that inspires such beauty to behold.
    I too love silver flatware plated or solid! The transferware is vibrant and a perfect tone to mesh with silevrs and greys :)

    Thank you sweet friend for your support and comments that I hold onto dearly.

    Keep inspiring a peaceful calm over here.

  16. LOVE that pattern!!! The price...WOW.
    Nice combo with the purple transferware too.
    What time do you want us? ;)

  17. Ooh, an excuse to search for purple transferware! I'll keep my eyes open in Chicago and In Missouri (I'll be there in a week and a half)

    I've got my moms silverplate that she bought over time when she was a working gal. My niece borrowed it last year for a family Thanksgiving which made it extra special.

  18. Love your pattern! I have several sets of different Rogers Bros patterns that were family pieces. The transferware you have is unique too!

  19. That purple transferware is something serious and I have never seen it before. Your table will be glorious.

  20. What a great deal on the silverplate! Also, I've never seen purple transferware before. It's so pretty. I'll be on the lookout for a turkey platter!

  21. I recently got a set of silverplate for 7.50! I love it--you are right it adds so much elegance over stainless! Yours is beautiful and the I love the purple dishes!

  22. Wow, what a bargain on the silverplate. It's so pretty. You reminded me that I have a set that belonged to my Grandma. It's boxed up in a flatware case and with all the tables I've set I can't believe I've never used it. I'm going to get it out and play. Silver seems to be a perfect mate for purple transferware. Are you going to show your table once it's set? I hope so!


  23. Before blogging I thought the only color in transferware was blue. Now I am just thrilled to see the other colors. I love purple and yours with the glasses is just beautiful.

  24. Can I come for Thanksgiving? Your pieces are all so beautiful. LOVE the purple!!!!

  25. What a steal for 10 bucks! It's gorgeous, and I love the purple transferware, Your Thanksgiving table will be beautiful. Just saw your newest post too, on the urn floral arrangement, gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to the party!! xoxo

  26. Ooooh! I've never seen that pattern before! (and I'm a shameful silver hound)
    You'll definitely have a gorgeous table!

  27. My goodness! I love that flatware! It is so beautiful, if I had that flatware I would have to entertain each weekend just so I could take them out, hehe!

  28. Loved this post. Your pictures are so beautiful, love your colors, exactly how i want to redo my new dining room. found you through enchanted home.


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