Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dreamy blue for the mantle

 I have a new favorite color~the architectural piece 
and the mantle both got a brushing of this dreamy blue 
 It is a delicate color with a whisper of blue 
that calls to mind those Scandinavian blues.
 This color has been in my possession for awhile now,
 and I am so pleased with how it looks.
The color is Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper.
 I wanted a color of blue that would look nice with the fabric in the bookcases~
 With all of the white furniture slipcovers 
and the white smocked curtains, this dreamy blue feels right.
 I tied back the smocked panels to
 let more light in and so I can watch the birds at the feeders,
something I really enjoy during the winter months.
 This room will be getting the chandelier I made over hung up soon.
I finished attaching the crystals, so it is now up to 
Mr. Maison Decor to grant my wish and hang this baby before the weekend.
Here is the white
 And the after in blue~the white crystal chandy should
 look pretty with this dreamy blue and white scheme.  
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  1. It looks beautiful, Amy...just the right whisper of color!

    Can't wait to see the chandy hanging!


  2. That chandelier is going to look gorgeous in this room, Amy! I am so jealous - my daughter came back from NY with a chandelier that her MIL gave her. It didn't go with her decor anymore. I said to my daughter "she's knows she can paint these things, right?". Apparently not, but to my daughter's benefit!

  3. I love it soothing. I have a vintage chandelier in the attic which needs to be hung....maybe before Christmas now that you've inspired me!

  4. What a beautiful color Amy, You always amaze me at your creativity. It looks awesome!! That chandy looks pretty awesome too!

  5. Very pretty Amy! I love that plaque you have having over your fireplace!

  6. You are right! It is just the right amount of subtle blue to be really striking! Your living room is so pretty and welcoming!~Hugs, Patti

  7. You know I love blue and I love how it looks. You are like the gift that keeps on giving, always something going on over there.....just when you think it can't get any prettier:)

  8. That is a magical soft blue... really nice with the colors in the room, and the chandy is going to be fabulous!


  9. Wow! That's a gorgeous chandelier. It will look stunning in that room. I love the touch of blue you gave the mantle. I love that ben. moore color! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Happy to find yours!

  10. It definitely will look good in that room. Your new color is so subtle. I really like it. It doesn't jump out at you. Love those smocked curtains too.

  11. It is such a sigh of a color that it barely looks blue. I'll bet a night the tone deepens just a bit and looks more blue. Love it with the fabric in the bookcases. It looks just so clean and sweet! The room looks absolutely wonderful! xo Diana

  12. Amy, this whisper of blue is just perfect in your romantic living room.


  13. Oh so pretty!! I love the hint of blue, thanks for sharing, Laura Cottage and Broome

  14. Gorgeous! I love the subtle hint of color!


  15. Amy, I love that icey blue color, one of my favorites! It looks beautiful on the mantle! :)

  16. Amy, love the whisper of blue. It is just enough to make a difference. Thanks for joining Wow.

  17. HEY! I want to be able to compare the before and after!!! Where is the $&@ before shots? :)

  18. So beautiful. Love the new blue look. Of course I love anything blue.


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