Friday, November 4, 2011

Urn with Feathers, Glittered Fruit and Flowers

 I saw an advertisement yesterday for some silk floral arrangements.  The look was inspiring, but not the price tag~so I headed to Michael's to find a few things to group together in a favorite old urn. I wanted to create a floral arrangement  to take me through the rest of the fall and one that has the colors in my home.  The purplish green silk hydrangea was just what I was looking for in terms of color, and then I found the rest~
 some feather sprays, a large purple dahlia and sticks of glittered fruit in pale blue and lilac!   You don't need a lot of things to make an arrangement like this~get something tall for the center, and build around it.  Sticks from the garden would work too, but I am on a feather kick right now.
 Trim a piece of floral foam to fit the urn with a big kitchen knife.  I  have had this urn for 20 years and had it professionally filled the first time, however I was kind of disappointed. In its lifetime this urn has held pumpkins on the porch and topiaries in the kitchen.
After sticking the feathers and the fruit pics in the foam, I trimmed the large hydrangea and the dahlia so that I could poke them into the foam so that they sat under the tall feathers.
 I filled in the base with leaves cut from the dahlia and hydrangea to hide the florist foam.
 Glittery things catch my eye~this fall arrangement has a little dazzle to it. 
 One side of the arrangement has the hydrangea, the other side has the dahlia. 
 The glittery fruit pics came with glittered pine cones and leaves.  Purple thistle was also added for more of natural fall look.  I liked how it looked with the feather spray that came with the tall grass. 
 The urn is on my coffee table now, towering above my piles of books and magazines.
 The colors look right in here, making me want to change out the mantel with some more of these colors, eliminating the rust and the oranges.  
I have to straighten out my pile of books~the coffee table was moved to the side and I need to straighten that back out too...why was my coffee table moved?
Because my beaded chandy was taken down this week and sent to it's new home.  Once I get a new one in place, I'll have the coffee table all straightened out and the books looking nice, and maybe even the mantle will get some aqua blue and purple colors to coordinate with the floral arrangement.
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  1. That looks gorgeous Amy and it looks beautiful on your coffee table too!

  2. Amazing Amy...forget Amazing Grace. You just know I love that black urn and what you did with it is fabulous!!

  3. Great tutorial and your floral arrangement looks amazing. Stunning. Can't wait to see the new chandy. Hugs, Marty

  4. You had me at the urn Amy. That's a beautiful arrangement you put together. It has an exotic feel.

  5. Very pretty, Amy! I'm loving the feathers lately, too. This would even look great in your dining room or kitchen with that purple transferware! Great versatility to it when you think about what you've got going on in your other rooms.

  6. Stunning! Love the colors and I'm a huge fan of feathers too!

  7. Perfect to go with your purple transferware. That's a great urn. Wish I had it for halloween decorating.

  8. How Pretty! The colors are wonderful. And I have to say, I love seeing images of your home, my goodness it's stunning!

  9. Amy, It's gorgeous! Good job! The colors really look good in the room, i like the rich dark colors against the white, really makes it pop!


  10. What a beautiful centerpiece! It turned out great Amy!

  11. An urn can be used for so many things! Your arrangement is beautiful, love those colors, and who can resist glitter and dazzle? (I actually have a dog named Dazzle, I wonder if my husband would mind if I changed the other dogs name to Glitter? Ya, probably...)

    I would love to come sit on your couch, admire the beauty in your room, and look through your books and magazines!!!!

    Lovely Amy!
    ~ Violet

  12. Amy it looks fabulous! very glamorous and it really works in your room.

  13. Very pretty, Amy! You are so good at this!

    I know you are excited about the chandy and I can't wait to see it. Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. Hi Amy,
    that bouquet looks great. And the colors are perfect with your room and the purple transferware and glasses, you showed in the former post. Your silverware is just amazing beautiful.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  15. Love your new arrangement in there. It looks like a professional did it! That urn and pedestal give it that extra pizazz to be noticed among the books. I really love how you've piled those books on your coffee table like that. It just makes me want to sit down and read! Looks like you've got a nice collection of them too.

  16. Hi Amy,
    I love your elegant floral arrangement. Is there anything that you can't do! You amaze me with the wonderful things that you create and do.

    You also inspire me to get moving on bringing some of my rooms together.


  17. A real eye-catcher. Gorgeous. Deb

  18. Hey! What happened to the other plates over the sofa? You're changing things faster than you're writing about them! What? Now you're on a lustre ware kick? I can't keep up with you!

  19. Great arrangement! I love the small touch of glitter pieces in there! I also love that rug in your living room, just lovely!

  20. Swoon!! I absolutely adore it!!! Fabulous.

  21. Beautiful! Now I want to make one up for my dining room. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration, you made it look so easy.

  22. I love the colors and it looks very elegant!I see your collection of purple transferware has grown-I love it!
    Thanks for your visit and kind words today.


  23. Amy,

    This is lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am now a new follower of yours as well!


  24. So beautiful and unique! Love it!

  25. Oh what a beautiful the size of it!!!


  26. Very nice arrangement. Your pictures are beautiful.

  27. Your flower arrangement turned out very nice! I am loving your living is beautiful! That coffee table is the color! You have a lovely home.

    Your new follower,
    Rachel :)


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