Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving House Preparations

 I spent most of yesterday getting the house cleaned
 and running to the food store and finishing up my shopping 
to be ready for Thanksgiving.
 I'll be using the purple transferware to set the table this year
and I am quite excited that I have 8 place settings in the Rural Scenes to do so!
I was missing one plate, and then remembered 
I had sent a piece of pie next doors on it to my MIL.
 My colors will be purple with white and a bit of aqua blue.
 I made some quick arrangements out of purple carnations in some old mason jars.
 Trying to show off some angles of the house that I haven't photographed lately~
 Gathering the plates and things by bits.
I will be using a white needlework tablecloth, 
but since I have to have a big dinner tonight
 since my youngest came home from college, 
I won't be setting the table until tomorrow.

 These mason jars are things I picked up two summers ago 
and have never used. I like how they look
 with the inexpensive purple carnations (an underrated flower, don't you think?
 I got two new pillows for the sofa in 
baby blue frenchy script by Raymond Waites.
 I set up the desert table last night in the dining room. 
Those candlesticks will head to the table.
The candles have silver glitter are really pretty in the clear crystal stands.
 The kitchen got a simple ribbon with some
 old Thanksgiving Day postcards from 1910.  
That is one hundred years ago~ 
they are postmarked and have little notes
 wishing family members a happy holiday.
 Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving from Maison Decor! 


  1. It's all just beautiful! I'm so enjoying seeing everyone's table settings. A far cry from my husband and me eating off paper plates in our laps. LOL Yes, it's just us this year. Everyone else is off doing their own thing.

  2. Ciao
    è così bella e accogliente la tua casa.....
    la trovo anche molto romantica.....
    Questi colori così belli tra il bianco ed il lilla,crea un'atmosfera rilassante:)

  3. Oh my god Amy, the house looks amazing! Every room is beautiful and just flows to the next. Your plates look gorgeous, on the wall and on the table...and i loved getting a close up of that mirror you painted again. It is crazy wonderful! It's cool seeing the new chandy in the living room from the dining room too!


  4. Amy your house looks like "an enchanted home"!! So beauitful...I can tell you have been working hard to make everything sparkle and shine and it looks AMAZING! Enjoy and wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday!!

  5. Everything looks so romantic and pretty! I love the colorscheme you chose. It compliments your home perfectly and is very elegant. Your chandelier looks pretty all decked out in ribbon too. Hope you'll get a pic of your table once it's all set. I know it will be gorgeous. Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. I'm looking forward to finally relaxing after a busy week.

  6. So very pretty. I am sure you will enjoy having your son home for the holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  7. Your home looks terrific, Amy! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

  8. Everything is so pretty, Amy. Love the purples. I know you must be thrilled that the kitchen remodel is done!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!! xoxo

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Amy! Your purple transferware is just gorgeous! I've never seen anything like it. Take care.

  10. Hi Amy,
    I love that you are using purple as your Thanksgiving decorating theme. It's so pretty and very different.

    Your home is always beautiful.


  11. Olá! A sua decoração e encantadora, o branco dá uma leveza no ambiente, eu gosto muito também de cores neutras e pequenos detalhes coloridos. A Senhora tem um bom gosto parabéns!

  12. This is beautiful, was such a treat to see your home prepared for the holiday. I love your dishes and the whole color scheme! Your dessert buffet looks wonderful! I love getting ready for Thanksgiving. I am making cupcakes and about multi tasking!

    Have a very special day tomorrow and makes some fabulous memories!


  13. Those plates are going to look just beautiful on your table, Amy! Yes, I think carnations are underrated. I love them ~ and they are ruffley! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am enjoying my son visiting until Sunday.

  14. Love the colors Amy. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  15. You home is beautiful. Have a blessed holiday, Hugs,

  16. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  17. Beautiful Amy, I love that first shot! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Martina

  18. very very wonderful! I have a similar hause and I love your ideas.
    thanksgiving !

  19. Happy Thanksgiving! Who would think? A purple Thanksgiving. Everything is so pretty. I have old Thanksgiving postcards too. I used to buy them at flea markets because they were so cheap compared to Halloween and Christmas ones and just as pretty. Love the new pillows.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

  20. Love the colors, Amy.
    Such a nice switch from the expected colors of fall!
    Love it!
    Hope you had a lovely day with your family.

  21. Happy Thanksgiving Amy ! I envy you, here in Canada our Thanksgiving is not as important as yours.
    You have a lovely home, the lamps on your desert table are very beautiful. All the soft colours in your home add a sense of serenity and I especially love the pictures of your living room.
    Have fun !

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  23. Soooo pretty! The mason jars are fabulous, love the color combination! Having been in the florist industry for 20 years I have to say that when I started, carnations were one of my favorites and still are. A simple flower and underrated as you said. It is a beautiful Victorian flower that lasts forever and has so much charm! I have always loved the smell of carnations. Your rooms looks scrumptious!

  24. Beautiful Thanksgiving color scheme! I love putting the lavendar and blues together. Very pretty!

  25. The house looks beautiful!!! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I'm glad you stopped by because I'm excited to continue exploring your blog!!! I'm your newest follower!!! Glad to have a new bloggy friend!

    Aimee from

  26. Just beautiful! I love the touches of purple. It's such an elegant color.


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