Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Spirit and Projects Galore

 Our city throws a Holiday Parade every Saturday after Thanksgiving. It helps to jump start the mood of the season, and this year I was looking for some of that.  It is kind of a hokey parade that is silly and sweet and just about anyone can get in this parade.  Parents, elderly, kids and dogs pile out of their duplexes and apartment buildings that line the main drag and grab a spot by the sidewalk to watch the parade.
 Mr. Maison Decor always works the parade and this year I wanted to capture a bit of it for the blog.
 A beautiful day around 60 degrees~hubs took this picture of me and that unassuming church behind me is where we tied the knot.  Mr. Maison Decor and his family has gone to that little church forever.
 Two little cuties all excited to get their sidewalk spot to watch the parade.
 Most parades have legions of police and firemen and I always feel our nation's pride when I watch them march by in formation.
 The Official Boston Red Sox Trolley car made an appearance and kids were eager to grab the candy thrown from the trolley.
 Clowns are kind of scary to me~and I think lots of kids get nervous around clowns.
 They went over and poked fun at hubs~he looks kind of scared too~ (is his hand on his weapon?)
Santa on a low rider bike, too warm for his Holiday sleigh! There was a lot more to this parade but that is the gist of it, lots of marching bands, the Boy Scouts, the Salvation Army, the newly elected officials all joined in to spread holiday cheer.
Back at the ranch, I have some projects waiting on me.  This is the light fixture that I got for the kitchen island. Hopefully it will be up before Christmas! It is pretty neat looking, and I just had to share it~you can find it on  A copper wire cage with crystals suspended inside~ a little bit of industrial bling I guess you could call it.
 My really big project ahead is redecorating this office.  I am selling the draperies and the carpet in my Etsy shop.  Lots of the furniture is about to be painted, as is the entire office.
 Since I opened an Etsy shop I need a place to store all the items I am selling. I picked up a pine book case and a bonnet top upper half of a secretary desk at auction. I will be coming up with a plan on incorporating these pieces into the work room. This room is a complete hodge podge right now and it is driving me insane when I look at it! Keeping it real~this will be a wonderful transformation if my vision guides me correctly.
This pine piece will get painted and I plan to skirt this drafting table that it sits upon. That is what I am thinking at this point. I have a color palette in mind and am excited to start executing the plan.
And of course this upholstery project is waiting for me as well~

My gilded Louis VXI chair sits completely naked!
 I'll be finishing this clients home before Christmas too.
We are still busy trying to accessorize it and find carpets and ready made draperies for the spaces.
And of course there will be lots of holiday decorating around the house too! This is my tree from last year~ I so need to get going on pulling out my decorations, but I had to get this mish mash of events and plans out of the way so I can back to design blogging, christmas decorating and sharing completed projects with lots of eye candy.  Thanks for reading~and full steam ahead!

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