Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving House Preparations

 I spent most of yesterday getting the house cleaned
 and running to the food store and finishing up my shopping 
to be ready for Thanksgiving.
 I'll be using the purple transferware to set the table this year
and I am quite excited that I have 8 place settings in the Rural Scenes to do so!
I was missing one plate, and then remembered 
I had sent a piece of pie next doors on it to my MIL.
 My colors will be purple with white and a bit of aqua blue.
 I made some quick arrangements out of purple carnations in some old mason jars.
 Trying to show off some angles of the house that I haven't photographed lately~
 Gathering the plates and things by bits.
I will be using a white needlework tablecloth, 
but since I have to have a big dinner tonight
 since my youngest came home from college, 
I won't be setting the table until tomorrow.

 These mason jars are things I picked up two summers ago 
and have never used. I like how they look
 with the inexpensive purple carnations (an underrated flower, don't you think?
 I got two new pillows for the sofa in 
baby blue frenchy script by Raymond Waites.
 I set up the desert table last night in the dining room. 
Those candlesticks will head to the table.
The candles have silver glitter are really pretty in the clear crystal stands.
 The kitchen got a simple ribbon with some
 old Thanksgiving Day postcards from 1910.  
That is one hundred years ago~ 
they are postmarked and have little notes
 wishing family members a happy holiday.
 Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving from Maison Decor! 

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