Friday, January 13, 2012

The Glam Wall Accent Reveal!

 This wallpaper was made to go with this mirror it seems~
I never was a big fan of accent walls, but that has taught me the 
lesson of "never say never".
 A rich greeny blue with old gold damask pattern that 
changes from light to dark like a hologram.
Sometimes it looks soft other times it looks bold. 
 It looks really pretty with pink accents
 This dressed up old world looking paper came from 
none other than Lowes!  It caught my eye and held me in 
the aisle and wouldn't let me go.  
So I kept staring at it and finally determined it 
 would look lovely used inside my office desk for a little surprise.
 But it turned out this wallpaper was determined
 to be center stage, not some after thought in an upstairs desk.
Two hours later here it was, all pasted to this wall!
 After all, it looked like the perfect
 companion to my chairs and the mirror in the room.
 It played nicely with pink too~
 It gave this space that glam lift every room can use a tad of~
 If I did the entire room it would swallow it up alive,
but on this one wall it adds a sophisticated touch.
I won't have to tell anyone it came from Lowes, 
unless I want to share this secret (like I did with all my blog buddies)
The dining room isn't done yet~
I have another surprise waiting in the wings! 

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