Monday, January 2, 2012

Shabby Chic Soho Giveaway Winner!

 Time to share the bounty of the original 
SOHO Shabby Chic boutique swatches~
 I hope the winner will love them as much as I love mine~
Without further adieu I am please to announce the winner
 of the 25 swatches and 2 hand lettered clothespins are going to
  Michelle of Hello Lovely!
And because I saw that many people felt the same way
 I did about having a piece of real Shabby Chic
 from design icon Rachel Ashwell to call their own,
 a few more will get a mini pack of samples!

  • French Farmhouse 425
  • Polka Dot Closet
  • Fractured Fairy Tale
  • Deb Murphy
  • Pipigirl
  • Shabbily by the Sea
  • Jeanne from Texas
  • Capers of the Vintage Vixens
Please send me your name and mailing address to


  1. Congrats to the winners. What an fun surprise for ALL of them. Happy first NYear week! xo Diana

  2. Big Congratulations to Michelle,
    Amy thank you so much i am beyond thrilled and i am so excited to have my very own mini pack of samples,it really is really nice of you to add to your already fabulous giveaway,
    Love Krissie x

  3. Lucky Michelle..couldnt' have gone to a nicer person! Amy, when I see this pictures (enchanced of course with your budding photography skills and that wickedly great camera) I feel like I am looking at some fabulous glamorous pied a terre in my my, it is really looking fabulous my friend!

  4. Hurray to the winners..Great giveaway, Amy!! Have a good week!


  5. thanks so much Amy~ I will message you! xo

  6. LOve it! Amy! I'm so glad you found me. I found you right back. Your home and pics are lovely!
    I'm in!
    xo Jeanne
    bees knees bungalow.

  7. HOLY COW!!!! what a lovely surprise on this bitterly cold dreary day in the heartland!

    thank you thank you Amy for the giveaway!!! i am so excited to see the swatches in person and will give them an excellent home. i soooo love shabby chic and am so grateful.

    much love to you, lovely blogger.


  8. Congatulations to all the lucky winners!!! How fabulous to have actual fabric swatches from Rachel Ashwell to call your own :o)

  9. Hi Amy,
    I'm new to your lovely blog and am finding all kinds of inspiration...
    I'm just looking into cameras right now to start taking my own photos..your post on photography is very helpful... :)
    congratulations to the winner, too..

  10. how awesome! i love michele, and you... so i'm just tickled to death with this giveaway!


  11. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH. I will cherish them!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  12. AAAAGH!!! You know, I saw the post with the gorgeous Shabby Chic samples hung up and I was just breathless at how beautiful it is. I have been such a fan for so long.

    But somehow I missed that you were doing a GIVEAWAY!!!! I could just kick myself now!


    Congrats to the winners, and if you ever decide do give more of these away, please let me know!



  13. I was holding my breath.....oh well....sad for me...happy for the lucky winners!

    Really loving your new blog header pics!

  14. Stupendo il tuo blog...! Adoro questo genere di ambienti vintage, country e shabby!!!
    Complimenti!!! E da oggi ti seguo.
    Ciao e a presto

  15. oh my LORD, its 2 days later and im just catching up as ive been moving my booth(aka-shelving units lol) to a ROOM ALL MY OWN! ive been waiting a year for that, and have been so tired when i get home that i dont get on computer. boy, this is such a GREAT SURPRISE AND A GREAT GIFT. SO VERY VERY SELFLESS OF YOU TO SHARE EXTRA WITH OTHERS....congrats to all the others who won. i wouldve NEVER dreamed i would win. thank you from the bottom of my heart. this is something i will CHERISH FOREVER. boy im 56 and sound like a little kid. i feel like one right now, im so excited. what a great way to start the new year. again, thanks so very much. happy new year everyone and Amy.....thank you:) i not going to be able to sleep tonight. im giddy


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