Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet the dogs of Maison Decor

 I wanted to formally introduce our dogs today.  We have two dogs~this is Dillon and he we found him on a Pet rescue internet search. We fell in love with him at first sight and nicknamed him Cow-doggy because he  looks like a cow.  He lived in a shelter in Oklahoma and we had him flown out to Boston, where we picked him up at the airport. They charge more to fly a dog than they do a person, I will say that.  He was in a large crate, and now that we know how he is, it must have been a very difficult trip, because he hates being locked up in a crate.  I don't blame him one bit. I guess some dogs love their crates, but I don't think Dillon ever was crate trained, and he just gets nervous in an enclosed space like that.  
 He has a big brown spot over his right eye~
While the rest of his face is white. His head has extra soft fur, 
kind of like chinchilla. Dillon is a cuddler.
 Dillon always has to be walked on a lead or he will take
 off on an adventure forgetting how to get home.
Here he is on Martha's Vineyard when we visited my parents this year.
 That's him squeezed in between my mom and
 my stepson on her white couch!  I told you he was a cuddler.
And my mom is very cool with having the dogs visit.
 This summer we rented a cottage by a lake in NH 
and it was the hottest week of the summer.  
Almost every day was over 100 degrees, 
which is pretty hot in New Hampshire.  
It was so nice to jump in the lake, 
but poor Dillon was afraid of the water~
 So we came up with a plan to get him over his fears...
first we coaxed him onto the dock...
 And then down the steps by giving him 
pieces of little bit at a time.
It took so long hubs sat in a chair in the lake waiting 
patiently for Dillon to get brave enough to venture further.
 And finally he forgot he was in water
 and just started walking around! What a triumph!
We were so thrilled about our big boys accomplishment~
but all he cared about was getting more hotdog!
Every summer I take a pic of hubs and his son facing out towards the lake.
This year Dillon spontaneously joined them in the pose.
How my heart melted when he went over and sat there.
 Our dogs go where ever we go~Dillon is tethered by a long lead on my parents deck as he would be gone in a heartbeat to explore the woods~Tobey is in his usual position, as close to his mother as he can get.
If I sit on the couch, Tobey hops right up and loves sitting with me.
When  I am taking pics in any given room for the blog,
 Tobey barges right in and poses. Like a statue.  
Won't move unless I force him out of the way,
 but he comes right back in.
So the best way to keep him out of my photos is to put him outside. 
Tobey never runs off, he hangs around the entryway and doesn't go very far.
 Here is the dynamic duo. Tobey in the lead...
Tobey is top dog in the house,
 and has Dillon convinced~so it works for him.
 I think they call it the Napolean complex.
Dillon is always chilling, 
and Tobey can't relax unless I am sitting down. 
He will stand until I sit down. Always.
Dillon could care less what I am doing when I am puttering around the house~
Sometimes I don't even notice that Dillon is in the room. 
He is so quiet and calm.
He is getting to be middle aged now. 
That first pic of him was when he was one and a half. 
We adore Dillon. He brings us so much joy~
I have to say he is my most beloved pet I have ever had. 
 Handsome and more handsome
 This is my son's dog Kingsley. Sometimes we babysit him, 
and he often comes to our house for parties.
 Kinglsey also has a Napoleon complex and is not
afraid of trying to flex his muscles with Dillon.
 I told you Dillon was very chill. 
Kingsley may just not be that bright...
 Winter is here, which means walks everyday through the snow. 
Or the freezing cold.
Three times a day.
 Luckily Dillon hates the cold and the snow and the rain for that matter too.
He gets his business tended to and then runs back to the house quickly,
which totally works for me!
 I know this story was mostly about Dillon~
but Tobey is cute too and tends to his own affairs when outside
and returns quickly as well.
He is a little bully boy. He was purchased at a pet shop, 
but from now on all our dogs will have to be rescue dogs. 
It seems only right as so many dogs need homes.
 Tobey is quite the little watch dog I have to say~
 Well, where ever we go, they go~
they love to go for rides and are great travelers.
 If you are a dog lover, then you will understand how
 I can post so many random pics about my dogs.
And this concludes the formal introduction of  Tobey and Dillon.
The End.


  1. What a lovely post Amy!
    Dillon steals my heart everytime!

  2. I LOVE this post!!!!!! What cute doggies you have - Dillon is a sweetie;

  3. Great post, Amy, I love seeing everyone's "kids". your guys are adorable. I need a dog to get me up and out the door for exercise! (and a warm cuddle and nose!) xoxo

  4. This post made me smile! They are adorable....Dillon is a gentle soul.
    Thanks for letting us meet your four-legged children!

  5. Your fur babies and grand fur babies are adorable! I used to have dogs but now have cats, and I feel the same way about my cats. They are such good company and comic relief.

  6. What a fun post! I love dogs and really enjoyed reading about yours. They are both so different looking, but yet go so well together don't they? I can see all their personality coming out through your pics and stories about them. I especially loved seeing your sons dogs, the boston terriers! His darker one reminds me of my dog. I couldn't imagine living without a dog!

  7. Amy, they are both cute and it is nice learning more about your four legged family members.

  8. Adorable, I have a granddog that is a pit too, grey and white and he is the biggest cuddly baby! And as I sit 2 of my 3 dogs are sitting at my feet. I read today that a new study came out that dogs can communicate with their owners with their eyes equivalent to an infant upto a 2 yr old and that most people consider themselves their dogs parents, works for me! Thanks for sharing, they are adorable and it looks like you all are dog people, your mom doesn't mind if you bring them and you watch your kids dogs.:)

  9. Loved this post....many photos and all! Thanks for introducing us to all your beloved pets....I mean family members.

    janet xox

  10. Your three dogs are adorable. Two out of three of my dogs are rescues and so is our cat. I too will never have anything but rescued pets.
    Thanks so much for sharing, it is good to know that I am not the only one crazy enough to have three dogs.

  11. Your animals are adorable! I also have a pit that we rescued from our local shelter last year. They are amazing dogs! Thanks for sharing your furry family members with us!

    All of my angels were either strays or rescues. They are my heart.
    I wish more people would educate themselves on the topic of pitbulls. It makes me angry to see all this legislation being passed to prohibit people from owning them. We do transports from high kill shelters in the Southern US to rescue organizations in the Northern US and the pitties are usually the most well behaved!
    I love you even more! Some day we can discuss the wonders of hydrogen peroxide as a carpet cleaner! LOL!


  13. I'm a fellow dog-lover and love, love your post about your dogs! They are adorable!

  14. Wonderful post!! Loved seeing all these sweeties!

  15. Adorable fur babies! Dillion is beautiful--really good looking dog. I love Shiz tzu's-I have 2 and often babysit my daughters poms. Enjoyed your post!

  16. Always enjoy your posts because I love decorating blogs. I also love dogs, so when the decorating blog, blogs about dogs... well, my day just can't get much better!

  17. I am a dog lover and I love seeing photos of your babies. Nothing better than the love of a dog, is there? Well, maybe a husband and kids...but you know what I mean. They are priceless.


  18. Of course I loved seeing about all the dogs. Dillon looks like such a big sweetie. I love his coloring of course. Tobey looks like a little mess. Yes, dogs make everything better. I think it's great that the dogs get to go on vacation with you. I know I used to take my old dog, Puddin to the beach and she loved it. She liked going on vacation as much as I did. I think maybe Dillon needs his own blog.

  19. It's official....this is my FAVORITE post! We are true dog lovers as well. We are the proud parents of 7 pekingese babies. 4 are rescues, 2 we bought from a breeder (never again) and 1 was an "accident". She is my heart though!! I love pitties as well, my son has 2 of those. I think I like dogs more than I like most people. LOL. Thanks for introducing to your was a great way to start my morning.

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  21. This is sooo adorable, definitely one of my favorite posts Amy! How cute are those dogs, and with the big boss in charge, Tobey, things look very much under funny how the little dog always thinks and convinces the bigger stronger dog he is the alpha male....mind over matter, right! Love that Dillon is a rescue dog...and what a treasured member of the family he is! Dogs really do make the best friends, don't you think?

  22. I do not like dogs, but I love Dillon! There is no way to avoid it. He and Toby are welcome to visit me anytime!

  23. Aw, what cute fur babies. It's a good thing Dillon is so mellow since Kingsley is a bit sized nugget for him! A friend of mine has bull terriers and they are the sweetest dogs. The boy dog is extremely graceful and dances around you as if he weighs no more than a dry leaf. (He weighs 100lbs!) lol Thanks for sharing about your pets.

  24. Hi Amy,
    We also have 2 dogs a purebred Boxer and a Bishon/Shih Tzu cross. The smaller of the two also thinks she is the boss. The Boxer is so gentle and quiet as well. Sadly she is getting to be 12 years old on Jan 7th and really is starting to show her age. They both are great friends to me and our family.

  25. Ohhh I love your puppies!!! Tobey reminds me of our two shih tzus ~
    Thank you for sharing them with us!!

  26. I am a dog lover and understand everything you said. I love your dogs they are so cute . And I read the boston terriors blog LOL I think they are so darn cute

    I miss my pug SIssy a lot

  27. Loved this post! I'm a dog lover too. Sadly, my dog Emma a Silky terrier ran away two days ago. I'm desperately trying to find her, she is very much like your Tobey. She could never relax unless I did and she was the top boss too. My dog Max was numeral uno until the day she came home with us then she took charge. Poor max. This post made me smile...thanks!

  28. I loved your post today. Your babies are so precious. I know how easily dogs can steal your heart. We lost our beloved in June and my heart is still aching for her. You brought a smile to my heart today. Thank you.

  29. Yes, I'm a dog lover so I totally get your post. Loved the picture of your hubby and little guy looking at the lake and Dillion just quietly standing behind them. Makes my heart melt.

  30. I was crossing my fingers that Dillon would make it into the lake :) Great, great post...thanks for sharing them with us!

  31. All I can say about your boy Dillon, Mr. Maison Decor and your son Justin is "hunk, hunkier and hunkiest!".... and I won't say who is which. :) Tobey is more of a "cutie" than a hunk. I loved every single picture you posted, especially the one with Dillon in the water with your hubs sitting in the submerged chair looking down at him, the one of hubs, step son and Dillon looking over the water on the dock and the pic of your hubs wearing the cowboy hat and kneeling next to Dillon. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Amy, they are beautiful dogs! We have two as well... Buddy is a black lab and Sunny is a long haired golden. They fight for our attention, its so sweet and both are gentle giants at 80lbs a piece! Thanks for posting about your other "babies" :)

  33. All i can say is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... Such a cute pair with their own unique personalities... What a sweet guy Dillon is, just a pussy cat, but so regal looking, and little Toby is such a trip following you around and bossing the other dogs...
    My favorite photo of Dillon is one i grabbed of him sitting on the sofa waiting for your hubs to come home...


  34. i AM a dog lover, and i loved learning every detail. TRUE! what a blessing this Dillon. what a love story and i just may have to blog bella luna's story. she is the love of our lives and at the heart of so many of the sweetest memories our family has.

    thanks Amy!


  35. What an awesome post! We do love our little fur babies. I was excited to see your post, because I did a post about Max (my pup) and my daughter said that I was crazy. LOL
    I just think it was so sweet how your husband got Dillon into the water with the hotdog.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend,

  36. Awe adorable I love them all
    fabulous post and pics too

  37. bellissimi questi cani....!
    ciao e buona giornata

  38. Definitely understand all the photos of your dogs! Loved everyone of them -even the humans are photogenic!

  39. That was fun. Thanks for sharing your dogs. My favorite photo is the last one. Love, love, love it.

  40. What breed of dog is Dillon? He looks like he might be an American Staffordshire Terrier?
    Definitely a beautiful dog! Congratulations on adopting from a shelter.....more people need to do that!

  41. So great! Love the story about Dillon being afraid of the water. Dogs can be such chickens!

    Stopping by via The Polohouse link party.

    Lynette - Sweet Posy Dreams

  42. What wonderful babies you have! I really enjoyed hearing all about their personalities.

  43. So thrilled you shared this post with us today Amy! They are both so cute and love their personalities too! I could go on and on about my furry fuzzy loves too. They add sooooo much to our lives, don't they?
    I have two 85 pound dogs laying on my feet and next to me as I type this! My faithful ever-loving companions, always happy to see me, unconditionally loving and right by my side when I am sick or sad.

    Doesn't get any better than that!

    Thanks for sharing today!
    Loved meeting them both,

  44. Great post Amy! I love how you let your animals on your furniture :) Dillon is so lucky you rescued him. What a joy his life has turned into and I'm sure that crate ride is way behind him. Love the "getting him in the water" story. I'm sure Tobey doesn't mind taking a backseat this time as long as he is sitting right next to you. That is probably more important to him. Thanks for sharing your great photos. OF COURSE, I loved them.

  45. I totally loved this post. Your dogs are so precious.
    I am your newest follower.


  46. Loved hearing about your dogs and your other family member's dogs. Both of your boys are beautiful! I have had rescue dogs and dogs from breeders. All dogs need a home whether they come from a pet shop, breeder, or rescuer. You've got the best of both worlds, one adopted, and one bought. Dillon looks like such a sweet boy. Love his markings! Tobey is a cutie too. I have 2 shih tzus and love them! I'm a new follower. I really enjoy your blog.


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