Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Accent Walls

Lets talk about accent walls~
maybe you have heard them called feature walls.
Adding a wallpaper to just one wall, 
or using a different color paint on just one wall
is a good way to create drama and interest to a room.
The nice thing about having an accent wall is how simple it 
would be to change it back once the style 
faded or you grew tired of the drama.
All you have to do is deal with one wall, right?
It is not a big risk in decorating, but it gives big results.
This bedroom has a scrap-wood wallpaper 
from the Netherlands
applied to the wall behind the bed.
This is an accent wall made from real wood from wood pallets.
I am seeing a lot of distressed old wood boards
applied to walls lately.
It would be easier to paper in my opinion...
and easier to remove.
Does anyone have a home with a room done 
in fake paneling that was popular in the '70s?
 My parents, also big DIYers, added one to our home 
and I have no doubt it has been ripped out by now.
An accent wall in a tremendously
 popular geometric pattern.
 I think the bold geometric is going to
 be the trend that bites the dust quicker
than anything I have seen in the last couple of years.
The great thing about using it as an accent though, is you can 
have your cake and eat it too~
and this wall can be changed as quickly as a trend.
This brick wall is a great accent wall~
one that came with the house, no doubt!
This is my idea of a fabulous feature that
 has been utilized to its full potential!
Whenever I see rustic meet refined, I fall in love.
This is the perfect place for an accent wall~
an entry wall that needs some definition.
A modern geometric stencil in sophisticated colors
takes this from traditional to chic very quickly!
I used a damask stencil and created an accent only on the wall
space that is between my two living room windows.
I wanted it to be a subtle accent around the mirror
to add a little more interest without being too bossy.
Speaking of bossy!
This wallpaper mural of sepia toned roses totally is just that.
It has a vintage quality in a modern
 photo concept that I find appealing.
However I think it would be great for a bedroom~
not in a living room.
I recently added an accent wall to my dining room.
Click here to see how  I applied this paper.
I will admit I was not a big fan of bold accent walls~
but ended up trying it out on the wall behind the big mirror.
A pretty damask paper in aqua and gold 
from Lowes (yes, Lowes)...at a cost of $35
covers 56 square feet, or 5 feet of wall space
 with 9 foot ceilings.  In my case
since I was only doing a half wall, I got twice the coverage.
It yielded big results, but in a tasteful way.
The room before the paper was added...
The room after the paper~
Maybe you will become an accent wall convert too!


  1. Some gorgeous examples here, Amy! I really love the roses, too, but you are right-in a bedroom-not the living room. I'd say that your wallpaper is perfect. It add just the right amount of texture without screaming at you-xo Diana

    ps...Yep..had that wood paneling in the 70's..uh-huh..

  2. I really like how yours turned out. Those were some great inspiration pics too!

  3. Beautiful. I love all the light in your room. We have a log house and unfortunately it is very dark. I just finished an accent wall in our bedroom. Of three log/wood walls, I painted an interior wall rustic green, but now I'm having trouble deciding how to decorate it. It is the wall our bed is on. You have some wonderful ideas.

  4. Great pics! I like the idea of an accent wall...less time, less commitment, more design interest....all good! Love your dining room....has such a Scandanavian feel.

  5. I really really like how subtle your accent wall is. I Wouldn't get tired of that at all. It's just gorgeous and timeless...


  6. I love coming here, Amy. Your house is so beautiful...
    The pictures you shared are great...the roses are a little too much for me though.
    Your accent walls are just perfect.

  7. We wallpapered an accent wall in our art studio, and we have an accent wall in our family room: our fireplace surround has gold metallic paint on it! :D

    I love them! I really like yours in your dining room, and your inspirations in this post are great, especially the bedroom with the salvaged wood. Stunning!

  8. Amy, So many wonderful images. The wallpaper you added is perfect. It made the room look sophisticated and lovely.

  9. I love both your accent walls, Amy! I have two wall stencils to do accent walls in our new place. I can't wait to get them started because they are in areas that really could use a little something.

  10. Great inspiration! I love how yours is subtle and blends so well with the other walls. I'm not much for those that jump out at you. Except for the brick wall. It's amazing!

  11. Hi Amy~~ Your wallpaper added the finishing touch, but the room was already stunning:) I love the brick wall.....
    Have a great day!

  12. Fun post! That brick wall knocked me out... and I love the wallpaper you added.

  13. Your accent wall is leaps and bounds prettier than all of the others you showed. I love the others, but i REALLY love yours!

  14. Amy, I think in the rightplace with righ application and accent wall can be quite a statement. yours come our lovely. i am really drawn to the brick - how nice that there is a arch in the rigt spot for a headboard- and the wood wallpaper. Looks fab!

  15. p- thanks for adding Mercantile Muse to your blogroll!

  16. Your home is beautiful and I love your accent wall! I browsed your how - to and have to say, you did an awesome job!


  17. All just beautiful but think I like YOUR accent wall the very best, just gorgeous in all the right places!

  18. We have an accent wall in living room. It's a dark chocolate brown color. We did it two years ago, and I still really like it. But now that I've seen your wallpaper, I'm thinking I might want to do some wallpaper on it.

    We also have an accent wall in our bathroom, that I'm seriously considering changing, because I think the room is just too small for an accent wall.

    Love your inspirations!!!!!

  19. Oh my goodness, Amy! It is STUNNING! I think it adds the perfect punch to your dining room! And yes, you are right, I think it is the exact same as mine in a different colorway! I first saw mine at Lowe's too and then ordered online at a discount site. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And love all of the inspiration photos as well.

  20. Hi Amy,
    I do like some accent walls. I love the subtle stencil you did and the wallpaper you chose. I would love to have a natural stone or old brick accent wall they give a home a sense of history or old world charm. I do not like the bold geometric or the large flower wall. They just make me feel anxious and like I would like to get out of the room.

  21. I love your wall Amy its beautiful,really great post and lovely pictures.
    I really don't like the geometric prints they are not feminine enough for me but i do love accent walls x

  22. Gorgeous Amy!!! Love the brick wall to, I agree that rustic and refined make for a pefect combination and the roses...bedroom!
    Beautiful paper and such a great price, you did great!

  23. I love a good accent wall. Yes, I have white wide planked paneling that was popular in the 70's and I LOVE it...not the 70's version...but the fresh, cottage-y version. In fact, I just installed an accent wall in my kitchen with it and won't be ripping it out any time soon. LOVE the wooden planked wall and rose wall. Gorgeous. Beautiful wallpaper choice! Looks great with your mirror.

  24. Love it and I love your punch bowl too
    You are an inspiration so talented

  25. I like yours, that were sprinkled throughout, best. Love ya, Ginger


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