Friday, January 13, 2012

Accent Wall in Damask

A spontaneous moment had me installing an accent wall yesterday afternoon.
 The wall in the dining room with the big carved mirror
is going to get wallpapered in an aqua and old gold damask
 pattern that I stumbled across while shopping at Lowes. 
 I saw this wallpaper and thought it would be pretty 
inside my office desk interior~but one thing led to
 another in my head and suddenly I found myself thinking 
it was just the ticket for this wall downstairs.
The only wallpaper I have ever bought at Lowes 
was bead board wallpaper~but they had some 
pretty damask papers and this one package 
was going to cover this wall above the chair rail.
 The first thing I did was measure the wall 
and check the repeat of the pattern. 
Then I made all the cuts I would need to do this little area.
 So I cut five strips by laying them side by side
 and matching up the patterns, 
and then laid them out in order of which one would be hung first.
 I used a big angle square to make straight cuts and simple scissors to do this job.
 I filled up the bathtub with water and then one 
by one put a rolled strip into the water and pulled it 
out and then booked it, which means you fold it onto
 itself (picture further down). This lets the paste activate.
 I hung the first strip using the edge of the wall 
as my straight edge and you can see the little extra
 that is hanging over the top and the bottom. 
 Use a sponge to smooth it out as best you can.
 I used a putty knife to press it against
 the molding and a new razor to slice off the excess.
 Just cut it off~
 Then using a sponge some more to remove the air bubbles~
 See those bubbles, make sure you rub them out to the
 sides and the bottom to get rid of the air pockets.
 Then check to make sure you are not spreading 
your matching seams apart when you sponge the bubbles out.
 Here you can see the matching pattern. I will use the sponge
 and butt the two edges together with no overlap.
 Overlapping the edges makes a thick ridge and it is undesirable. 
 One hour and counting~one more strip to go...
I have to get this done before dinner!
 This is what it looks like when I book the paper. 
Booking is when you fold the wet paper half way 
to the center on itself. Then you unfold only the top 
half and apply it, then peel back the bottom 
of the booked paper and sponge that onto the wall. 
 Alas the sun was setting and the flash was needed to get the final result.  
I'll be styling the room and giving the whole effect later on~
but this accent wall really looks quite marvelous, if I do say so myself!
Wallpapering is pretty easy~so give it a try if you never have.
And at $35 and two hours of time, it was well worth it.
Thank goodness for lack of impulse control!


  1. Your wallpaper is stunning. Such a beautiful color and pattern. I love that mirror also. Can't wait to see the whole room. Hugs, marty

  2. Wow! I can actually leave a comment on this post! Yay! I LOVE LOVE this accent wall! It is gorgeous. I don't know how to wallpaper a wall. So, in the past when I used to have wallpaper in my kitchen and baths (and I worked full-time) I hired someone to hang it. It was quite expensive. I like how you were able to do this on your own for just a little bit of money. I can't wait to see the whole room!

  3. It's so beautiful...couldn't be any prettier!!...great usual!..xo, Mariaelena

  4. GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE damask pattern wallpaper! I've been looking for the right one for my entry and hallway. This pattern is beautiful! I love the color combination and it looks stunning in your room!
    Great job!
    ;-D Kathleen

  5. Once again totally floored!! STUNNING with a capital S!!!!!! I cannot believe thats from Lowes..goes to show you what alot of good taste and a little imagination can do! are on quite the roll, as usual I am totally impressed!

  6. Looks like your comment box is working great now!

  7. WONDERFUL!!!!!

    The wallpaper goes so well with your chairs, it looks fabulous!

    I haven't wallpapered in years, you make it look so simple and you got it all done in 2 hours?!?!
    Makes me want to try it again.

    I love your style!
    ~ Violet

  8. WOWZA, that is some sassy wallpaper Amy, I love it!!

  9. WOW!!!!
    Amy it looks wonderful,love your tutorial too.
    oooh my dream oven is staring at me from your advert,it must be a sign to get it xxx

  10. I must go to Lowes for this wallpaper. At first glance, I thought this is very very expensive wallpaper but lo and behold this is really really affordable and great bang for the buck. IT looks stunning! Can't wait to see the final do-over!

  11. That's a really pretty paper, Amy! It looks great as an accent wall. Can't wait to see more!

  12. Gorgeous! Wow, I say you got your 35 dollars worth and then some. Beautiful and great tutorial. I don't know if I would have taken the time to match those pieces before hand and then I would have run out of paper I'm sure.

  13. I have not hung wallpaper. The mister does ours. I can't wait to see the reveal.

  14. Speechless! Your house ia becoming a french dream. The office is gorgeous. And this wallpaper just added a burst of glam, Ms. Speedy Gonzales! lol You're amazing.

  15. Gorgeous accent wall! Looking forward to the final reveal.

  16. Beautiful work, the wallpaper is it great job

  17. Just beautiful, Amy! Some of my favorite projects were the result of impluse buys! Sometimes...not all the time...but sometimes it pays to be a bit impulsive! LOL!

  18. Fantastic! I love how you just "get it done"... Had no idea Lowes had such great wallpaper..I'm thinking I need to check them out. Love what you accomplished..xoso Sandy

  19. WOW! This is is beautiful, Amy. The colours are delish.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  20. STUNNING accent wall... 2 hours and $35 bucks? It looks like a MILLION. I adore it. When my house grows up, I want it to have features like this =) Enjoy, it looks gorgeous!!

  21. BEAUTIFUL! Love the colors and print. It looks gorgeus in your home. Isn't it amazing how much of a statement wallpaper can make?
    ~Debra xxx

  22. You are one brave and talented Girl
    I have removed wallpaper (hardwork) so no more for me but it looks awesome in your room
    Great job and fun post too

  23. Ohh it is looking fabulous Amy!! Cant wait to see more!! Gotta love Lowes! :)

  24. I absolutely love that wall! What a great find at Lowes. The colors and print are beautiful!

  25. Can you say "GORgeous". I helped my sister wallpaper my mom's kitchen and it was a breeze. She was the expert. Tried doing it myself ~ AWFul! Bubbles, seams, tearing, not straight. You made it seem effortless. Ummmm, do you hire out? Love your mirror. Did you paint this? Really lovin the blue/gold details. Yes, we want to see more.

  26. I used to wallpaper for part of my living and am glad to see it back in. Always 'size' the walls with sizing before wallpapering so when you want to take it down, it will come off easily. Nothing worse than wallpaper that comes off in tiny bits because the walls were not prepared correctly. I think your new look is stunning.

  27. Very pretty...good choice! I love Allen Roth...I used his color Elegance in my redo of the living room and foyer. I agree with Terry about sizing the wall. I too installed wallpaper and painted interiors in my past and it's nice to see it coming back in style....a little!

  28. Wow Amy, what a difference that wall makes in your dining area.

    I love how it gives the room even more elegance and pizazz!

    Love it. Now, if only I could wallpaper that easily. Last time I tried, I didn't do so well.


  29. Amy such a beautiful project!! I wish we did not have textured walls otherwise I would put this in our half bath!

  30. What a great choice... LOVE the wallpaper! The pattern is beautiful and the metallic aspect makes it so much more special.

  31. Beautiful the way the wallpaper looks like it was made for the room- matches your mirror perfectly and goes with everything else so well, too!

  32. I love it espacially the color.

  33. I love your accent wall! The color and design compliments the rest of your decore beautifully!

  34. Love it! Love the wallpaper the colors and how it turned out... can you come do my house now?

  35. Wow, sweetie.. this is incredible! I'm doing the same at my foyer... I'm just trying to find some time!!! :-)


    Luciane at


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