Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty Kitchens

 Romantic Homes Magazine Feb 2012
What a pretty kitchen shot!  This photo grabbed me so I had to share it today.  I love a pretty kitchen, and this one is a bit of a surprise because it mixes the soft blue I love with RED!  I am not a red person, but look how pretty the combination is. This kitchen is featured in the TADA section of Romantic Homes magazine and is the kitchen of Cynthias Cottage Design, written by Beth Livesay.  It shows simple ways to get the French Country Kitchen look~fabulous easy tips can be found.
 This called to mind another kitchen I fell in love with at first glance,
and have wanted to show you for some time now.
 BHG Remodel Magazine Feb 2008
Pretty on steroids!  
This kitchen has a raspberry red toile wallpaper
 with the most gorgeous windows.
The addition of the blue chintz floral chairs was 
what made this kitchen take the leap into that "its so fabulous" arena.  
BHG Remodel Magazine Feb 2008
 In real life I would probably tire of this kitchen,
 but it really makes for a cheerful and welcoming space
 with all the color and amped up french country style.
Beautiful Kitchens Magazine    Photo by Gustav Schmiege
This kitchen is also on my most fabulous kitchen list.
Love the apple green beadboard paired with the purple transferware.
The gothic glass cabinet door style is beautiful and 
the antlers give it an English cottage look.
 When I find something inspiring in a book or magazine
 I like to set it up on a book stand open to the page
 so I can look at it often.  Do you do this? 
 I am going to be admiring this combination of cottage tea towels
 on the blue island with the built in towel bars~
probably thinking about how I can screw 
some towel bars onto my butcher block island and then think about painting it blue....
I love soft blue~but never thought about it with red!
Don't worry,  I will be staying with my pinks, no red for me.
 On a random note, I had this old french mirror propped up
 on my mantel and was really loving how it looked. 
 So much so, that yesterday I practiced taking closeups with the camera.
Only to hear it come crashing to the ground early this morning~
 The fireplace had been turned on and luckily
Dillon wasn't lying there, as he loves to lay down in front of the fire. 
 Sadly this pretty mirror got pretty banged up, but happily my dog did not.
On an equally happy note,
our first snow of the year came last night~
it was a dusting and it made everything look so pretty outside.
 One more random thing~you might 
remember I did a cartoon sketch for a contest. 
 I was to draw a woman in a closeup, 
draw her in an action scene and also draw her dog~
I never showed the pictures of the subjects I had to sketch~
but here they are.  Holly is the CEO of Venture Mom .
She emailed me today to let me know I 
am a finalist in the competition!!  How cool  is that? 
 I will let you know if anything further develops,
but just having my artwork recognized 
in this way is a big achievement for me~
so bursting at the seams, I am sharing this with you!
Have a terrific Tuesday everybody!!


  1. Nice - so sorry about that nice mirror, but of course the best thing is no one was hurt.

  2. Congratulations on becoming a finalist in the competition! Great sketches.

  3. Yes, I loved that kitchen shot in Romantic Homes, too, Amy! I don't keep it propped open, but I do go back through the magazine a few times during the month when there is something I am just drawn to. That other kitchen is very pretty, too. Even though it's big, it has a nice cozy feel to it. So sorry about your lovely mirror! Thankfully, it didn't fall when you where taking pictures either.

  4. I have that issue of RH and love that kitchen too! Glad no one was hurt but the mirror!

  5. I adore your drawings, Amy! so congrats on your finalist placement! Oh that mirror was amazing, but I'm so happy your pup wasn't there. Love those kitchens. I love pops of red, but not as a "staple". I like to change things up too much. Loved your last post on the lanterns too! xo

  6. Delizioso l'angolo con il caminetto...! Mi piacciono questi ambienti.

  7. Hi Amy!

    Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words!! I'm totally blushing! I adore your blog too!! I love the other kitchens you chose, so so pretty!! Your blog is just so pretty and I can't wait to take a tour! It's so nice meeting you ;) and yes, mix a little red with French blue, I love that! I also am crazy about pink with it too ;) I guess you could say I'm crazy about colors on top of crisp whites and pastels. I love a mix! Like a quilt ;) Have a great week ahead and I look forward to stopping in often!

    Hugs, Cynthia

  8. those kitchens are gorgeous!!!!
    and oh!!! soooo sad, that mirror was soooo beautiful, but as long as your doggie wasn't hurt!!!!
    and!!! I love!!!!! that picture of the snow!!!!!

  9. amy, i'm so sad for you and your mirror. what a bummer. that said, it does look like the pretty arch top and etching is still ok, perhaps you could frame that section somehow?

    congrats to you on the drawing contest. that furball cracks me up!

  10. Oh! MY! so sorry about the mirror, but so happy your dog is fine. Terrible! I want to say that your posts inspire me, great to come an read while I drink my morning coffee. Would love to chat about Brimfield May 2012, we would love to host a tea party and possibly put up a special tent for it. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on a bus adventure! XO

  11. Beautiful kitchens! I love red so I could totally see those colors in my house. Funny b/c during Christmas I had red wrapping paper in my bedroom and thought this doesn't look half bad.
    So sorry about your mirror! I lean lots of mirrors and always worry about this.
    Congrats on being a finalist. Hope you win!
    Gave your last post a shout out on my blog.
    Have a happy winter day!

  12. The kitchen shots are fabulous! My kitchen is apple green with red and black accents....love the blue plates against that color!

    Soooooo sorry about your beautiful mirror and sooooo glad your dog was not hurt!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Lou Cinda

  13. I love soft blue and red together! I've been pinning aqua and red pictues on Pinterest whenever I see ones that I like. I don't use that color combo in my home but I like to on my art. How scary about your mirror! Thank goodness Dillon wasn't there! It looks like a big piece laying on the ground there. Whenever I prop frames on a ledge I usually roll a piece of duct tape or painters tape and put it underneath the frame to keep it from sliding, not sure if it would have helped your mirror though. Congrats on your artwork, every once in a while throughout blogland I see your house sketches that you've made for blog friends. Really cool!

  14. Congrats Amy lovelovelove your drawings so cute
    You are one talented Lady!!!

  15. Love that green beadboard kitchen!
    And I am SO sorry about your mirror...I just hate when that happens. Around here it seems to happen in the middle of the night and of course, I hung whatever fell off--not my husband.
    Love the sketches too.

  16. Good luck with the contest! Your drawings are so cute! I love the kitchens. They are so gorgeous...all of them! But I tell ya I am coveting the blue chintz-covered barstools. They are delicious! :D

    I am so sorry about your mirror, but on a happier note, I think your studio is wicked-awesome!

  17. Very Pretty Kitchens! So sorry to hear that your mirror came crashing down but happy that your dog was not sitting under the mantle. Thank goodness! Congrats on being selected as a finalist for your drawing, Good luck!!


  18. Amy!! Your talents know no bounds, sooo impressed and good luck! I am so bummed about your beautiful mirror and can only imagine how you are feeling, may you find a worthy replacment soon and may it be a bargain to end all bargains:)
    Love those kitchens, each so warm and inviting, especially that first one. Your home totally has the same feel! And could be right there with all those in a mag!

  19. I love Cynthia's kitchen. She actually bought a mosaic picnic basket from me a few years ago and placed it in her kitchen!

    Congrats on being a finalist!!

  20. Pretty kitchens! So sorry about your mirror though..atleast noone was hurt! and I got the RA samples from you~ thank you so much Amy!! xoxo Rachel

  21. I'm glad no one got hurt. Love your ideas for the kitchen, and your drawings.

  22. Love those pretty kitchens. I see where you got some of your own kitchen inspiration from. I hate that your pretty mirror fell and broke! Sounds like you're taking it better than I would. I hate when something like that happens. Congrats on being a finalist too! You're such a good artist.

  23. Love the kitchens!
    THANK GOD noone was hurt... but what a heartbreak!
    WHOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is exciting to be a finalist! You are crazy talented and please keep us posted on the outcome -( of you winning! )
    WOW!! Your comment floored me- that poor poor woman... yes, her foundation crumbled and I wonder if anyone even knew... til it was too late. Thank you for that comment- made me think.
    Yes , inner beauty is just as - if not much MORE important.
    Hugs & have a pretty day,

  24. Love Cindy's kitchen...the little island is so pretty, I thought I read long ago that her husband made it for her, I could be wrong. I have to get the magazine!!

    I'm so sorry about your mirror. Thankfully the dog was elsewhere. And congrats on being a finalist in the competition! Your drawing is so cute!


  25. Great kitchens! Snow - oh my, better you than me - I'm already ready for Spring!

  26. Love those arched windows! So sorry about your mishap, but glad no one was hurt. Congrats on the art competition, how exciting!!!

  27. Hi Amy,
    Oh no your mirror! so sorry but so glad no one was hurt and huge congratulations on being a finalist.
    I love the towel rails so much,i have a chopping block and after reading your post i am going to ask Steve to put me some rails it would look so nice to have pretty towels hanging from it.
    I have that bright kitchen in an old magazine,i remember it because of the pretty wall paper and the windows are gorgeous.

  28. Morning Amy,

    LOVE the floral fabric in those kitchens!!!! So nice to see my friend Beth Livesay's name mentioned...Beth has been my editor for almost all my magazine features...she is so talented as a writer and editor.

    Sorry about your mirror and glad your dog was not in the room at the time. I can't wait to see the artwork you are going to hang there.

    We got out first snow also...about 2 inches, however it is all melted already...booo.

    Congrats on being a finalist in the art contest...exciting!

    Have al lovely week Amy

    janet xox

  29. I am so sorry to hear about your mirror :( I am so glad no one was hurt! Thanks for all the beautiful kitchen inspiration!


  30. GASP! Your mirror! I sure did like that mirror, but i know you... and you'll find another one. Your little fabric swatch board at the desk with the glass jar is beyond magazine worthy... It's on Pinterest now! And Ummmm.... your kitchen is as pretty as any of those other ones!


  31. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by my blog from Cindy's Fractured Fairy Tale..what a sweet surprise from her! I just LOVE my beautiful piece of art...she's the best, and OH so talented!
    I enjoyed your post today...I just love a pretty kitchen! I re-did ours when we moved into this house 5 years ago...it was a huge transformation and I'm still loving it! :)
    So nice to meet you and I hope we "see" more of each other! :)

  32. I am so sorry about your fabulous mirror. I have had that happen before. living in California you never know when your going to have an earth quake. I do like that kitchen. You see so many plain white kitchens (mine included) that it is nice to see some color and wallpaper.

  33. Congratulations on being a finalist! That's wonderful to have your art recognized. I am very happy for you.

  34. Amy ~ I thought it was funny that you had to share that kitchen..the second and third pics. I have those pics too...torn out of the magazine. I am just in love with it! ~Stacy~


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