Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wide Angle Lens Rentals

 Sharing a little camera info here~I never knew you could rent lens or camera equipment. But you can as I found out when Brenda, a college photography  student, came to help me take pictures.  
She arranged for a wide angle lens rental, as it is great for shooting interiors.
You can rent lens for your particular brand of camera.
She has a Nikon and I had just bought a Canon.
The rental was supposed to be for her Nikon, 
but serendipity reigned, as I had the Canon
 and so we used the lens on mine instead.
I took this shot of her (with the handy iPhone) shooting the mini hutch.
You can see the wide angle lens sitting on the counter nearby.
 These are mostly day one beginner shots,
 but the point is having used a wide angle lens now,
 I can capture more of a room than ever before.  
Here you can see into the dining room when I am capturing
 the windows on the right of the living room.  I was amazed!
 And my tiny kitchen was able to be captured 
from the left cabinets to the right~!
 And from the kitchen window all the way to the dining room french doors!
 The thing that is not so great about the wide angle lens 
and something you have to watch for when you open it 
up to full wide angle, is that it can stretch proportions out.  
You can see it most in the ceiling medallion.  It looks like it is at a slant~
I will probably rent this again, when I redo a room or spring
 comes rolling around and I want to recapture a room again.  

Brenda rented it from
 The terms were six days at $70 and it included a prepaid return shipping label, 
which required bringing it back to a UPS store and having it scanned in. 
No compensation with this lens rental company~
just sharing with all the other photog junkies out there!
Keep shooting~!


  1. this is a great idea, but I think here in Italy is impossible to find!!!Happy new year, hugs, Flavia

  2. Cool. I bought a cheapy wide angle, 'fish eye' lens, nothing like the one you rented. The best part about it was the attachment that came with it that allowed me to take ever closer, close ups. A macro lens. It's fun to see what you are doing as you go along. I love photography!

  3. Wide angle does capture more of a subject. We bought a new camera and we also bought the wide angle lens in addition to the regular lens. I am learning how to use it.

  4. Thanks for the info! I would love to buy a new wide-angle lens, but it is not in my budget right now. I'm going to look into this. Oh, and you are living in my dream home. Gorgeous! :-)

  5. Hi Amy, Thanks so much for the info. I have been thinking of buying a wide angle lens but renting one first to try it out may be worth looking in to.

  6. Neat and interesting..I would love to get one myself as I always find myself thinking I want a wider shot on many of my pictures....never knew you could rent it though. So are quite the budding photo buff Amy:)

  7. Well, I WOULD look into a rental for one of those fancy lenses if I had a fancy camera that it fit on too! Ha! Glad you are having so much fun with your new camera. Your wide shot pics look great. I would be doing just like you and snapping pics all over the place if I had a new camera.

  8. I didn't know that! But is the rental $70 a pop? I don't think I could afford to rent one often. I know nothing about photography so the lens itself must cost a fortune. Neat idea! The photos are good and definitely made it seem more like you were in the space.
    Happy New Year!

  9. Hi Amy,
    Wow i never knew that,it was sure worth it your pictures look amazing and it really makes a difference seeing your rooms from one side to the other.
    The slip cover you made for the dining room looks beautiful through the doors x

  10. That's really interesting. I love seeing the whole room. My house is small, and i really think it might help to have a wide angle lens... but, will probably just have to find a friend with a camera who has one for right now..
    I love how your rooms flow together, and i'm still lusting after your little slipcovered bench


  11. It was neat to see the wide angle shots of your beautiful home. I have a new Nikon D7000SLR, and I've been trying to learn everything possible to be able to use it effectively. Thanks for the info about lens rental. Great idea! Happy New Year! Cherry Kay

  12. OH....I WANT one! No...wait..first I need to take photos with a regular lens! Love these shots though, Amy! xo Diana

  13. loves me my wide angle!!

    did I mention I love it?

    did you get my tweet?

  14. Morning Amy,

    My son is a videographer/photographer for NBC and he often rents lenses before he invest his money. Great way to 'try them out' if you will. Also when he videos weddings, he will rent the very expensive tools like a steady cam and things like that. Huge budget saver!

    Looks like you are having a great time with your new camera.

    Janet xox

  15. This post is AWESOME! I had no idea you could rent lenses. I have been following your progress with your new camera avidly because this is something I am so interested in. The one thing that held me back was the expensive lenses! Problem solved! Did you post on what kind of Canon you bought and I missed it?

  16. Thanks Amy! You keep costing me more and more money! Now I want to buy one of these lenses! I'm too lazy to rent one, I just want one to magically appear on the end of my new camera ( that you told me about, otherwise I would have just bought a simple little digital and wondered why my pictures were sucky)!
    While I'm at it, I want some expensive camera lights too, OH, and some jells......

  17. I absolutely LOVE your kitchen table, your house is so bright and clean, with an almost romantic feel. Great camera advice as well, thanks for sharing :)

  18. Hi Amy - that's great information. That's a pretty decent price. I didn't think the rentals would be that long. This is GREAT info.

    Your house looks great, as usual. Thanks so much for your generosity - information we can all use!

    Now - I have to really get to work making my house extra neat. If I am going to do wide angle shots - no more throwing stuff to one side!!


  19. Love your home..just stunning!! Great post too! All the best,Chrissy

  20. Hi..I'm new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it. So beautiful, calming and serene. So glad I found you. Your post about the wide angle lens was fascinating. I am a new blogger of only seven weeks and I'm really just getting into realizing the importance of the pro photography that is almost essential.
    I hope in time that my blog can be as wonderful and lovely as yours. You are truly and inspiration.


    PS I am now a follower and have signed up for your emails. I'm so excited to be getting them now.


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