Thursday, January 19, 2012

Etsy Store Additions

 Pink tole tray $48
Feel like doing some armchair browsing?
I added a lot of neat things to my Etsy shop
 and I wanted to share them. 
The prices will be listed~
that way you can move right along, or stop to go grab it!!
The pink tray has been in my personal collection for years
and is hitting the shop. The perfect color of pink too~soft ballet pink. 
Aqua and brown tole tray $28 SOLD
Another great color~this combination is a winner!
Organdy Pillow Sham $9 SOLD
Sweet pink on white vintage pillow sham~I have two in the shop.
Pink Salt and Peppers $16
Pink and floral with gold touches  for your romantic cottage kitchen!
 Blue white ironstone chamber pot $15
This bargain priced transferware thunder jug has a lid too~
perfect for hiding the cookies!
Just don't tell the kiddos what it used to be used for!
 Rubber Stamp Carousel $8 SOLD
Ride the vintage chic office wave with this number.
 Silverplate water pitcher $24
A pretty roped detail makes this vintage piece special.
Fill it up with roses for your next centerpiece.
Longchamps silverplate service for 12 $120
Vintage heavy silverplate for those holiday dinners
or everyday if you think like me!
 Gilded tole candle wall sconce $22
I have a pair of these in the store~
This vintage floral sconce is just darling.
 Florentine Tole Wall Sconce 
with lone rose $20 SOLD
This is a delicate tole candle sconce with one faded grey rose, 
untouched with original patina~perfection in every way!
XL white tole and crystal chandelier $185
Yes, I am selling my vintage dining room chandelier~
this one is super sized and comes with lots of old crystals...
I have never seen another one like it~
 See how gigantic it is?
I am hoping it finds a nice home so I can 
hang up a new chandy that is on the way!
Anyway,  these are the latest finds I have 
plucked from the corners of the earth~
(or just from my dining room) 
Visit the shop to see more or to purchase.


  1. You have some real beauties in your shop. I haven't seen one of those rubber stamp holders in years. Brings back memories from when I would go to my mom's office as a little girl and play with all the stamps.

  2. Lots of stuff here, Amy. I used to have TWO of those rubber stamp holders in my office.

    Love the chandy and that turquoise/brown toile tray is just gorgeous-xo Diana

  3. Good stuff, especially the rubber stamp holder (I missed) and the chamber pot is GREAT for plants!

  4. I just bought the aqua and brown tole tray! Love it!

  5. Lovely stuff Amy! Love the pink tray.
    I love love that wallpaper in your dining room!!! Gorgeous!
    Isn't Cindy a hoot?? Love her blog and what you sent her was great!

  6. Man oh man, your stuff is selling fast! I really liked that aqua and brown floral tole tray too. You have some VERY pretty things!

  7. Amy, Oh how I love your style! I am drooling over the large white chadie.
    Have a pretty day!

  8. Hi Amy,
    Your chandelier for sale is gorgeous and i am so intrigued now to see what is going to be hanging in its place.
    Have a lovely weekend x

  9. Beautiful finds Amy, too bad about the chandelier...and that rubber stamp thing-y is so pretty, don't know what I would use it for but its a beautiful piece!

  10. Great additions Amy...looks like they are selling fast, too!

  11. Darn, someone got to that stamp holder before me! Love it.

    Great stuff amy- the tole pieces are so pretty.


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