Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lantern Chandeliers

Indoor Lantern Chandeliers
Chandelier Thursday
 Eric Roth Photography
Lanterns for indoor lighting are captivating! 
I have long loved any chandelier with crystals, 
but I also love the impact a big iron fixture can bring to a space.
This lantern is rustic and french and gorgeous~
this might not even be electrified, 
but look at how amazing it looks.
Chandelier Thursday: Indoor Lantern Chandelier
The bigger the better in most cases. 
The scale of this lantern is over sized adding drama 
while still giving the room simplicity over fussiness.
One of my favorite bloggers, Joni, of Cote de Texas
 hung a big lantern in the center of her family room, 
and then wondered why she waited so long.
Atlanta Homes Magazine
This breakfast table is so pretty with the addition of this lantern. 
This space has such a garden feel with all of the windows and the lantern. 

 Sarah Richardson
What doesn't Sarah Richardson do right?
 I think the standard would have been a traditional chandelier, 
but by adding a lantern in a copper finish,
 it makes the room feel less formal. 
No matchy-match in finishes here either.
House Beautiful
One of my favorite images of all time~
from the chicken wire cabinets to the rustic finishes everywhere you look,
 the lanterns are a big part of why I love this room!
This lantern is hanging especially low
to give an intimate feel to the dining area.
Did you know that 30" from the table top
to the bottom of the chandelier was a standard formula?
I like to hang mine 28"~and this one looks less than that.
Now lets go shopping for a lantern with a good price tag, shall we?
Gothic Lantern

This Pottery Barn lantern has a price tag of $269, online purchase only.
However this is a similar almost identical fixture 
on with a $144.49 price tag and a 5 star review.
Another beautiful lantern in Antique Nickel finish, 
also at Overstock,  for $138.99
This is a very cool fixture at Lamps Plus 
but it is no longer in the inventory~why is that??
Lots of things I love seem to get discontinued. 
Maybe it was soooo popular they can't keep up with production.
This fixture would look fabulous over an extra long farmhouse table.
Check this out~only $94.99 at Overstock. 
This lantern has a european country look, doesn't it?
It looks like it has iron grill work without glass.  
Long ago I took orangey rippled glass panels 
out of a huge interior lantern inside a Florida estate I was working on~
the result was an up to date light fixture, 
simply by taking out the old fashioned colored glass.
 I think this fixture could easily go in a Shabby Chic style room, 
over a bathtub in a bathroom with euro-rustic decor,
 or as pairs over an island in a kitchen with old world glamour.
This is a big lantern at 28" and comes with a
small price tag of $116.99 from Overstock.
I had in my mind that I was going to hang a lantern over my island.
However when I went shopping I found this~
which is kind of like a birdcage lantern with crystals....
(click here for link)
Photo by Brenda Souza
OK, I know it is not a lantern...
But a lantern would have been awesome here too.
Have you ever thought of replacing your
 traditional chandelier with a big ole lantern? 


  1. I have a beautiful lantern in its box that I've been itching to install. It's going to replace the light over my sick which has been there since the 80s. Just trying to work up the courage to tackle it myself!

  2. okay, DARE I tell mr savvy I want to take down all my chandeliers?
    I could most likely buy any lantern I want with the money from all the chandies!!


    seriously love this post
    nice hooking up on twittererr

  3. Amy, I love the look of lanterns, too. I started to go that route in the sitting room and really wish I had, but the ones large enough were too expensive. I loved one like Sarah's and it was over $800. I couldn't do that. I have been shopping a lot from overstock and love it. My new faucet for the powder room is from them and I have two new rugs, too.

  4. Over my dining table is a huge lantern type. Kind of reminds me of the ironworked on from Lamps Plus. My sister snagged it at a Dallas showroom at market on a clearance. Birthday present to me hurrah. A reflection of her is here in a mirror post I did.


  5. GORGEOUS images Amy!! I love lanterns too and have been thinking of changing out my dining room chandy with one.

  6. Amy - I have never even given lanterns a second thought but these are all so lovely. Hmmmm, it has given me some ideas for several areas in my home. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Connie LOU

  7. Wow what a beautiful idea!! I never even thought of doing a lantern as a chandelier and I just love it!!

  8. What a great look Amy! I always leave your Blog with just great inspiration! Have a great weekend.


  9. I LOVE lanterns. I'm trying to integrate one in my house somewhere. I found an old brass one at the thrift store and spray painted it oiled rubbed bronze, it looks awesome! $12 only.

  10. I just love looking at your's so cute!!!

    Great light BTW!


  11. Love this post, especially since now I/we (haha) are on the hunt for on in my dining room. Truly inspired!! -Heather

  12. I have always loved how lanterns look hung inside like that. I have them hung on my front porch, but may someday like to hang one inside too. I have often thought about replacing my chandelier in the kitchen with a lantern or farmhouse pendant. I just haven't made a decision yet. So, my current chandelier stays put for the moment. Thanks for all the great pics of lanterns and different places to buy them too!

  13. I have a great lantern found at a thrift which is buried in my garage....this inspires me to go find that thing and get er done!! One more thing on the list! Whew...

  14. Check out Pottery Barn's Harlowe pendant; I put 2 over my island and love them.

  15. I've never thought of replacing my chandelier but I do long for a huge (candle) lantern for my living room. I love the look and finish on the French one that you've pictured especially. Someday though! Thanks for the photos!

  16. I love all of the lanterns you have shown. The first picture really captured my eye with the black and white floor.

    Your new fixture is fabulous!

  17. Wondeful eye candy! I only have one lantern because I am obsessed with crystal chandeliers! LOL

  18. Amy what a fabulous of your best yet! I love lanterns and plan to use them in several places, they are so old world and elegant without feeling as stuffy or formal as chandeliers (though I LOVE my chandeliers)...this was a fun post to come home to after hubby and I drove almost 5 hours today to see the marble for the island! Ahhh so nice to be home with my coffee and to be in blogland.
    I cannot believe those STEALS at overstock...geez, I am stunned as to how they can even turn a profit at those ridiculously low prices..good resource!!

  19. I do love the look of a lantern chandelier. I'm partial to the ornate ones. Great examples, and yes, I really like your birdcage style.

  20. Happy New Year Amy! I LOVE lanterns too and totally agree with your comment about What doesn't Sarah Richardson do right--I just love her! Love the birdcage fixture too!

  21. Amy I am in Love with your new header pics
    Fabulous and perfect for the new year

  22. Love the lanterns too! Wonderful!! Hugs, Rachel

  23. I kinda liked them before... but now, after reading your post, i'm pretty sure i can't live without one!


  24. I donno . . . the lanterns are nice, but I still LOVE your chandelier with the blue drops!

  25. I Love the look of the lanterns, but I do have a few vintage chandeliers as well. I don't think I will change them. I really like the House Beautiful photo. I have saved this photo for months as it is my inspiration on how I am going to refinish by family room shelves. Thanks for all the great photos.

  26. I was thinking of replacing my recessed with two small lanterns, but the kitchen already had a small ceiling fan and the the dining room has an iron chandelier and I'm afraid it'll look like a lighting store. Any suggestions out there??

  27. Jennifer, send me a pic of the kitchen~I have something in mind for you, but want to see what is going on in your space before I recommend! If you had an email address attached to your comments I would respond directly. Change your settings in blogger so people can reply to you.

  28. i love lanterns and i'll give you a pass on your chande-lantern. just because it has pretty glass beads doesn't mean it doesn't qualify as a lantern!

  29. I love lanterns and thes are great examples. I think what you did with your kitchen light is just perfect even if not technically a lantern

  30. You always have such an elegant, delicious look! I love it! I just started my own blog. Hope I can inspire others as well!

  31. I love that style of chandelier - now, where can I hang on? hmmmm...

    Hope you have a lovely week.


  32. I am partial to these types of lantern chandeliers. Actually, the Nautic collection (weathered brass chandeliers and sconces) are my most successful lighting in my Interieurs showroom. These lanterns are a nice unexpected touch in a contemporary setting or at home in a traditional, country, beach or mountain environment.
    My first time visiting your blog, will return often.

  33. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE your new chandelier! It's perfect for your kitchen!


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