Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watercolor Roses on plates and canvas

 A grouping of old plates hangs over the mirror in my living room.  My sister Susan told me I should have blue plates since I have the blue fabric in the bookcases~why didn't I think of that?  So I have been looking on Etsy and I found this beautiful handpainted plate with a blue border and pink roses in the center.
 The plate to the left belonged to Miss Wyman, 
a dear departed elderly neighbor of mine 17 years ago...
It is also a hand painted beauty with a pretty scalloped edge.
 This plate came from Urban Farmgirl's shop~it looks very french to me.
I fell in love with it and am loving how it looks in the room.
Its powder blue border looks nice with my blue opaline drops~
I will be looking for a plate to replace the mostly green one too.
Oh, and this blue plate wasn't the only thing 
 This watercolor of roses on an aqua blue background was in her shop too.  
It was a graceful vintage looking bouquet,
 in all of my favorite colors in an old gilded frame.
You can find some very nice artwork 
on by using the search box.
Type in "garden watercolors" or "oil portraits" or whatever it is you are looking for.
The prices are reasonable ( I paid $65 for this painting) 
and less than what you might pay for a 
mass produced number at Home Goods.
I measured my space and thought it might
 be just the thing to unify the fireplace wall~
 I'm taking Betsy Speert's advice to add some artwork~
And you know what, I like it!
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Betsy Speerts Ask Away Tuesday


  1. Both pieces look wonderful, Amy! I love how your vases on the mantel bring that blue over to that side of the room, too. I almost thought this was your dining room wall, seeing the pattern on the wall behind the mirror. Was this a wall stencil you did in the living room?

  2. Do you ever sleep girlfriend? You are one little busy beaver...that's what I think. All looks lovely. Is that wallpaper or fabric in the bookcases? I love the look of that. All is so elegant. Look forward to seeing your next project. All's beautiful! xoso Sandy

  3. are so much fun to visit because there is ALWAYS something happening over there, and its always a gorgeous something!
    Sooo beautiful, love the plates and the way they are displayed above the mirror! Another fabulous improvement in your stunning home....have a great Sunday!

  4. Very pretty rose print! Just the right size for the mantle. The soft blue plate looks very pretty above the mirror too. The soft blue was perfect for that room!Hugs, Patti

  5. The plates and painting really are beautiful, Amy. We are so lucky to have etsy and ebay in this day and age. The blue looks fabulous!


  6. Amy I do love that you added the art with the gorgeous plates! Also I really adore the blue Opaline drops more each time I see them!

    Art by Karena

  7. Amy- It is just gorgeous- from the plates to the picture-gorgeous! You do such a nice job of pulling everything together and I am still so smitten with the floral backing in your cases. Love it all- xo Diana

  8. I just love plates on walls and those look wonderful. Good luck hunting blue plates!

  9. Hi Amy~ I love the new blue plate. It fits in perfectly.I love old plates, I have so many in my home. On the walls, on tables etc.
    I love your chandelier and sconces. I have a chandelier with the same blue crystals in my kitchen. It is a favorite piece if mine. Faded Plains on Etsy recently had a bunch of floral plates. Not sure if she does anymore, but worth the look:)


  10. Amy, love your new plate and that painting is fabulous. It fits that space perfectly.

  11. Your new plate is lovely among the others above that beautiful mirror. I have similar plates in pink above the mirror in my bedroom and love the look. It's very nice to have the pretty plate that belonged to your neighbor. That's a sweet way to remember her. The new painting is perfect for your mantle, in size and color. If you would like to share any of these ideas at my home party, you are cordially invited. -------Shannon

  12. Love the new additions! Everything that is your style works together so well. Pretty!

  13. Your plates are gorgeous! They look so good above the beautiful mirror and your fabric in the bookcases is to die for.

  14. Hi Amy,
    I just love your entire vingette above the mantel. The plates are lovely and I like the colors, but I know you, you're going to be determined to add some blue!

    I love your watercolor too. Besty suggested that I add some artwork to my livingroom bookshelves. I'm working on it. I have such a time with art. I'd rather buy a mirror! LOL!


  15. Hi Amy,
    Sorry i missed your glam wall reveal i was building ;) at you know where! the wall looks stunning and looks so beautiful with the room all back in place,i love it!
    The plates in this post look really beautiful above the mirror and sigh we get to to see the blue opaline drops again,your chandelier and ceiling rose looks so gorgeous Amy.
    Really love your water colour and it looks great on your fireplace wall.

    I LOVE 'Hers' i really learned a lot from it and found it really informative,thank you.
    Yes it is the new shabby chic and that hutch made me go lala when i first saw it,really looks beautiful.
    The door will always be open well when we get round to fitting it lol x

  16. Oh, Amy...the paint looks PERFECT! It is as if it was meant to go there all along! And the plates are gorgeous, too!

    I am starting a series on my blog soon featuring my Etsy customers and how they used what they purchased from my shop. I am always so curious as I am wrapping up a package to make its way to its new home, how things will it will be used. It is SO GREAT to see the pieces at their new home! Would you mind if I used your post as a feature?

    Thanks again for supporting my little shop, so happy I could share the love of vintage! ;o)


  17. How beautiful, those roses on the plate are lovely. That watercolour is so gorgeous too! You will enjoy that every day! X

  18. I still see clocks when I see pretty plates...I have so many made that need to be put on my I just love them...

  19. I love it too! I like your mantel arrangement. It is balanced and highlights the colors you're using elsewhere in the room. Your new picture and plate go perfectly in your room. Looks like they could be used in other rooms too since your rooms flow so well together.

  20. I love watercolor roses. I've let go of way too many of them. You have some beautiful ones, and nicely displayed.

  21. Hi Amy,
    I really love your photos. The plates are as nice as the watercolor. The white walls with white furniture and flower tapestry as background looks gorgeous and very feminin. And the plates to that a re wonderfull. May be I take this idea as inspiration for a redo of my guest room.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  22. Lovely!

    Looks fabulous there! What a treat to visit your home...

    ~ Violet

  23. I really amire how you are constantly making your home more and more beautiful! You are amazing!

  24. So pretty--love the plates--especially the top one. The mantle looks great too!

  25. Amy,

    It looks amazing. I love the plate and the picture. You've combined it all so beautifully. What a serene setting.

  26. Two great finds. I love the blue accents! Your home is stunning.

  27. The painting looks perfect with your fabric backed bookcases! Sooooooo tranquil and pretty! Also..I was reading Mod Vintage Life today and saw where you helped Nita adopt her new little Franklin....that was very sweet of you....just wanted you to know.

  28. Amy, those plates are freakin gorgeous... wow! They are each a work of art!

    And i like the painting too... what a wonderful price for such a pretty and delicate rendering of roses, an original and framed too! I love the way the artist uses just enough detail, but leaves the rest to the imagination... and the colors are perfect for the room...


  29. Amy, It all look beautiful. I love the painting and the plate. I am still gaga over your chandy.
    Blessings, Ginger

  30. Morning Amy,

    Just beauitful...I bet Betsy is smiling ;->

    Janet xox

  31. Beautiful plates over the mirror.....and love, love, love the beautiful watercolor. Just perfect.

    Warm blessings,

  32. I love the whole look - very romantic. I love how you did the stenciling - just some motifs and then the plates. Love the watercolor! Thanks for the tip on searching on Etsy (it can be overwhelming!)


  33. Amy it looks fantastic! You know how I love roses and your finds ad a very charming and personal touch to your room, thats my favorite kind of decorating...personal and charming accents of the vintage kind! Thanks for stopping by to visit! XO Christie

  34. what a lovely space - love the chandelier and the paper in the backs of your bookcases. isn't it amazing to live in a space surrounded by the things you love?

  35. love it all......the plates, the painting, and OH THAT ARCH!!! so pretty!

  36. Looks gorgeous - very, very pretty.

  37. It's always a delight for me to come visit your blog. I love that vintage blue plate and the painting. Now I'm going visiting Urban Farmgirl's shop. Thanks for sharing what you find on the Internet, I discovered many interesting shops and site through your blog.


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