Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rustic Romantic Pillows

 Rustic and Romantic Pillows~
I made these large pillows for the sofa for a winter look.
 I used a french script fabric by Braemore and a roll of Michaels burlap ribbon.
I used large pillows I had and cut the fabric to size.  
This pillow cover was going to be quick and easy,
with no zippers~just stitched shut.  Script text fabric and burlap 
are both trending in a major way and this is an easy way to
 get the look and not feel guilty later when it becomes passe~
 these pillows will cost less than $20 for the pair.
 Cut the burlap ribbon right down the middle and give yourself 
enough ribbon to go around the edges 
of the pillow with about 6 inches extra.
 Super easy people~keep the right sides facing out and then fold
 the burlap over the raw edges of the pillow and starting in a 
bottom corner stitch it all together.  Run your stitching line right
 down the middle of the burlap ribbon so it catches the raw edge of the fabric. 
 This is going to give your pillow edge a flange effect.
 When you get to a corner, make a miter by
 folding it at an angle (google this if you don't get it!).
 Stop a few inches after you get around your last corner. 
 Insert the pillow~then continue stitching, and enclose the pillow.
At the very end, trim off the burlap ribbon so
 it has an extra inch or two and then turn it under, 
and finish stitching.  All done!
 I loved how this pillow came out~literally took less 
than 45 minutes to make these pillows.  
You could hot glue burlap ribbon trim to an existing pillow 
with text on it if you wanted to embellish it to get a more rustic look.
 Very pretty~a rustic romantic look for my winter sofa.
 Looking all perfect...
Ten minutes later look what I saw~
my rustic and romantic and rugged guy.
All comfy and cozy.  You just gotta smile.
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  1. Amy...those are stunning! Very beautiful! xo

  2. Those turned out very pretty. That was a good idea to use burlap ribbon for the pillow border. I see your dog likes them too!

  3. I LOVE that fabric, Amy! I still have some left over from that French chair makeover I did last year. I like the burlap around the edge like that and how easy it looks to put together. Nice job and I'm glad to see you received the stamp of approval on them! : )

  4. Yep-Ya gotta smile at that! What a good looking GUY! xo Diana

  5. Very pretty, looks like something I bought last year for my sunroom. And I love the new resident, he looks quite comfortable. I also love your new blog look.

  6. Great pillow. Love it. Looks wonderful on your sofa. Hugs, Marty

  7. Those are so pretty Amy! I re-use my pillows too. Plus I find them all the time at the thrift store for just a few dollars...sometimes with the price tags still attached!

  8. Beautiful and creative, and it looks like your fur baby approves!

  9. Ha ha! Well of course, your rugged, rustic guy knows you made those pillows just for him. Too cute! The pillows are adorable, too.

  10. What a cute idea, Amy! It seems universal that dogs think our cute pillows were made just for them!

  11. Love these pillows! Where did you find the fabric? I really like that fabric!

  12. What a neat edging to your pillows. Very unique, and easy to boot!

  13. Amy,
    I love the script fabric and adding the burlap really makes them pretty.


  14. I LOVE these Amy and love the way you trimmed them! I'm wanting to get some great big pillows for my sofa too. Wish I knew how to sew!


  15. Hi Amy, Your pillows are pretty, but I also want to say I just want to squeeze that rugged tough guy. I'm totally crazy about him.

    Have a Great Day~

  16. I just used the same fabric on my footstool makeover. Your pillows look fantastic an I love the burlap trim!

  17. Love script fabric! Looks wonderful for a winter look with the burlap.

  18. Oh, I did smile, how cute is that I love the pillows and I am going to check out the burlap ribbon!!


  19. hallo, das ist einfach süss, da kann man sehen das auch der hund gute handarbeit liebt.

    liebe grüße


  20. Love these! I tried to find that ribbon at my local Michael's and they didn't have anymore.

  21. Wow, I love them. Your doggy has good taste!

  22. Beautiful - I love the rustic look paired with softness. The pup is adorable. New follower!

  23. Oops, don't know what happened, my comment disappeared. Anyway, I love your pillows- great idea for how to add the trim. And I love reusing old pillows for inserts! :)

  24. amy those came out great. i wouldn't have had the heart to chase him off either. way to cozy wozy.

  25. Hi Amy, The pillows are wonderful and I love the fabric! How cute is your pup. xo, Sherry

  26. Love the pillows and love the pic of your pup loving your pillow! Too cute!~Hugs, Patti

  27. Love the fabric and the pillows. You are one amazing seamstress!


  28. You make it all look so easy! Love your rustic romantic guy too...such a cute pic!

  29. I think you should ask Leslie if she has a better way to do this.

  30. The pillows are great..thanks for the lesson. I was given a new sewing machine for Christmas so you have gotten me excited to start making the pillows etc from the cases of Vintage linens I have collected over the years. Have a great Sunday!


  31. Very cute! He looks awful cozy! Traci

  32. Oh my god, Dillon looks adorable laying in that pillow! Look at his little pink cheeks! And the pillows are WONDERFUL! If you had those on Etsy you'd sell out of them!


  33. Amy, I never even knew there was such a thing as burlap ribbon. It looks great. Once again, I wish I could sew!

  34. Thanks for that little tutorial, I have some script fabric already cut for pillows but now I will have to go get some burlap ribbon. What a great quick way to make some pillows. Love the dog on them so cute.

  35. Hi gorgeous and a must do for me now...pinning this to my to do list!!...thx for the fabulous idea...Mariaelena

  36. What a great idea. They look great and your dog loves them! My dog always curls up on my pillows to.

  37. Hey girl, I'm back!!! He looks sooo comfy and cute! Love the pillows, super easy!

  38. Awesome tutorial Amy! Had to share with my FB pals!:)

  39. Amy,
    I just love your pillow and love even more that you did not get upset when your sweet dog decided to appreciate it. LOL



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