Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pink in the dining room

 Feels so good to get all the Christmas things put away, 
and get this room stripped back down.

 Just some pink roses on top of a ruffled runner 
and I feel like I can breathe again~
 Its Shabby Chic for sure~
 Calming colors of that funny blue yet green color I love so much, 
mixed with a touch of pink
 This is the view of the dining room 
when you come walking in from the kitchen~
 And this is the dining room looking back towards the living room and the kitchen.
I was kind of wishing my mirror was still pink...
 I am finding I like smaller amounts of pink now~
 Little doses of pink do a world of good
 Supermarket roses cut down to make a compact and modern bouquet
 It was all this room needed~
 To make me love it all over again~
Even my MIL murmured that the room looked pretty!
Post Script
I picked the Shabby Chic sample winner~Michelle from Hello Lovely Inc.
but I also am sending mini sample packs to these ladies if they will email 
their names and addresses to me @ AmyMaisonDecor@gmail.com

  • French Farmhouse 425
  • Polka Dot Closet
  • Fractured Fairy Tale
  • Deb Murphy
  • Pipigirl
  • Shabbily by the Sea
  • Jeanne from Texas
  • Capers of the Vintage Vixens
joining at


  1. Your dining room looks remarkable! I love the pink roses. Enjoy your pretty home!

  2. How very sweet. Love the pink roses but BOY do I LOVE that ruffled runner- xo Diana

  3. Love your dreamy home and looking forward to following your projects in 2012.

    Yes, I did love the mirror in pink. Only a little pink paint to work your magic again...just thinking.

    Happy New Year

  4. Amy your room looks so pretty! I love all your mirrors! Martina

  5. Your pink roses are gorgeous and look stunning on top of that ruffled runner!!! I am in total LOVE with that runner....where did you find it? Or did you make it? Just stunning!!!
    Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. I personally love putting all my Christmas things away and starting fresh too! Love the touches of pink with some roses!

  7. We put away the Christmas and breathe a little ..... as you say!
    Also I'm slowly removing decorations and slowly I see my home again dressed differently .....
    It 's always a pleasure to take care of the house!
    This beautiful touch of pink, then I love the roses: D
    Congratulations dear
    a hug

  8. That ruffled runner is actually a leftover piece I cut off of a bedspread that had ruffles on it. I used the bedspread to make a slipcover for my couch and my piano bench and then I still had a piece left~so voila! it s a runner at the moment.

  9. i love the pink and you've inspired me again, Amy! :)

  10. I agree. The small bouquet is just enough. Everything looks so pretty. That ruffled table runner is perfect on your table too.

  11. I love your flowers Amy!! The pink is perfect in your dining room~ and loving that chandelier too! So pretty!! :)

  12. Really love that ruffled runner--did you make it? Love the pink roses too. It is kind of nice to look forward to spring now that Christmas is over.

  13. Funny how we love to get the house all dressed up for Christmas, but also LOVE to put it all away and "see" the house again all ready for a new year. Very pretty indeed.

  14. The colors in your home are so soothing. Ever time a read a post of yours I just sigh....ahhhhh.

  15. Your dining room looks stunning! I really ♥ it, it's so inspiring.

  16. Hello ... it's nice to meet and follow you.
    stop by sometime.

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  17. Hello Amy,
    Happy New Year to you and yours! What a beautiful post! Love your home and those roses too, just gorgeous...

  18. Amy that ruffled runner looks so pretty and fitting in your beautiful dining room..as do the lovely soft pink roses, just the right dose of pink!

  19. I always love seeing your beautiful dining room, Amy! And, the pink roses are such a perfect touch! Your chandie is absolutely amazing!

  20. amy, I think your dining room looks lovely as are the roses. No more pink needed, as you still have some in the rug and the roses are reflecting in your mirrors!

    Happy new year.

  21. Goodness your home is beautiful! And yes, the roses look fresh and so very... clean! Hmm... I have to assess things here... :)


  22. First of all your house is just gorgeous!!!! and I am soooo excited to get a little Shabby Chic sample...I absolutely am other the moon, fabric is such a love of mine and imagine, I am getting the real deal, Oh, Thank you soooo much!


  23. I take all my stuff down on the 6th, Amy, and I'll be looking forward to it. I'll probably take a whole day of just looking at all the spaces empty before I reintroduce what I had there before the holidays. It's a great time to move things around, too. You'd almost think it was Spring or Summer with your pink roses!

  24. The room looks stunning Amy, and I am so loving your photos.

  25. Your home looks beautiful. The chandelier with the blue crystals is just stunning.

  26. Fab! I love your dining room table! I especially love the aqua prisms you added to the chandy! PS--I still haven't hung the fab chandy I got from you...soon...very soon!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  27. I can't believe you have it all put away already. I'm ready for some changes in my rooms too. I hope I can get back to doing projects soon. The new camera is taking great photos. Super great that you got that. I'm still thinking about the dog. I want to...and then I think I should wait. Ideally, I'd like a little puppy...but found him that needs a home. I think I will see him today. I think it would be good for Harvey to have a little boy to play with. He is still lonely.

  28. Your home is absolutely beautiful. So fresh and airy. Love love love the chandelier!! Am looking for one... to finish my dining room redo. I just found your blog and added it to my list of favorites. You are very talented!Thanks for sharing your home with us. Suzanne

  29. Joy @ Comfort and JoyJanuary 4, 2012 at 12:20 PM

    Happy New Year Amy,

    Your blog is always a delight to read because your love for your home is so obvious. Its not a grand mansion but the care and creativity put into it make it welcoming not only for your family but for your followers as well. You're fortunate to have a supportive husband and boys who are so accepting of ruffles, pink and all things feminine. Your happiness in creating a beautiful home is inspiring and infectious!

    And thank you for bringing Betsey Speert back into my life. I've been a fan for many years and lost track of her until she reappeared on your blog.

    I'm looking forward to more beautiful moments in 2012.


  30. Amy,
    The rooms look heavenly.... sigh... So pretty and calm and peaceful
    Are some of those pics with your wide angle lens??
    Isn't it wonderful to get out all the stuff...

    Your little bouquet of pink has so much impact just the way it is. I think you're right, that just a touch of pink is best, even if it's a favorite color...
    And, i still like the mirror the best the color it is...


  31. These are beautiful pics ! DSLR's really makes a difference.
    I love the ruffled runner !

  32. i have to say, i just LOVE your home. the pink just pops in the dining room. looks great! dillon is a pretty boy. but im partial. ive had pittys since in my early 20s. beat dogs in the world. sure is a beautiful boy. also, thank you again for choosing me as 1 of the sampler girls. i got up and made sue my whole family knew. my sons 32. i think he thought i was about 1/2 nuts, but he just doesnt get it.....lol

  33. oops, mean best dogs in the world. shouldve proofed it better

  34. Amy, I absolutely love your home..... it is SO gorgeous at every angle! I bet you take time out just to stare at your lovely home... hey, I know when something looks that good its hard to keep my eyes away from it. Wonderful job decorating that's for sure.

    Have a Great Day~

  35. Oh I wish I had a dining room that I could keep pretty like yours!


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