Thursday, January 5, 2012

Meet the dogs of Maison Decor

 I wanted to formally introduce our dogs today.  We have two dogs~this is Dillon and he we found him on a Pet rescue internet search. We fell in love with him at first sight and nicknamed him Cow-doggy because he  looks like a cow.  He lived in a shelter in Oklahoma and we had him flown out to Boston, where we picked him up at the airport. They charge more to fly a dog than they do a person, I will say that.  He was in a large crate, and now that we know how he is, it must have been a very difficult trip, because he hates being locked up in a crate.  I don't blame him one bit. I guess some dogs love their crates, but I don't think Dillon ever was crate trained, and he just gets nervous in an enclosed space like that.  
 He has a big brown spot over his right eye~
While the rest of his face is white. His head has extra soft fur, 
kind of like chinchilla. Dillon is a cuddler.
 Dillon always has to be walked on a lead or he will take
 off on an adventure forgetting how to get home.
Here he is on Martha's Vineyard when we visited my parents this year.
 That's him squeezed in between my mom and
 my stepson on her white couch!  I told you he was a cuddler.
And my mom is very cool with having the dogs visit.
 This summer we rented a cottage by a lake in NH 
and it was the hottest week of the summer.  
Almost every day was over 100 degrees, 
which is pretty hot in New Hampshire.  
It was so nice to jump in the lake, 
but poor Dillon was afraid of the water~
 So we came up with a plan to get him over his fears...
first we coaxed him onto the dock...
 And then down the steps by giving him 
pieces of little bit at a time.
It took so long hubs sat in a chair in the lake waiting 
patiently for Dillon to get brave enough to venture further.
 And finally he forgot he was in water
 and just started walking around! What a triumph!
We were so thrilled about our big boys accomplishment~
but all he cared about was getting more hotdog!
Every summer I take a pic of hubs and his son facing out towards the lake.
This year Dillon spontaneously joined them in the pose.
How my heart melted when he went over and sat there.
 Our dogs go where ever we go~Dillon is tethered by a long lead on my parents deck as he would be gone in a heartbeat to explore the woods~Tobey is in his usual position, as close to his mother as he can get.
If I sit on the couch, Tobey hops right up and loves sitting with me.
When  I am taking pics in any given room for the blog,
 Tobey barges right in and poses. Like a statue.  
Won't move unless I force him out of the way,
 but he comes right back in.
So the best way to keep him out of my photos is to put him outside. 
Tobey never runs off, he hangs around the entryway and doesn't go very far.
 Here is the dynamic duo. Tobey in the lead...
Tobey is top dog in the house,
 and has Dillon convinced~so it works for him.
 I think they call it the Napolean complex.
Dillon is always chilling, 
and Tobey can't relax unless I am sitting down. 
He will stand until I sit down. Always.
Dillon could care less what I am doing when I am puttering around the house~
Sometimes I don't even notice that Dillon is in the room. 
He is so quiet and calm.
He is getting to be middle aged now. 
That first pic of him was when he was one and a half. 
We adore Dillon. He brings us so much joy~
I have to say he is my most beloved pet I have ever had. 
 Handsome and more handsome
 This is my son's dog Kingsley. Sometimes we babysit him, 
and he often comes to our house for parties.
 Kinglsey also has a Napoleon complex and is not
afraid of trying to flex his muscles with Dillon.
 I told you Dillon was very chill. 
Kingsley may just not be that bright...
 Winter is here, which means walks everyday through the snow. 
Or the freezing cold.
Three times a day.
 Luckily Dillon hates the cold and the snow and the rain for that matter too.
He gets his business tended to and then runs back to the house quickly,
which totally works for me!
 I know this story was mostly about Dillon~
but Tobey is cute too and tends to his own affairs when outside
and returns quickly as well.
He is a little bully boy. He was purchased at a pet shop, 
but from now on all our dogs will have to be rescue dogs. 
It seems only right as so many dogs need homes.
 Tobey is quite the little watch dog I have to say~
 Well, where ever we go, they go~
they love to go for rides and are great travelers.
 If you are a dog lover, then you will understand how
 I can post so many random pics about my dogs.
And this concludes the formal introduction of  Tobey and Dillon.
The End.

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