Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pink in the dining room

 Feels so good to get all the Christmas things put away, 
and get this room stripped back down.

 Just some pink roses on top of a ruffled runner 
and I feel like I can breathe again~
 Its Shabby Chic for sure~
 Calming colors of that funny blue yet green color I love so much, 
mixed with a touch of pink
 This is the view of the dining room 
when you come walking in from the kitchen~
 And this is the dining room looking back towards the living room and the kitchen.
I was kind of wishing my mirror was still pink...
 I am finding I like smaller amounts of pink now~
 Little doses of pink do a world of good
 Supermarket roses cut down to make a compact and modern bouquet
 It was all this room needed~
 To make me love it all over again~
Even my MIL murmured that the room looked pretty!
Post Script
I picked the Shabby Chic sample winner~Michelle from Hello Lovely Inc.
but I also am sending mini sample packs to these ladies if they will email 
their names and addresses to me @ AmyMaisonDecor@gmail.com

  • French Farmhouse 425
  • Polka Dot Closet
  • Fractured Fairy Tale
  • Deb Murphy
  • Pipigirl
  • Shabbily by the Sea
  • Jeanne from Texas
  • Capers of the Vintage Vixens
joining at
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