Friday, January 20, 2012

Quilt Slipcovers for Leather Sofa

All winter long we spread cotton quilts over the 
leather sofa so it is warmer to sit on~
after awhile I got tired of all the quilts in a 
jumble half on and half off of the couch.
The room always looked like a big sleepover had occurred the night before~
so I finally came up with a solution~quilted slipcovers for the cushions.
This would also be a great way to keep 
the leather from getting really beat up 
if you let your dogs sit on the couch, like we do.
 Four cotton quilts of various sizes would be used to make 
collage style slipcovers. I had 5 cushions to cover 
and would use various patterns on each part of the slipcover.  
This is pretty easy to make~I did not want zippers, 
I just wanted to make it so it had a flap closure at
 the back for easy off and on to wash in the machine.
I decided to do a tutorial, 
because I really think if you can sew
 a straight line, you can easily do this.
And then you can graduate to more difficult slipcovers!
I cut out the top pieces first.
 These would be a little extra long for the flap in the back, 
using the finished edge of the quilt for the flap edge.
 The I cut some more top pieces from the green quilt.
 I trimmed off the edges to follow the curve of the cushion.
Just used my eye, no measuring here...
 Then I cut the long strips that would be the boxed edge.
 That is the front piece of a cushion.
 I used the really old quilt for the bottom pieces. 
 Just measure your cushion and add 
one inch extra for all of  the cut pieces.
 Now I had all the pieces cut out and I will start assembling them.
 Put them right sides toward the cushion and
 start by pinning the box strip to the top cushion piece.
 Work the curve, just pin it together~
I did not add welting (piping) to the cushions. 
I wanted this fast and easy.
 Then sew the top part and remove the pins...
put it back on the cushion, right sides to the inside.
 Then pin the bottom piece on,
with the right side of the fabric inside.
 All you see now is the wrong sides of the fabrics. 
 This is what it looked like all pinned together~inside out. 
You can see the foldover flap laying on the floor.
 Now it is all stitched up and turned right side
 out and the cushion is tucked inside~
lets see how they look!!! 
This is the best part of sewing!
The five cushions are back on the sofas and Tobey is testing it out!
This is something I have been meaning to do for a long time~
it wasn't hard, and it didn't take that long. 
Truth be told, I hate making more of one thing...
so when I have to make five, I procrastinate.
Today my son Colin is headed back to college from his long winter break~
I liked having him around....he is as sweet as he is cute.
But now there are more spots on the couches for me, hubs and the dogs!

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