Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watercolor Roses on plates and canvas

 A grouping of old plates hangs over the mirror in my living room.  My sister Susan told me I should have blue plates since I have the blue fabric in the bookcases~why didn't I think of that?  So I have been looking on Etsy and I found this beautiful handpainted plate with a blue border and pink roses in the center.
 The plate to the left belonged to Miss Wyman, 
a dear departed elderly neighbor of mine 17 years ago...
It is also a hand painted beauty with a pretty scalloped edge.
 This plate came from Urban Farmgirl's shop~it looks very french to me.
I fell in love with it and am loving how it looks in the room.
Its powder blue border looks nice with my blue opaline drops~
I will be looking for a plate to replace the mostly green one too.
Oh, and this blue plate wasn't the only thing 
 This watercolor of roses on an aqua blue background was in her shop too.  
It was a graceful vintage looking bouquet,
 in all of my favorite colors in an old gilded frame.
You can find some very nice artwork 
on by using the search box.
Type in "garden watercolors" or "oil portraits" or whatever it is you are looking for.
The prices are reasonable ( I paid $65 for this painting) 
and less than what you might pay for a 
mass produced number at Home Goods.
I measured my space and thought it might
 be just the thing to unify the fireplace wall~
 I'm taking Betsy Speert's advice to add some artwork~
And you know what, I like it!
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