Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Blue Porcelain Roses on a vintage Chandelier

 Just sharing a very pretty chandelier that I was thrilled to get
at auction to add to my store selection of vintage chandys.
 It has french blue and gold porcelain bobeches all 
decorated with handpainted roses in pink, blue and yellow.

 Dainty hand made blue porcelain roses hang from the 6 arms~
 Its just such a pretty thing~isn't it?
Priced at $275~
Its hanging in the shop now~I have to get them all hanging
 and lit up! How fun that will be~to see them all lit and sparkling.  
I am used to seeing tole or crystal chandeliers, 
so the porcelain is something new for me...
I'll do a little research and get back
 to you all on it when I learn more. 
Also, they will be drawing the 
winner of the Darphin skin products 
on Thursday! I am using mine and loving them each time
 I use them~I am a convert!! 
To enter click here.
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  1. I found one kind of like this in Amarillo if I could have purchased 2..I will check to see if they are the same. If so, I am interested.

  2. What a beautiful addition to your chandys, Amy! That is going to look great with them all hanging and lit up.

  3. Just love that chandy. I had a blue and white porcelain one in one of our houses that the buyers INSISTED stay with the house. (I was going to take it with me). The one you have here is much prettier than the one I left behind- LOVE it! xo Diana

  4. I love porcelain chandeliers...I just don't see them around here too often. That's a really nice one...congrats on the find!

  5. That is simply stunning. Love the French blue.

  6. Hi Amy,
    This is such a lovely chandelier and I also love the one hanging next to it....very Rachel Ashwell.


  7. So pretty Amy!! Your trained eye is picking out all kinds of gorgeous things....love it!

  8. Beautiful Amy, All hanging and lit will be wonderful.

  9. Gorgeous. I really love this. Can't wait to see it all lit up and spectacular!

  10. I'm totally living vicariously through you right now. Cool chandy... cool everything!


  11. Beautiful! I love all the little dtails it has and the color is so pretty!

  12. The colors on this chandy are just lovely! They really POPPED when I opened this post! Love it, Amy!

  13. Amy, this chandelier is just beautiful. I love the colors as well as the style.


  14. Amy...that chandy is gorgeous!...I know that beauty won't be in your shop long!!....Great price too!

  15. I have 2 identical blue roses chandeliers exactly like yours. Want to buy more? :)


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