Sunday, May 20, 2012

summer palace wallpaper arrived, pretty dresser with pink knobs

Laura Ashley Summer Palace in Duck Egg~
I saw this on Pinterest I think, 
and ordered it in less than 5 minutes after my blog buddy
 from the Shingle Cottage told me 
what the name of the paper was~!! 
It has arrived and this is where I want to paper~
 All around the front windows, creating a box of loveliness
~the green sofa will look nice in the framed window of Summer Palace~
Do you ever fall in love with something instantly? I did with this paper.
 Imagine it all around the window~so pretty!
 Today, Sunday is my day off..but here I am at the store 
as this is the day I decided to receive furniture deliveries
 for custom paint jobs~this entire set of bureaus 
will be shabby chic by the end of the month!
Note: I got a lot of comments yesterday about
the pink teacup luncheon set~
its $40, service for 8.
 While hubby was here to help receive delivery, he and Colin 
set about fixing the entryway with mixing up some instant mortar
 to fill in the old spaces left by former door thresholds,
 as this used to be two separate stores, with doors swinging 
at angles into their individual spaces.  So this repair 
needed to be done, and then I will be 
using Annie Sloan chalk paint
 to paint over the finished cement work...
 While the men did that, I added pink glass knobs
 and shelf liner paper to the Old White ladies dresser.
 This magnolia scented paper by Laura Ashley 
smells soooo nice~I got it at TJMaxx.
 An old sample of Ralph Lauren Saratoga Toile 
is on the top as a dresser scarf~+
 Just because it looks pretty with the knobs and the liner paper...
take this dresser home to your cottage: $245~
 Lately Napoleon has been dining in the front window~
 Jason and Jill's table is finished with the custom paint job~
I added a little more detail than originally planned.
This is one of their fabrics in the room~pillows on the beige sofas...
look below to see where its going to go~
I have already hung draperies, and after the table 
gets in position I will try and get a pic to post here.
Well have a nice Sunday everybody....
tomorrow is my REAL day off!!



  1. Ah the Summer Palace wallpaper is going to look stunning in the window,love your first pic,the close up,you might be seeing Summer Palace in my cottage soon.
    I love the old white ladies dresser and the pink glass knobs,so pretty Amy!....I see you in the mirror and i see that pretty little rose basket bag,i am in love.
    Jason and Jill's table looks fabulous and it will look beautiful in their room.
    Enjoy your real day off x

  2. That table is going to look great in their family room, Amy! I hope they will share a pic. Beautiful wallpaper; it will look wonderful in that spot by the window.

  3. Pffftt..even if you ARE off tomorrow- your mind and soul are gonna be at that shop. I can feel it in my bones. I absolutely LOVE that Laura Ashley wallpaper. She has always been one of my favorites...from her clothes to her wallpapers. I had one in lavender in a bathroom in one of my houses and every single person that went into that bathroom asked about the wallpaper. I wanted to take it with me when I left!;>)

    That is a beautiful choice for that wall, Amy. I love it. Now...go some steak tips and salad and call it a day! xo Diana

  4. I love that dresser. I am in love with the knobs! Are they old? I have a little desk they would be perfect for. I can't believe you are working on your day off..well, actually I can. You have a strong work ethic it is obvious. You deserve to be very successful and I'm sure you will be!

  5. My goodness, you have a lot on your plate, Amy. Your custom paint jobs are beautiful. Love the pink knobs on the dresser.

  6. Hi Amy,
    You are killing me with all this loveliness!
    You are also one ball of energy and I bet that tomorrow on your day off that you will still be busy!

    It's all looking good.


  7. I do love that paper! It will make that window wall really stand out. The coffee table you re-did will look perfect in their family room! Hope you'll share pics of the finished room soon. Enjoy your day off tomorrow.

  8. The Laura Ashley paper is absolutely beautiful. Yes, I have been known to be on the Internet till the wee hours tracking down an item I simply had to have. Love how the ladies dresser looks. It is indeed a good thing that I live outside the US or I'd be at your store in a flash! Patty/BC

  9. Love how things are evolving and that there is the high- low look.So thrilled about the choices you have made. Please show us the process you do and the end result with the tradtional furniture you are painting. I have a houseful for you too. sxoxo

  10. oh the Summer palace is going to look so wonderful in your shop. I have it in my hallway all the way across the pond in England : ) Love, love, love your post xx

  11. I love the wallpaper! It's gorgeous!!! I have to laugh because I got the same bedroom set that you are turning shabby chic. I toy with the idea of painting it but I'm not sure yet. I got the set as a hand-me-down and I love it. It isn't in perfect shape so a good paint job would be good. Maybe I'll pay my sister to paint it for me. She did my table, with my parents paying her, for my 50th last October.

  12. That summer palace paper is gorgeous..cannot wait to see it up! Will you put up any of the store items online? I remember you had a bed crown?
    I cannot believe how full the store is....truly looks amazing, like you have been there forever. Love seeing the updates!

  13. The wallpaper is beautiful...I remember a time when I had everything "Laura Ashley"...even clothes!...couldn't get enough Laura beautiful and romantic..I think that fits perfectly in your shop..."Beauty and Romance"....The shop is evolving more beautifully every day...I love the table that you completed for your is going to look fantastic in their room.

    I am really looking forward to you doing your magic on those traditional pieces that just came in...I am about to paint some pieces that look very much like I will hold off until I see how you have transformed them to works of beauty!

  14. Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

  15. Amy What don't I love!? Everything looks so wonderful! Love the paper you chose The table for Jason and Jill is gorgeous!!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  16. I too love that wallpaper! And I especially love that dresser with the pink knobs. Very feminine and so pretty!

    Hope you enjoy your day off. I know how it is though: the body may be at rest (sorta) but the mind keeps a'churnin' away with hundreds of ideas :-)

  17. Amy, the wallpaper is perfect with the the green fabric! I LOVE it!!

  18. What pretty wallpaper! I love how the little dresser turned out. Are you still having fun?

  19. How do you do it all! It all looks so wonderful. Love those pink door knobs. Have a restful day off!

  20. Amy, if i lived near you I would be one of your best customers! What beautiful things you have. I just LOVE that wallpaper!!!!

  21. ooo I want that paper for my tub surround!

  22. There are so many good things going on over there, i don't even know where to begin! That adorable dresser with the pink knobs for that price! Holy Moly... it's just precious! And the table for in front of the sofa couldn't be any more perfect, I'm so glad you showed where it was going... and i see why you love that wallpaper, it is so you, and so so pretty! Now i'm off to read the previous blog post that i missed!


  23. Gorgeous wallpaper! This post is full of lovely things. If I were you, I might would just move into that shop! But I guess you just about have. ;)

  24. I love everything in your shop.
    wish I were close to you (sigh~~)

    Love, love your green settee.

    Julie x

  25. Your shop is coming along beautifully - what a fun adventure you get to have! LOVE "Summer Palace" wallpaper by L.A. I worked for Laura Ashley in the Seattle shop for years (I still have nearly every dress and EVERY fashion and home furnishings catalog). I kept everything Laura Ashley, I loved working there so much; even my little green pin we wore on our dress to identify ourselves as employees and fabric swatches which I was in charge of cutting for distribution.
    I bought Summer Palace WP in the powder blue when the company was going under in the US and have it in storage somewhere along with the white embossed/paintable WP.
    I posted a Summer Palace L.A. dining room on my blog at one point in the past - great choice of WP!!


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