Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Shabby Chateau Style~

 The back door in my shop has been getting painted
 and decoupaged and it really is a work in progress...
even I don't know what it is going to end up looking 
like in the end~but I did find it to be a great spot to hang up
 some botanical reproductions of roses I have for sale in the shop. 
I think they would be pretty decoupaged on an armoire
 or the side of a cabinet or bathroom vanity...
but for now I thought I would display them on this door.
 It all feels wonderfully vintage to me~anyhow,
 this is how I started my day at work...
pinning up roses on a door. 
 Then I turned my attention to painting~
 I had painted a mora clock in Old White Chalk Paint®, 
the first one so far I have done all white, and it looks very nice. 
 While I was doing that I also started painting one of 
the big yellow armoires in French Linen Chalk Paint.
 French Linen is more of a grey with brown undertones than blue~
 A quick peek at this cabinet in which I mixed 
two colors~Paris Grey and Country Grey. 
 I got two coats on the huge armoire and it 
looks more stately in grey, doesn't it?  not sure what is next,
but for now it will just dry~
 Its the end of the day and I am headed home~but I noticed that 
this armoire looks fabulous next to those toile draperies!!
I am headed to a TV studio for a 
5 minute spot tonight with the new mayor~
he is a big proponent of small businesses and I will be asked to 
talk about my business and why I picked our fair city
to open Maison Decor~should be fun!!
I'll fill you in tomorrow~



  1. OMG Amy I LOVE LOVE that armoire and the glass door cabinet!! Your shop looks FABULOUS!

  2. I love the clock in white and gold ! I'm getting ready to paint my clock painting and have decided to make my clock white .
    Your shop is so pretty !

  3. Hi Amy,
    You've been so busy. I love the color gray you created for the armoire. I hope you repeat your Anne Sloan class because I definitely want to attend but that weekend I am away. grrrr

  4. I love the idea of the flowers in the paint can

  5. You'll be great on TV!! Hope they put it on their website so that you can link us to the video!

  6. I think it is a good idea to have 2 days off. Your store looks great! I typically don't like gold gilding--but yours is looking so nice, I like it!

  7. The shop looks great! I'll be in one of these fine days to visit since I'm in Fairhaven! So necessary to be closed two days. Good for you! Roberta
    cute little planter. love it!

  8. I'm loving all those grey painted pieces of furniture in your shop! I don't blame you for cutting your hours back. You really should get a full weekend like everybody else. Good for you!

  9. I cannot tell you how much I wish I lived closer to you and your shop! So many beautiful things and such gorgeous inspiration!

  10. I can't get over how fast you put your shop together! The progress you have made is fabulous!~Patti

  11. You have certainly stocked up on some beautiful pieces, Amy! Your addition of the chalk paint to them really enhances their lines and details. I love that glass front cabinet. Stunning and I love the colors you combined on it.

  12. Oh everything looks so wonderful here! So excited for you!

  13. Those pieces look so amazing!!! I've always wanted a Swedish clock just like that. You did such a beautiful job, girl!

  14. Everything is looking wonderful, Amy. the clock looks amazing with the little gold on it-the perfect finish.

    I'm sure you did a great job with your TV spot tonight.

    We always closed our business on Sunday and Monday, too. They were typically slow days and it was nice to have a weekend with one day when everyone else was working...and we had places to ourselves. xo Diana

  15. Amy - that armoire is absolutely amazing! It's exactly what I've been looking for to put in my studioffice! I loved it white, but I really love it in French Linen. :) I'm also really loving the Mora in Old White. So pretty! Oh...and your toile drapes....? Be still my heart...!!!! ♥ Hope your interview with the major went well, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  16. Amy I adore the Mora with the gold gilding, fabulous, it does take it to another level. I also love the trunk in you showroom! I think you will like....

    2012 Artist Series featuring Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

    Art by Karena

  17. A new shop and a TV celebrity to boot! You are doing it all aren't you! (*_*) Way to go! xo

  18. I see the right kind of aged gilding and my heard beats faster.
    Does it take lots of wax?
    The white is a dream.

  19. Amy, You're the talk of the town! Wow, on TV promoting not only small business but your new business as well. This is great! You deserve it!

  20. Couldn't wait to come see what you had accomplished while I was on break. Oh my! I can't believe how full your shop is and how far it has come. So many beautiful things. You're a rock star!

  21. Hi Amy,
    Love the Armoire and the cabinet you have painted in the greys. Your store looks fabulous! I wish I lived closer so I could come shop. I am glad you are taking Mondays off, even though you will probably still be working at home.

  22. Amy I love that armoire. It is just beautuiful. The clock is fantastic. Everything is looking great!


  23. LOVE the clock in white, Amy!
    You have such a talent for knowing what colors each item should be painted...The armoire is beautiful!
    Hope the TV spot with the mayor was fun!
    So glad you will have time to be with your family. I'm sure they miss you!

  24. Amy the clock is divine. I love the bit of gold and would not have applied it perfectly either. Just gorgeous!


  25. Oh everything is so exciting for you. I can believe you are so tired. two days off a week is a good idea. I really like the big armoire in the new color, and I love gold leaf its shiny I like shiny ;)

  26. I just love all the things you are painting.....When you said you mixed the two "greys" did you mean actually mixing them together or used the two in different areas of the furniture piece....

    Good luck on the TV Interview/feature...How wonderful is that?....I am sure you will do great...and I hope you can get a copy of that and put it on a post...that would be wonderful!!....Have a great time with it...So exciting!!

  27. Amy,
    All of your painted pieces look fab!I agree you need family time and changing the hours is a great idea.

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE all your new painted pieces!


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