Saturday, May 12, 2012

Duck Egg Blue gets added to Facade~

 Colin and I painted the screen door Duck Egg Blue 
as well as the ceiling over the front entryway.
This color looks outstanding with the Henrietta!
  A little painters tape was used to keep it off the granite~
 Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint looks really nice with the 
verdi-gris color of the copper bay windows above~
 I took a little time to make some more shopping bags up~
I use a big fleur-de-lis stamp
in black on simple brown handle bags~
then I fit a cardboard piece in the bottom 
for extra strength as the paint is heavy!
 Its a little touch~and easy to do...when I get really 
big (*!) I'll pay some company to print up custom bags,
but until then, this method is fast and effective.
 More merchandising in the store and I am seeing results~
I had a few walk in customers who bought silver items, but no paint~
so that was interesting....
 And then at the end of the day I had a BIG paint sale~
a cute lady bought 7 cans of paint and two cans of wax!
She went to the Boston workshop, but has yet to try it at home
and was waiting for someone to open a store close to her!!
She bought Graphite, Provence, Old Ochre, Antoinette, Louis Blue,
Old White, and both dark and clear waxes.
So glad she waited~my biggest sale to date.
 I'll be having my first workshop in June~
and designer/pal Betsy Speert and her business partner
Kris will be taking the that should be crazy fun!
I'll be offering steak tips for lunch!!
(PS as of this morning I have lost 14 pounds
on the famous steak tip diet~if you want my 
diet, email me and I will tell you how I do it)
 My Paint area~I started working on a vintage 
shabby backdoor among other things!~
I have to say having a store gives
 me tremendous freedom to play around
with what is in my head and translating it into reality. 
 So anyway, yesterday the store front was solo Henrietta~
And today it is Henrietta with Duck Egg Blue~
don't you think its nice?  


  1. Amy.....I get more excited with each post!!!! Betsy Speert in your first class...are you serious...I love that!!!!

    That was a great 7 can sale and I LOVE the Duck Egg screen door. Your shop is looking really stand out and beautiful...can you feel me giving you a big hug!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  2. Love it, how fun. Love the blue and can't wait to see more. I did see all kinds of fun thing I would like. Hugs, Marty

  3. I think the color is fantastic. Great choice, Your shop is looking so cute. Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Everything is looking great ! Congrats on the big paint sale , I hope you get many more like that ! I think I need to know about that diet ...

  5. I am loving seeing your shop trasnform and secretly living vicariously through you, too, as I would love nothing more than to quit this aweful job and open my shop again. I had one many years ago and it was the best years of my life. sigh

    So please email me your steak tip diet. I am intrigued. :)

  6. Steak tips diet HA more like work your tush off diet. You are remarkable and probably don't need to loose any more weight. I love the shop 7 cans of paint is a great sale!!!

    Happy Mothers Day :)

  7. LOVE the duck egg blue! :D SOOOOOOO pretty!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Amy,

    Wow you are getting so much done!!
    Adore the copper verdigris patina matching the Duck Egg Blue you put on the door!

    Congrats on your big sale of ASCP!

    Art by Karena

  9. I think it is the perfect touch. Just gorgeous and I love how it picks up the color of the aged copper. Love it! Happy Mother's Day to you- Hope you can get a bit of rest and fun tomorrow- xo Diana

  10. I may just drive from Miami to share that class with you and Betsy!
    You are one amazing lady, it's amazing how much you've achieved in such a short time.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  11. Your shop has a very distinct look, Amy. I love it. Great color on the door.

  12. I love it all. Wish I could fly down for the June class but I doubt I could get my passport in time. Darn it! AND I miss meeting the famous Betsy Speert! Double darn it! Patty/BC

  13. Very nice! Congrats on your booming business. Those workshops ought to be alot of fun and also good for business.

  14. Amy----your store looks more amazing with each post.
    I love that duck egg blue color.
    My clock arrived yesterday and do I ever love it !!
    OMG the color is perfect(for me). Can't wait to get my LR painted and get that little beauty up on the wall.
    Wish I was going to be in Maine in June, I would for sure drive down for your paint class.
    Are you going to make classes a regular offering?
    Thanks again Amy for the beautiful job on the clock, and Happy Mother's Day....take an hour off :)

  15. I love reading your blog. Your store looks amazing. I hope to get up to MA sometime to see it.

  16. Your store facade is looking more beautiful each day as you add your beautiful touches...Love the colors. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when you have the painting class with Betsy as a student...Are you sure you are going to get any work done with all that laughter going on?....I have already taken a class, but I would pay for another one, just to sit and enjoy the "show"!!!

  17. So this whole time I've been responding your posts right from my inbox (email subscriber) and just realized they go to no-reply@blogger! Grrr. Everything is looking beautiful. Love the duck egg with the Henrietta. At least In the photo, it looks to echo the patina of the copper above and just pulls it all together beautifully. Congrats on your first big sale!...Was she the same lady that we met that had just learned of ASCP a day or two before? Anyhow, great energy coming from you! I can tell you are just so excited about your shop.


  18. amy still lovin it all and still addicted to 50 summer street i own my owm shop amd believe me could never get all done what you have in such a short time. ihave diabetes and have tried every diet so please email me your steak tips diet i remain in awe, susan

  19. Amy, the shop looks amazing! I'm so excited for you. I love the Duck Egg blue facade. It is my fav. chalk paint color!

  20. Oh, Amy!!! It is just beautiful, I'm loven some duck egg blue, truthfully I've never tried the ASCP, the price is what stops me but oh, the colors just keep pulling me in bit by I love 50 Summer Street, is this in Boston, Mass.?
    Hope your having a wonderful Mother's Day!


  21. Amy,
    Your shop colors look great.Love those curtains in the window too.Congrats on all of your new business too.I am sure the word is out and you will have more return costumers too.

  22. I think in the future, any comment left on any post of your blog should mention ME.

  23. The Duck Egg Blue is perfect with the Henrietta and the verdi-gris! Can't wait to hear about your class with Betsy Speert! Please do tell about your diet plan.

  24. Oh my, the shop looks amazing! You have done so much in so little time. It's already so filled with beautiful things! I love everything about it. Congrats!

  25. Love the touch of duck egg blue. It totally goes with the copper! Girl, you can make a place so cute so fast it isn't even funny. Wish you lived closer!



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