Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making a lamp out of an antique candlestick~and store pics

 A pair of antique Italian candlesticks on marble bases
 are in my shop for sale~I bought them at auction
 and I love to mix high style with low~
adding them to a garden table setting is just my style.
 The backs are usually not seen as most people put these 
on a mantel or against a sideboard~but here you can
 see the inside of the mold....then the other day I was
 reading Betsy Speerts blog and saw a post featuring my 
blog viewer/friend the other Betsy~she had a 
hall table and thats what was the topic of discussion...
but what captured my interest was what she had ON the hall table~
 It was an Italian candlestick that had been electrified~
Betsy Duggan
 then added her favorite blue opaline drops 
from it to created a one of a kind lamp.
The top has a candles sleeve with dripping wax 
to keep the feel of a candlestick..
Here is how the wire is attached to the hollow 
mold part of the back of the lamp~
with thin wire tied around the brass mold....
to see the lamp in its setting, 
click here to go to Betsy Speert's blog 
to see it on Betsy Duggan's hall table.
I have been adding to the store daily~it is a process, 
and one that will never end I imagine.
Adding more Annie Sloan niceties like the Ultimate Wax Brush!!
I got a lot of requests for this brush, and this is the one I use myself.
And I just got the convenient Pour Spout Lids 
that just snap over your cans of paint.
I also started working on Jason and Jill's coffee table~this giant 
coffee table is going to be subjected to little hands as
 they have 3 kids that have yet to get into elementary school!!
They found it on Craigslist and it had a shiny white paint job..
I am going to give it a distressed look in Country Grey and Old White~
distressed finish is great for households with kids!!! 
Here it is now with the Country Grey base and
 the sample laying on the top of it~
I'll share when its finished.
Have a great weekend everybody! 
I'll be here til 4~
Sunday and Monday off..
Only one spot left in the workshop~~



  1. Amy,
    Love that candle stick lamp.Can't wait to see how this finish looks on that table too.Thank you for the advice.I am going to try that on Monday.We are pretty busy this weekend.

  2. Oh so pretty. Love everything I see and can't wait to see the lamp. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Amy,

    Fun Fun Fun !!!
    Love the Shop- still living vicariously thru you !

    the other betsy

  4. Wow Amy, the shop looks AWESOME! I spent some time up your way in the late 80's. My first husband was from Somerville, so we went back to Boston fairly often, but we lived in Bedford out west of Boston from 87-91. I loved it there and made some great friends who I still keep up with from time to time. Maybe one of these days, I'll get to visit you and your beautiful shop!


  5. Amy, I love seeing the progress you are making with the store - it looks gorgeous!

  6. Amy, love the candlestick turned into a light. Things look great everyday.


  7. I noticed those candlestick lamps the other day on Betsy's blog. Very pretty. Your store is getting all filled up and looking more and more french. I bet you love working in there surrounded by pretty things. That coffee table will look great painted as you plan. I can't wait to see!

  8. AMY!!!!! I cannot believe this is the same space you transformed just a matter of a few weeks ago!!!!!!! Seriousl you MUST do a side by side before and after picture, this is incredible!! The store looks totally beautiful and so inviting...and so French! You have truly done a spectacular job, and what CAN'T you do, Ms. Superwoman?
    Love the candlestick converted to lamp idea......keep it coming, love seeing all the progress!

  9. Hi Amy,
    Your shop is looking great. It's taking on a very warm, welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere. I sure wish I could visit.
    I love the candlestick lamp and that table is going to look beautiful when you've finished it.


  10. Oh- I will bet that you are looking forward to a day off. Everything is just beautiful. I think you jaw probably dropped open when you saw that lamp with the blue opaline drops. GORGEOUS! xo Diana

  11. I can't believe how fast you've filled your shop up, Amy. But I like that people can still move around without feeling like they might knock something over.

  12. Love the candlestick and your shop just looks better and better! Enjoy your 2 days off!

  13. I SO want that settee. It's perfect. Oh why aren't you in the Chicago area?

  14. I know you were talking about the lamp, but my eye went right to those pink tea cups!

  15. I saw that post on Betsy's blog...great lamp...
    The shop is wonderful...I cannot imagine how it looks in person as pictures do not do anything justice...It's so magnificent in pictures....

    I love what you are going to do with the table...that finish is perfect...Hope you will have some fun and rest on your days off!...

  16. Amy,
    Your shop is looking so romantic and peaceful.
    I love the lamps and those pink tea cups just grabbed me.
    Hope you enjoy your time off...

  17. It all looks wonderful, Amy!
    Everything is in place, and ready to go.
    When is your grand opening?
    Will you be doing an evening "before" with wine and cheese to introduce yourself to the business community?
    I did shop had a large front I set up some bistro tables and chairs and invited a few people that I knew from the business community to stop by the evening before for a glass of wine. Just to get the word out that I was there. Nothing big, or fancy...
    The banker, and eye doctor brought their wives...they ended up being very good customers...just a thought.
    Have a good weekend.
    Enjoy a couple of days off!

  18. Amy, everything looks amazing! I can appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you have put into your new store!
    I am so happy for you! I know you will be a success...You have the drive and talent it requires for the day to day!
    One day, I hope to make the trip to see you...When things slow down here a bit!
    I have missed you in bloggy land! Hope you are taking care of yourself!
    Hugs from here my friend

  19. Best if luck with the whole thing...
    Your shop has been very inspirational to me, as I will be opening one up as well...
    Blessings Lori ~

  20. I don't think you really know how much an inspiration you are to all who follow you and your work. I thank you for doing just that to me. it's great to see your shop almost full and I wish you all the very best indeed day-in and day-out in this wonderful new venture. If anyone knows where I can get A/ Sloan paint in the UK please tell. Mary x

  21. Very clever also love the color for the table, beautiful shop!


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