Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden elements

 The weather was beautiful this weekend~
and I had both Sunday and Monday to kick
around the house and the yard. It was a laid back 
weekend and we all worked together getting some much needed
chores done...then it was time to take some pics
and have a glass of white wine with blueberries.
Join me for a quick tour of our simple country style garden.
When you arrive you come to our old granite steps~
 This fellow is a great dog statue that we found on a Craigslist trip 
and we had to negotiate with the husband to bring him home.
He looks pretty real from the street~
After you get by our watch dog, you will see the gravel walk 
that Colin just weeded! I HATE that job!!
And beyond is our table and chairs set on the lawn and behind that 
sitting sentinel on the wall that hubs built is the garden house I made.
 This year I have a few new plants that I am excited about~and most
 things seem to be doing well, like the bank of knock out roses.
Pretty pale periwinkle blue delphiniums are just starting to pop~
 The bleeding heart bush is apparently loving where I 
planted it as it has covered the old urn and has a ton 
of little dangling heart shaped blooms. 
 The pansies will do well as long as they are in the shade...
 I planted three large alium bulbs last fall~the Dr. Suess of  flowers, I love them!
Have you ever looked at one close up? Really amazing!
 The bachelor buttons repeat the purple colors...I love purple and pink in the garden.

 An old wheelbarrow is mostly hidden by the catmint~
Colin joined me outside in the early evening~
it was too nice to stay indoors!
Tobey didn't want to get off the porch stoop~
 Dillon is recovering from some surgery on his ear. His ear puffed up
 and was swollen and sore~
its like a hematoma and they have to cut it open and
 then stitch it all shut...the worst part is when they 
are going under the anesthesia.  Happy to report he is doing well.
 Hope you all had a nice Memorial weekend~hubby was off on his new Harley!
He drove it up to his dad's grave to share it with him~his Dad died young at age 62 and 
I know hubby misses him a lot.
 A pretty indoor arrangement looks even better when it is outside! 
I love these roses~and never would have thought
 to mix red roses with pink and purple...
It sure is pretty~!
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  1. I'm happy you had some free time to relax! Your garden looks lovely, so many old fashion flowers!

    Poor Dillon, I hope he recovers soon. Have a great week, Amy!


  2. Your garden is just beautiful, Amy! Glad you had some time off to relax, but I imagine you were excited to get back. your store is amazing, and I really enjoy your updates!!

  3. such a pretty garden! I love the bleeding hearts. Dillon did have a hematoma: an Aural Hematoma (I'm a vet). His surgical site looks great, though! Did they find an underlying cause (often they are caused by ear infections which lead to them shaking their head excessively and breaking the blood vessels in the pinna (ear flap)).

  4. Do you know the name of the purple/lavender colored rose?? Is it super fragrant? We were given a single flower from a neighbor's bush...but they didn't know the name...thought maybe yours was the same...
    Your garden is lovely...thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Amy - you have such a lovely garden. The dog statue is amazing - I thought it was real at first!

    My bleeding hearts bloom - and then they just don't last very long. Love them - and they get better each year - but they oppo out on me!

    Those alliums are wonderful - have to remember to plant some in the fall. I love your garden house that you made. Lovely! Hope your dog is on the mend - poor baby.

    How is the store going? Hope all is well.


  6. Love seeing the pup watching the world go by in that first photo, Amy!
    Sounds like you enjoyed your long weekend too.
    The patio tablescape with the roses is so lovely!

  7. HI Amy! Oh, your garden is so beautiful! Love your little fuzzy face peeping around! Wish my thumb was greener! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Gorgeous! So glad you finally slowed down for a day or two. I can only imagine how hard you must be hitting it today! But I know you're having fun.

  9. Looks like you had a great weekend. I bet it felt good to be outside after being in the store all the time. Your yard looks so good and love the Dr.Seuss flowers. That dog really looks real. I thought it was until you showed the close up.

  10. Your garden is so lovely Amy. I love all of your pretty flowers.

  11. Yummy roses, i would never think to mix those colors either, and they're gorgeous, they look like velvet. I love that dog statue, i bet he does look real from the street. Those big old stone steps are amazing, did you guys put them there??? Your yard is so pretty, and i guess my favorite is your little miniature garden greenhouse!


  12. Your garden is beautiful, Amy. So glad you took a break for all the hard work. You deserved it.

  13. Amy,
    Your garden is beautiful.Is that pea gravel?I love that look.I am glad Dillon is feeling better.

  14. Hi Amy,
    Your garden and outdoor space looks so lovely. I love the big watch dog. I'm also glad that your baby is doing okay. Poor little pooch.

    Glad you had a good weekend.


  15. It looks fabulous Amy!
    I love your new pea gravel area and all of your plans look so healthy and wonderful!
    So nice you got some down time to enjoy your labor!
    hugs from here

  16. oh amy, the shot of dillon just blows my mind i love it so much. if i could paint such a thing i would. something about me and mends!

    smiles to you.


  17. Beautiful, Amy- You have done as great of a job outside as you have done inside...and I love that dog. How cute is that?! Blessings to you and I am glad you had some down time at home-xo Diana

  18. What a great garden Amy! They are alot of work, but they are sure worth it. You have done a beautiful job in your yard. I love your doggies too...all of them, including the statue that I actually thought was real in that first photo!

  19. Your yard looks beautiful! So happy to see you having time to spend in it! I love the St Bernard. I hope your puppy's ear continues to do well--that's all you need during this busy time. It seems to always work like that. Enjoy your garden time!

  20. Your garden is great, Amy. It inspires me to plant some flowers this year. Right now, we're simply working with low-maintenence evergreens from the previous owner (minus the hostas)...and some hens and chicks that I just planted in the nooks and crannies of our flagstone. Happy that you're getting some time to relax! You deserve it. You have been working full speed ahead and I'm so proud of you. Your shop looks amazing! Happy to read that Dillon is doing much better. Such a sweet dog he is. xo Jami

  21. I love your garden!...the Alium is one of my favorites...I just love flowers with large blooms...You have beautifully carried your creative touches outdoors as you do in...Such a gorgeous yard and gardens to enjoy and I am so happy that you had the time to enjoy the view!...and smell the beautiful roses!

  22. Amy,

    Love your garden. It is beautiful. Love allium.


  23. So beautiful Amy!! What a perfect day.....you are giving me inspiration to get out and plant! Enjoy your day.

  24. oh how beautiful is your garden and house ! We live in such a tiny box here in England.

    Glad you have had some time off, I know how hard it can be to switch off and rest xx

  25. Your garden is lovely. I love your your gravel walk and the beautiful knock out roses to welcome guests. Thanks for the inspiration!

    The French Hutch

  26. Love the old granite steps and white urn. Just lovely.

  27. Amy, love visiting your garden. It's truly a New England delight. I find NE gardens to have a special, unique feel. Your furry friends are cute! Thanks for sharing with all of us.


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