Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garden elements

 The weather was beautiful this weekend~
and I had both Sunday and Monday to kick
around the house and the yard. It was a laid back 
weekend and we all worked together getting some much needed
chores done...then it was time to take some pics
and have a glass of white wine with blueberries.
Join me for a quick tour of our simple country style garden.
When you arrive you come to our old granite steps~
 This fellow is a great dog statue that we found on a Craigslist trip 
and we had to negotiate with the husband to bring him home.
He looks pretty real from the street~
After you get by our watch dog, you will see the gravel walk 
that Colin just weeded! I HATE that job!!
And beyond is our table and chairs set on the lawn and behind that 
sitting sentinel on the wall that hubs built is the garden house I made.
 This year I have a few new plants that I am excited about~and most
 things seem to be doing well, like the bank of knock out roses.
Pretty pale periwinkle blue delphiniums are just starting to pop~
 The bleeding heart bush is apparently loving where I 
planted it as it has covered the old urn and has a ton 
of little dangling heart shaped blooms. 
 The pansies will do well as long as they are in the shade...
 I planted three large alium bulbs last fall~the Dr. Suess of  flowers, I love them!
Have you ever looked at one close up? Really amazing!
 The bachelor buttons repeat the purple colors...I love purple and pink in the garden.

 An old wheelbarrow is mostly hidden by the catmint~
Colin joined me outside in the early evening~
it was too nice to stay indoors!
Tobey didn't want to get off the porch stoop~
 Dillon is recovering from some surgery on his ear. His ear puffed up
 and was swollen and sore~
its like a hematoma and they have to cut it open and
 then stitch it all shut...the worst part is when they 
are going under the anesthesia.  Happy to report he is doing well.
 Hope you all had a nice Memorial weekend~hubby was off on his new Harley!
He drove it up to his dad's grave to share it with him~his Dad died young at age 62 and 
I know hubby misses him a lot.
 A pretty indoor arrangement looks even better when it is outside! 
I love these roses~and never would have thought
 to mix red roses with pink and purple...
It sure is pretty~!
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