Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mora Clocks in Versailles and Cream and Etsy coupon

 Custom painted mora wall clocks in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint~
the one on the left is in Cream with Old White and the one
 on the right is in Versailles with Cream. 
The Versailles has been waxed in both clear and dark
 to give it age~the Cream clock will be getting 
waxed today as it was still drying~
 Here is the Versailles Mora (under store lighting) 
before it is getting the Cream for the accent areas.
 I liked the Versailles with the original Taupe finish 
as the accent too~but my client Faye wanted 
the Cream for an accent. There are so many ways to paint a 
clock and it has been really fun creating them in all these 
different combinations.  I plan to do a gilded Old White 
version as well as an Antoinette clock.
 Here is the Versailles before I added the dark wax~
 And now with the dark wax~you want to be careful 
with the dark wax as it can totally change the base color, 
and I wanted to make sure this clock
 was still that pretty antique green color.
 Closeup of Versailles with Cream and both waxes~
 Closeup of Cream with Old White and no waxes~
see how pristine and plainish it looks without the wax? 
The waxing is an integral part of the Annie Sloan system~
 Sister clocks~
going to be living at different homes soon!
In my shop dreams I want the walls to be
 covered in these clocks and in all kinds of colors!
If you want to order a clock, click here 
To celebrate my 2 year blogging anniversary
and the 1 year anniversary of my Etsy shop
I have a 10% coupon off for you.
Use the code 1ANNIV10 at check out.
Coupon expiration date May 14.
I have some beautiful things in my vintage store,
so head over and see the latest~
like this gorgeous wastebasket!!



  1. Dear Mrs. Maison,
    I would like to buy 20,000 mora clocks.
    Can you have them ready by next week? as I may well be in your area.
    Can I pay on an installment plan?
    I would like each one painted in a different finish.
    Do you deliver?
    I would think with an order of this magnitude, that the delivery fee would be waved.
    Do you accept traveler's checks from the Bank Of Betsy?

  2. Love how things are coming along..the Mora clocks are fabulous as is that wastebasket, going to go check you out now!!

  3. Your clocks are just wonderful, Amy. You are really working hard, Amy. Harder than any of us know, I'm sure! I hope you are having a great day and can get a few minutes JUST FOR YOURSELF! xo Diana

  4. Love them also, and the wastebasket will be so pretty with dried roses in it

    I love Betsy's comment LOL

  5. LOL! Betsy is so funny!

    Amy the Mora clocks look gorgeous,i really love the Versailles colour i think i may add that to my order,i spotted the chippy little wrought iron chair with pretty floral cushion,so pretty Amy,love seeing how it is all coming along,
    Love to you x

  6. I could imagine, with all the different colors available, no two clocks would ever be the same color combination, Amy. These two are two more beauties and I'm sure their new owners will be thrilled with them.

  7. the mora clocks look fab!

    smiles to you.


  8. Gorgeous clocks! You did a great job with these.

  9. Happy anniversary! Love how those clocks are looking. I'm so glad that you're selling them. Maybe one day I'll buy one from you. I love them, but something would have to go before I could buy one. I'm running out of room!!! Lucky you for having a store you can sell your unwanted pieces in. I have to use a consignment store.

  10. God, they're just so cute Amy with all their little curves. I love seeing the different combinations, helps me decide which i like the best, so keep showing them. And when in the name of heaven do you find time to paint clocks with all this other stuff going on?!!!


  11. Hi Amy,
    I'm with Cindy, how do you find the time to paint?
    I love these clocks and the more you show them the more I like them.
    I bet before long you will have an entire wall in your shop covered with them.


  12. Amy, I love the Mora clocks! The Versailles with the original Taupe finish is so pretty!


  13. The clocks look wonderful, Amy.
    You are one busy lady!
    So much fun ahead of you.
    I'm anxious to see your store.

  14. Gorgeous clocks...Hope you are getting off your feet here and there!...Have a wonderful day!

  15. Amy, beautiful as usual. I can't wait to see mine.


  16. My clock is soooo beautiful Amy.I am working on getting a space ready for her.
    How fun to do them in all different color combo's.
    Thank you so much!

  17. these are just gorgeous! what a beautiful job you do with a.s. chalk paint! :) chris

  18. SO so pretty! I just got some of the Versailles paint and i think its my new fav! ( although i say that every time i order a new color!) I'd love to have one of your clocks!! so so pretty!!


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