Friday, May 11, 2012

Painted Entire Facade and Surprise Flower Delivery!

 You can have more fun when you paint a storefront 
than when you paint your house,
when it comes to picking out colors~you want
 to get a color that makes people 
notice the shop, and makes them smile~
and Henrietta does just that....we continued with 
the painting of the facade and the more 
we paint the better it looks!
And all of my customers say the
 color is the tip-off to the fact
that this MUST be the Annie Sloan store, 
as I have yet to get a sign.
But let me start at the beginning of the day~
about ten minutes after I got to work
and opened my shop,
 UPS came to the door with a flower delivery!
I NEVER get flowers delivered!!~Do you??
So I had no idea who sent them....
and I happily unwrapped the package to find
the prettiest miniature pink rose bush 
in a sweet shabby chic container!
 Little pink rose buds waiting 
to open~pink roses are my favorite!!
 Then I opened the card,
and they were from a blogger friend!!
 This is the sweetest thing ever, so unexpected 
and just so kind and thoughtful~
sent these to me!  I have to say I was floored!
Just so nice to think she was thinking of 
me in such a big way~to do this! Thank you Kathy!! 
These will be well cared for and 
of course labeled NFS (not for sale)!
 I got to painting the pretty dresser 
I bought at auction~anytime you paint
something with details, they just pop as 
soon as they get the paint on.
I had several customers come in today and 
they all are excited to learn more
about the paint~most are Chalk Paint virgins, 
and soon they will be addicts (like me)!
Just two days ago it looked like this~
 Back to the facade~I had Colin continue on
 with the Henrietta to tie the whole thing together~
I still want to paint the big blank square over the doorway too~
And most pedestrians look in the windows while walking by~
 Number one helper is number three son! 
Always smiling and ready to lend mom a hand~
Wow, the shop is looking cute already!!
 Its the end of the day and I am posting,
 and then taking hubby and son to dinner...
you guessed right if the menu includes 
Steak Tips and Salad and Wine!!
Thank you everybody who continue to urge me on
 and pat my back and make me smile!
I did not go to Brimfield~I just couldn't leave my post....
I have found that the shoppers need
to talk and ask questions about the paint and the wax, 
and it was too much to walk away for a day...
So next year I will be at Brimfield, this year, 
at 50 Summer Street~still so much to do, 
but loving every minute!!



  1. So happy for you Amy! It's looking beautiful!

  2. It's all looking good from where I'm sitting, Amy!
    Too bad you missed going to the show, but there's always next year.
    Seriously...are you getting any rest?
    Big Hugs.

  3. Look at all those great things in the shop!!! Keep up the great work!

  4. That was a good idea to paint the shop exterior that color. People will definitely take notice. I sure would. Hope you'll take the day off on Mother's Day and get some rest. You deserve it!

  5. Your shop is really coming together! So pretty.

  6. Hi Amy,
    The front of your shop reminds me of a little shop that you would see in Charleston,South Carolina or better yet along the streets of Paris or anywhere in Europe. I love the color.
    You are doing great!


  7. I'll be your Brimfield Fair, Amy! ;-) Think I will have to ship UPS the box is so big, lol!

    Colin looks great up on the ladder, such a hard worker and good sport! And your blogger friends are so wonderful to you, it is so nice to see! Happy early Mother's Day to you!

  8. Your store is so lovely...I even like the address! :D

  9. You have really accomplished a lot in a short time, Amy. It all looks wonderful. The exterior is amazing! xo Diana

  10. Amy - it looks fantastic!! I can't wait to come visit when you're open! I think the Boston bloggers will need to do a field trip!

  11. Ooooh this is looking lovely! But about that big blank space over the doorway....I wouldn't paint it a lighter color cuz it appears to me that it would make the door look short...and maybe not quite as impressive (?) If it needs refreshing, I'd keep it the same color as the door frame. But oh, I so love the Henrietta color on the facade :-D

  12. Just keeps getting better and better! Loving Henrietta. Oh, and think I could adopt Colin?! :)

  13. It's more beautiful than I even imagined!!!! You have exquisite taste!!!!! Best of luck:)

  14. I Love it all! I would be in hog heaven if i walked by and found your cute shop had appeared on that charming little avenue. Can't wait to see the sign up, and that top part painted... and Colin has been such a great support... lovin him right now.


  15. Oh yeah... how could i forget... what a sweet gift the roses were! I wish i had thought of that!


  16. Amy -- do you sell the sample size jars of ASCP? I've got a small project Henrietta would be perfect for but I don't need the full size can.

  17. Amazing. I wish I were close to you so I could visit your lovely shop.

    Julie x

  18. You're one lucky mom having such a great son, to be helping like this every day, AND with a smile on his face. what a huge blessing!! Love the Henrietta, it's a real attention getter!

  19. Thanks for letting us live this dream with you, it's so exciting to see it all from the beginning! You also have one terrific son, what a great Mother's Day gift he is!


  20. It looks amazing, Amy! So excited for you!

  21. Your store is beautiful - and you can see all the people looking in as they walk by. The rose plant is so pretty too. Best of luck in your venture - I see several things I'd love to have!

  22. It's going to look even better once the sign is up, Amy! I'm glad you got the plant and like it. I've been going back and forth for days wanting to send something so I just did. : ) I didn't want to send a typical "new business plant" though, hence the roses. It seems to fit you better anyway!

    Happy Mother's Day!

  23. How sweet for Kathy to send you flowers! She is such a sweetie. Your shop keeps looking better and better and you #3 son is a cutie. What a blessing kids who help are! I hope you can take some time to relax on Mothers day!

  24. that color is perfect,the rresult is supercute and honestly...who can resist going in?????Not me...when I get a peak further down on what's inside as well.....*sigh* - this shop is a small paradise ith BIG temptations :)))
    And how fun with the flowers.I used to work in a shop that had interiors and flowers,and we always had the msst fun when we delivered flowers when the occasion occasion,and totally unexpected:))))
    Glad you've got good help around,always good to have ehen ideas pops up:))

  25. How sweet are those roses Kathy sent, and how nice of her to send them.
    Happy Mithers Day!

  26. Oh Amy...the shop looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

    Annie is surely looking at the the facade of the shop and smiling. Who wouldn't smile at that cheerful color. It screams..."Come in and see what I am all about!"

    The flower delivery was so sweet and I love the white dresser.

    So happy for you

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  27. I've read your blog for a long time - but I have to say that your latest posts about your shop are absolutely fascinating. Every day I log on hoping for an update. Wishing you the very best with this endeavour. Just wish I could open a shop like this too - maybe one day!

  28. That Kathy is surely one sweet person!!!

    Love, love the color of the facade...It definitely states, "Amy's Place"!!!...and as you said, Brimfield will be there next year....there is nothing like being in your own store, making it gorgeous and having fun with your customers...Have a wonderful weekend!!

  29. The entry, like everything else, is simply PERFECT!


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