Saturday, May 5, 2012

Decoupaged Dresser with Vintage Wallpaper and Chalk Paint

 I am using this large dresser as my cash-out station~
it used to look like this before I painted it with Annie Sloan Old White
and detailed it with Paloma.
Not a huge difference in the photo, but it was a yellowy cream with 
bermuda pink details and iron hardware~
I wanted it to work with the lavenders that are in the shop~
 After I painted it I found this small roll of 
vintage wallpaper that I just fell in love with~
 I custom mixed some Annie Sloan paints to come
 up with the dreamy aqua color in the paper
 A little bit of this and that~and then I had my custom color!
 I cut out the wallpaper to fit the center panels 
and mod-podged it on
after I painted the panel detail with the aqua color.
 That looked really pretty,
but what was I going to do with the drawers
 to tie it all together when I only had 
a little bit of the wallpaper~
 I cut out sections of the floral and 
just glued it on willy nilly~
I added more aqua to the lines of the
 dresser too, including the hardware.
 So it looked like this~
 Then I color washed over the decoupaged drawers with 
Annie Sloan Country Grey to match the background 
color of the wallpapers on the panel doors!
And voila~some clear wax and I am done with this custom piece!~
 It looks pretty sitting there I think...
 Setting up more stuff~and having fun with it...
look at those darling tin chalkboards I bought for the store.
 I finished Cynthia's Chateau Grey clock~
its waxed and ready to go to New Jersey on Monday.
 Am I the only one that loves 
dreadful looking old light fixtures? 
I really think this is beautiful!
 And I got my first custom order
 for furniture makeover yesterday too~!!
 I've been painting the pieces in the shop~I just love it~!
Thanks for visiting Maison Decor, the retail store. 
I hope to see you in person one day!!
I am open now Tues-Saturday 10-4
and Sundays 11-2...
might as well be open for business while I am getting the rest
of the shop ready...I know peeps want their Annie Sloan paint!
And I have every color right here!



  1. It looks beautiful and I hope to get there soon! When are you open?

  2. Hi Maureen,
    I am here most everyday and am running hours Tues-Sat 10-4 and Sunday 11-2~figured I might as well be selling while I am in the shop~

  3. I was leery of your cutting out pieces to add to the drawers, but it is lovely!

  4. The shop looks so good and you did a fantastic job on that dresser. I don't know how you do it all and already open, too. Best of luck!

  5. I can't believe you are already open but you are right...might as cause you are there anyway. That's a pretty fancy cash register desk! Love that wallpaper. Those chalkboards are soooo cute! I'm sure you'll have many things I'll wish for.

  6. Amy your shop looks AMAZING and I LOVE that dresser!! Might just have to take a little road trip someday and come and see you! Wishing you much luck and happiness with your new adventure!

  7. I am blown away by how GORGEOUS that looks!!!!!! Look at what you have achieved in mere weeks, it would take most A YEAR to do this, superwoman!!!!!!!! Just so beautiful..I think we are going to be seeing your wonderful shop in all kinds of magazines Amy....keep it up, you are doing a stupendous job!
    I am floored that you are already our world, Amy is here!

  8. Amy,
    I too love that old light fixture.What is not to love.
    Your shop looks amazing.I love that piece you just finished too.

  9. Hi Amy,
    I wish I could come to your shop. I know it's going to be a popular go to place and pretty soon you'll be so busy that you won't have time to blog.
    I love the check out desk. It looks great with the wallpaper and the aqua color.
    Love that old light fixture too.

    I love everything.


  10. get down, amy!

    look at you saving the world and making it so much prettier.

    smiles to you.


  11. Oh-It is looking more and more beautiful every single day! Love everything you have done so far. I sure wish I lived close enough to visit! xo Diana

  12. What a fun idea for your dresser! I love your shop and how you have everything displayed.

    Absolutely wonderful!


  13. I can't believe you're doing all this work and keeping up your blogging. I'm incredibly impressed! Everything is looking amazing.

  14. That looks like an antique hand-painted dresser! What a fabulous job you did. It looks totally amazing. Love the blue edging, love everything!!

  15. Amy your new shop looks fabulous. It is so great that you can work on your ASCP projects right there!

    I have featured an Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  16. Oh my goodness, Amy! That check out counter is just amaaaazing! No wonder you've got custom order! You are so very talented and I adore the way your mind works!!! ♥ You are such an inspiration and role model to me, sweetie! Everything is looking just fantastic! :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. The dresser came out GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to stop in, in a couple of weeks!!

  18. Congrats on opening your store!!! I know it's not the official opening but I wrote about your store on my blog and wanted to share the post with you. :)

  19. your cash out station is gorgeous it turned out perfect! Congrats on Mason Decor the retail store wishing you tons of success

  20. The cash station looks so pretty, what beautiful work Amy!
    While I am in Maine this summer visiting my kiddo"s--I plan to drive down.

  21. You are truly wonder woman- how on earth did you pull everything together so fast? I know, working your hiney off- do you ever rest?! Wish I lived closer- you would be seeing me in your shop lots!

  22. Congrats are open!!!...The dresser is a fantastic piece for your check out area!...Turned out gorgeous...Have you displayed your first dollar yet?..Gotta frame it in a gorgeous frame painted with ASCP of course....I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time with this...exhausting, but exhilarating!

  23. Get ready to see lots of paint with your wonderful examples all around the shop.

  24. Amy,

    I love the dresser it is absolutely stunning.

    I love my clock too. Can't wait to see it in person.

    The shop is coming along great I don't know how you do it all.


  25. The dresser turned out so wonderful - perfect for use in your store!

  26. That chest is so beautiful. You are really talented, will have to tell a friend who is moving to the Boston area in the summer about your store. Nice job.

  27. Oh so pretty. You are going 'like a house afire' Everything is looking wonderful. blessings Paula

  28. Congrats on your new opening!!! Your check-out counter looks great. I love it when I see someone using something like that in their shop for that purpose. It adds so much personality. I wish I could be one of your first customers to your shop. It looks right up my alley!

  29. You must be so proud behind such a nice looking counter!
    I know it's off topic, but I bought my very first purple transferware... And it's on your blog I discovered it... Those pieces are very rare in France and most people didn't believe me it existed when I was looking for one... But, thanks to you, I knew I would find one eventually!

  30. The dresser came out beautiful Great idea with the vintage wallpaper.

    Your store looks fabulous - very pretty. I'm jealous. It's exactly what I'd love to do. It's so expensive here on Long Island though...but maybe someday!

    Good luck...I will try to come visit you if I'm nearby!!


  31. absolutely beautiful dresser !! you have really done an incrdible job with your new shop...perhaps one day i will be able to visit your shop in person....

    best of luck on your store opening! i believe you have a winner!

  32. You are open already WOW that must be a record!! Congratulations to you. So excited to see all your updates.

  33. What a gorgeous cash out station! It sets the tone for your shop so well! You better believe that if I lived closer, I'd be visiting your shop all the time. I know you will do very well. Congratulations on finally being open!

  34. I love the vintage wallpaper idea!

  35. I CAN NOT believe you are already open! How totally amazing... Your check out station is soooo cool, and i'm dying to see more pics of the shop. And, no you are not the only person who like dreadful/wonderful old light fixtures... i love the one you showed!


  36. I love the dreadful light fixture too :) I love what you did with the cash out counter. Congrats on your first custom paint order. I will have to try to come down next week and see your shop!

  37. So excited to see a store in the Boston area selling Annie Sloan paint...I have a few projects I want to start this summer so I will be visiting soon!


  38. So excited to see a store in the Boston area selling Annie Sloan paint...I have a few projects I want to start this summer so I will be visiting soon!



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