Monday, May 7, 2012

Breaking out the Paint~on a french gilded sofa!!

 This was a first for me~painting a sofa! 
But I love how it turned out~
this sofa is going to be a store prop
that I bought at an antique house~
the upholstery was in awful shape
as was the sofa itself~
 However it reeked of all things French Chateau 
(no French Country here~) and I had to have it!
Mr. MD thought it was awful and kept saying how it was falling apart~!
 I took Betsy Speert, the designer, to see it when we first met,
 and she told me it was awful too...but I couldn't forget about it...
and then the store came about and it landed where it belonged~
in a little french shop where it would be admired and loved. 
 I also added to my vintage tole chandy collection~
all of which will be for sale at Maison Decor.
But not the sofa!
 I did pick up this darling French settee in the most beautiful
 aqua and taupe silk damask~the cushions are 
overly plumped up with goose down~tufted to a fair~thee~well, 
and carved fruitwood frame.
 Perfect for one's bathroom or bedroom~
 The day all these treasures came to the shop,
 Dillon got to come along for the ride and visit the store. 
I got another set of old garden patio chairs and they weigh a ton! 
The new chairs you buy nowadays are light as a feather, 
but not the good old stuff.
 I love how this oak bookcase came out~
I painted it with a combination 
of Paris Grey and Country Grey and
 did the interior in Old White.  
 I distressed and waxed it in clear,
 and I love how it turned out.
 All the details showed up so nicely~
thats what happens when you paint furniture you know.
These are the colors I used~
Look at the big dark thing before~
nice but not a stunner.
 This would be pretty in a library for books, 
as a china cabinet 
or even as a pantry to hold canned goods
 I have been pricing all my linens, 
new and vintage~
toile draperies and irish and french laces~
 Pretty grey monogrammed linen hand towels
 make a nice gift to take home for oneself!!
 So anyway, as I was saying, I wanted to
 paint the sofa in Antibes Green, 
and finally got around to it today.
Crazy? Not really~wait til you see it!! 
And I broke out another bold color, Henrietta at the same time.
 Annie named this paint~
its a popular color in the south of France~
 Voila~its pretty chic~!
 Oh, yeah, and while I was painting the sofa Antibes, 
I had some help with the exterior!
 Henrietta to the rescue to brighten up that drab facade
 and show people at a glance
that something was happening at 50 Summer Street in Malden!!! 
 Oh it was a colorful day at Maison Decor alright...
My son lent a helping hand again, as he has done 
everyday since he has been home from college.
We get along great, so it has been a pleasure having him with me,
and I have really needed his help, so I am
 sooo grateful he wants to be doing this with me.
I spent the morning exchanging 
instant messages with Annie Sloan~
from start to finish it's been a great day!
 Tomorrow I have a sign review meeting
at 9 am to see if my sign passes muster~and then all I have to do is focus
on the bank loan thing~and my online store, and other stuff....
including a trip to Brimfield this week~
Colin will watch the shop for me.
I shipped out three custom clocks this morning, and some 
damask draperies and an angel pillar and two french mirrors~
now if only my first customer will walk through the doors 
and give me some money for something!! See you tomorrow!

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  1. That color green is perfect for that ornate settee! Your shop is coming along so nice Amy!

  2. It's always fun to see the progress you've made with your shop! You were very brave to paint the fabric on that sofa. I'm sure it will make a big impression on your customers! It's a great advertisement for that color green paint too. Hope your business picks up!

  3. I have painted furniture before...might as well!

  4. I love every inch of your new shop, including that fabulous frenchy sofa!!

  5. I LOVE that sofa! I'm so glad you got it, it's a wonderful prop for the store and it has soooo much frenchy personality. And, oh my goodness the bookcase is wonderful, so is the sweet little lavender heart. The settee is fabulous too. I'm dying that i can't get in there and shop. It sounds like you are so busy, and in hog heaven!


  6. That green is amazing, what a gorgeous color and what a statement piece you turned it into! I am still in awe over how quickly you got this all done..its looking Amy, you should be SOOO proud of yourself.

  7. Best of luck on your new endeavor, Amy!


  8. How cool is that painted sofa and love the bright color outside. Everything is coming along so nicely.

  9. Oh Amy you are living a dream! So many beautiful things my head is spinning.I'm so happy for you, I'm sure you'll be overrun with eager customers before long.

  10. You know that if I lived close by, I'd have bought up half of your shop already! Everything is so gorgeous - you have a great eye for what to do to change a piece of furniture. (And I'm wondering what you might do to that drop leaf coffee table in the photo above - b/c I have one of those! It's Pennsylvania House, and it is currently living at my daughter's apartment at college!
    They love it! But it's pretty beat up. They open the leaves and sit a dozen friends around it and cook them dinner! lol

  11. I love the cabinet the colors the distressing it is beautiful. Your son is a gem to help out. It will all come together and that first customer will come for sure!!

  12. That is just amazing Amy, that sofa looks awesome! What a great store prop. I must say that your shop is looking really really good!

  13. Amy- I love everything you are doing. I have painted fabric furniture before, too, but not with the chalk paint. Does it stiffen it up so it feels kind of like canvas when it dries?

    Your pieces that you have ready for the store are just gorgeous. You have got a great start on a fabulous place. My only complaint is that I am too far away to visit you! xo Diana

  14. You are welcome!!! I hope you know that I read your blog every day and am so excited to hear about your store. As I said in a comment, I studied Merchandising at FIDM and so what you are doing is extra exciting to me. I never wanted to have my own store but work for a big company (like Macy's). Anyways, I can appreciate all the work that is going into creating a store. :)

  15. Just brilliant.... the idea and the color!!! If I lived near your shop it would be dangerous!!!!
    I love that you were brave and painted the setee this stunning green. What a great piece to stage your beautiful wares!

  16. Lots of great stuff happening at Maison Decor. Love it all. The merchandise, and the colors, are beautiful. It's really coming together.

  17. it all looks so great, just wanted to wish you luck and busy customer days. I'm sure you will do well, you are very talented

  18. I don't know how you have time to go to Brimfield, but if anyone can squeeze it all in, it's you! The cabinet is gorgeous, what a difference! I LOVE the couch, it looks amazing! I know it's just a prop, but is it hard now because it's painted? Aren't you so lucky to have Colin! I have started re-doing Rustique, it's very exciting!

  19. The sofa is stunning and love how the details pop on the bookcase!

  20. Girl...I will be calling you soon to pick your brain!!!!!!

    LOVE all that you are doing in the shop..especially seeing your son so eager to help. Gotta love our sons ;->

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  21. Well, now I've seen everything....painting a sofa!LOL amaze me!
    Your shop is looking wonderful, Amy...don't worry, you will have many customers walking through the doors buying things.
    I can't believe how much you are getting done in such a short period of time.
    I hope you are getting some rest in between all the work.

  22. I love that bookcase! I've really enjoyed watching the shop come to life! wish I was closer to shop there!

  23. wow...that is some sofa!!!...gorgeous....Now, my concern...would the paint rub off on clothes?...Hmmm...
    The shop is evolving into a shop that seems to have been in business for years...all the details are impeccable and so many beautiful things to see and buy!!....Congratulations again!!!...Dreams do come are living your FAIRY TALE, Princess Amy!!

  24. That bookcase is AMAZING. You have a real eye for what works... this is fun to watch! Love that you have the help of your son!


  25. Hi Amy, your store is looking wonderful! I too love that old settee you bought, even after you had people telling you it was aweful. I'm glad you stayed true to yourself as that's why your shop will be totally you! I was surprised to see that you painted the fabric.. didn't know you could do that and that bookcase is to die for, you did such an amazing job, it's just beautiful now. take care, Maryann

  26. Amy,
    That sofa looks much better painted.Never thought I would say that...but it is true!That cabinet looks fantastic with ASCP.Love those colors you chose.

  27. so do you ship furniture!!! What a wonderful son!!! Ya know I have three teenager girls:) Your shop is amazing!!!

  28. looks like you're on your way to a fabulous shop! I love the green on the chic sofa. :) chris

  29. I featured you today at Mod Mix Monday!

  30. LOVE the settee!
    It's funky and chic.


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