Thursday, May 17, 2012

Live TV, New Business Card and Customers!

 Two nights ago I got a call from the
 mayors office inviting me to be on his tv show~
its the local cable channel~have you ever watched your town cable show?
Its fun to watch real people on tv, instead of actors and stars~
they act more, well, real!
So last night was my turn to be that "real" person on tv~
I got to introduce my business and 
tell what Maison Decor is all about.
Here I am about to go be in the hot seat and have my interview 
with our movie star handsome mayor!
 Behind the scenes~all the wires and the monitors and
 the handlers, and this is just local cable~but its LIVE!
 My hubby was taking pics and this guy in front 
of him was taking pics for the mayor's office~
I felt relaxed and talked so much
 about the Annie Sloan chalk paint 
I almost forgot to tell them 
that I sell all kinds of vintage and new home accessories~
not just furniture paint!!  The mayor seemed intrigued 
about the paint~so maybe I will get him 
to sample it when I have my grand opening!
For those of you worried that I am wasting away to nothing~
here I am after my spot and you can see
 I am looking VERY healthy!!
  See the TV in the window~
anyone walking down the street sees the live performance. 
I was NOT asked for any autographs when I left~~
 This was the cute tote bag I carried last night~
its from Pier One Imports~I love the color and the details of it. 
In case you were wondering!
Nita~have you seen it at your Pier One??
I got my new business card designed~
I love it! It has the colors of aqua and pink,
and the Annie Sloan trademark thingy,
I was happy with my designer who made it up for me...
he is my sign designer too.
 At the shop, I hung the gilded mora up in the front window~
a lady drove all the way from Cape Cod today! 
She is redoing a Sea Captains house and it looks amazing~
she almost left with this clock...she found out about
 Annie Sloan chalk paint at Brimfield last week,
 and so she came to my shop! She bought Duck Egg Blue, 
Pure White, Graphite, French Linen and Louis Blue!
 I really enjoyed talking with her...
I also got some other walk-ins which was nice, as they 
are so positive about finding this cute little unique kind of shop.  
They come in and I am busy painting a piece of furniture, 
and they love to wander about and talk while I
 paint until they are ready for check out...
its been really nice being a shop owner this week!


  1. AWESOME! That should be a big boost for you locally! Congratulations and you look gorgeous btw!


  2. Amy you look so great in turquoise,love your necklace and bag,how cool and exciting to be on tv.
    Your new card design is beautiful,love the colours and i so wish i could come visit your shop,maybe one day i will x

  3. I mean...success is just so much builds on itself, makes you happy and that shows from inside out. You not only look look beautiful. That mayor pales in comparison!

  4. How fun! You are a TV star! I wish we could see the segment online. I love seeing all the projects you are working on at the store. Love all the stuff you are painting grey. As for the purse...yes we have that at our store. I've been tempted by it myself.

    My Mom took the sideboard and hutch. She loved it when she saw it. I couldn't not give it to her. So now I am on the hunt for a potting bench again. It's ok...I was happy that she was happy. She'd wanted one like that for a long time. Probably since when they were first popular.

  5. That bag goes really well with that outfit, Amy. Love your new business card! I'm so glad people are finding out about your shop. Hopefully, some will have seen that show with the mayor and you will have even more coming in.

  6. What a perfect color for you! Looks so good with your hair and complexion. Best of all, you stand out nicely with the background of the interview area. Wish we could see the interview. So happy for you Amy.

  7. You look wonderful Amy! How fun to be a TV star! te he. Thanks for sharing your steak tips diet. You gave me some great ideas. Your cards are wonderful, you're really hitting your stride with all of this. Fun hearing about your customers, and oh wow, that clock is amazing!

  8. How fun to be on TV! I can tell, you are having a ball!

  9. Looking good...looking trim...looking happy! (*_*) Thanks for the email this morning and your great advice! xo

  10. You and your shop are both looking GOOD, Ames! LOVE that you are getting some traffic and that you are able to work hands-on right there while watching out for customers. Perfect- xo Diana

  11. I be it was so nice being a shop keeper:) Love the way your shop is coming along and how you got to talk to the lady from Cape Cod, just wonderful!

  12. WOW Amy! You are one amazing lady, and you look fabulous to boot! So exciting to see all this great unfolding around you, its sooo well deserved and I love your cards. May you continue to be blessed!

  13. I am happy to see you doing well. We have a local show here called "Good day Oregon" which is also filmed live. We were on it once when my disabled son was a baby and he was taking horse back riding lessons. It was fun. For you any free advertising is great! I think you look great--very healthy!

  14. i am feelin fancier just knowing you!! how utterly cool to be in the throes of a maison decor sensation.

    raising my glass of milk to you this very moment.



  15. Amy you are a super star!! I feel like I am vicariously following along with you making your dreams come true. The front window, your business cards; so amazing! Nice publicity with the Mayor!

    2012 Artist Series Featuring the Gifted Decorative Painter Theresa Cheek

    Art by Karena

  16. Exciting things are happening, Amy. Love the outfit, and the business cards. Wishing you continued exposure, and success.

  17. Oh my goodness...I've missed so much while I was in Paris last week! Everything looks fabulous!! You are gong to fly!!!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  18. You are styling and profiling! Cute as can be. Sounds like you are well on the way to success!

  19. Good for you, it seems you are on your way. From what I can tell you will have no problem just good things.


  20. Doing some catchup on your shop, it's looking fabulous and you looked great for the mini TV spot. One day at a time, breath deep, and enjoy every moment.
    Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

  21. How exciting to get to be on tv promoting your business with your very own mayor! You're a local celebrity now! Glad to hear that your business is off to a good start and you're enjoying it so far.

  22. That is so cool Amy! Congrats. I am excited for you. You look just darling. And I think, from the photos, that you hung the mora in a perfect place, so people walking by can see it. That pier would almost draw me in from CA much less the sidewalk :)


  23. I'm so excited for you! I would be a nervous wreck if I had to do a tv appearance! I had a local newspaper interview and kicked myself for a week over how stupid I sounded! :| You look fabulous, dahling. :)

  24. fantastic all around Amy.....the mora clock in the window is fab!!!

  25. Amy,
    Congratulations!How cool to be on television.Great publicity for your shop.

  26. I am thrilled for your success!!...I bet a year ago you never imagined what was "in store" for many wonderful opportunities and accomplishments....You are a "rising star' in every sense of the word....Now, if I was outside the studio, I would be waiting with my autograph book and camera...!!!

    BTW....great business Amy!!

  27. Congratulations on being on TV! How fun! And I always love seeing pictures of your clocks!


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