Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Frenchy Front Window Display

 Colin and I took the wood blinds out of the front window
 and I decided to use a bed crown draped with double
 width ivory cotton fabric to create a display. 
 Then we swagged the chandelier from the crown 
so it was centered on the window~! It looked really pretty, 
but there were old sticker marks outside from the 
previous business occupants so Colin 
scraped off the residue and cleaned the windows for me.
  It looks really pretty~there will be a window
 seat/platform built over the radiator so I can 
actually stand things directly in front of the window, 
but for now this works well to call 
attention to the store.

 This is the beginning of the transformation of the outside~
I will be taking down the blinds on the other side as well...
and I got approved by the Sign Review Committee this morning~! 
They said it was the first time that they had seen an application 
properly submitted and that they thought it was a very nice sign as well!
 Then they said they just wanted to congratulate me on
 filling it out and submitting it in such a manner....so I told them, 
"I was the Chairman of the Sign Review Committee in Woburn, Mass"...
and then they asked me if I wanted a job on the board!!! 
haha! I said no thanks!! 
So that was kind of a fun moment this morning~
 Colin got busy painting a bunch of Annie Sloan chalk paint 
sample boards so I can them on hand to show customers
 how the paint looks and feels~as opposed to just a color chart. 
 Another shot of my frenchy window display~
I can't wait for Mr. MD to wire the chandy 
so it sparkles up my windows at night!!
 My dad popped in on the shop yesterday too~!
 He drove up from Martha's Vineyard for a doctor's appointment, 
so it was great to be able to show him the place. 
Then we all went to dinner at......
the Pearl Street Station~Steak tips and salad again!!!!
Oh~and I had my FIRST walk in customer today~
a lawyer for Raytheon!! She was a darling young lady who 
had heard about the paint and was excited to try it~and I got other 
calls from other ladies looking to see if I had all the colors and 
they will be coming to the store soon as well! 
Thats my latest update~look for
 the store front to be changing and
 getting very pretty this coming month! I can't wait!


  1. Oh Amy, I so love being able to watch as you are on this journey.
    How exciting for you! and fun for us.
    I hope you aren't running out of steam with all the work you are doing. Make sure you get some rest.
    How neat that customers are starting to find you!!!

  2. I am so excited for you. I think it looks great!!! I mean super great! I would love to be able to walk in there.


  3. How absolutely gorgeous that shop is going to be.. just wish I lived in the area so I could pop in and dream and buy things that would capture my attention... it looks like real success is on its way... good luck.. gosh its so pretty its bound to get hundreds of customers from the very first opening.. I am jealous!!!hugs from across the pond.. J

  4. Very exciting, Amy! I love how you did "our" crown in your window! : ) I just ordered some toile fabric for mine and will probably hang it by the weekend. This way it is up and I can hold my fabric up to get it sewed properly. What a great son, Colin, is to help you out like this. My son is similar; I'd have to tell him to go, get out and do something with your friends! Congrats on the sign! So glad that went through without a hitch.

  5. I love that you still take the time to post during this busy time! I love the window looking the way you have it. I am happy about what the sign board said too--sometimes people just don't pay attention I think. It is great that you are on top of it! Everything is looking great. Oh, and I have had steak and salad alot lately..because everytime you mention it I think "That sounds good!" :)

  6. Yay your first customer! I Knew it wouldn't take long. Congratulations. The window is pretty. Your son is a gem for being there for you! So nice to see your pops. He looks really proud!

  7. We are going to crown my daughter's nursery beds when she starts decorating for their twins due in October. Not sure what fabric we will use yet, waiting to see boy or girl, girls, boys.

  8. I love the chandy in the window, what a great idea! Everything looks wonderful and I sure wish I could see it all in person♥
    Such a wonderful son and I'm sure your dad is so proud of you!

  9. Congrats on the sign!!! The flower window thing propped up behind Colin while he is painting, it is delightful!!! Is it for sale? :)

  10. How nice to get the sign approved. Love the drapes in the window and the chandy will be so pretty lit up.

  11. What a charming window treatment. The sofa is unbelievable,it did turn out well. Smiles, Susie

  12. Hi Amy,
    I love the window display and your entire shop is coming together beautifully!

    It's wonderful too that your son is helping you and I'm glad that your Dad stopped by to check things out. You should be very proud.


  13. Customers already?!! You are going to be a great success! Love your window display and I can't wait to see the chandy! :)


  14. Good for you! A customer and you are getting a lot done. The window looks great.

    A suggestion for you- We had to build radiator covers for a house we had in the historical district. We basically built a box type structure but the front was a piece of wrought iron grate that was "open work" so it heated properly and looked lovely. I found a piece that was all roses and had it painted white and kissed it with gold. EVERYONE that came into the hose commented on it and loved it. xo Diana

  15. ooops-forgot to add- how wonderful that your Dad was able to stop by. He's a cutie!

  16. Amy,
    I love your window display.And that table is gorgeous too.You are really coming along.How sweet that your Dad came for a visit.Love you photo together.

  17. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! The store front window is becoming soooo pretty! Having that little chandy's sparkling lights in the window is going to be charming as anything. I love your little garden table and chair set, and i can just see the whole front coming together with all the pretty frenchy colors. Congratulations on being such a hit with the sign committee ...!


  18. Amy your window looks amazing!!!

  19. It is SO much fun taking this ride with you, Amy...even though you are doing all of the work. lol! We are all jumping up and down and yelling "Go, Amy!" on the sidelines, though! Love to see how your shop becoming more and more beautiful each day, sweetie!!! ♥ I'll bet your darling Dad is so darned proud of you!!

    xoxo laurie

  20. It's just so exciting to watch your day to day progress! You are such an inspiration Amy! By the way, I finished my banister today...yippee...it looks GREAT!!

  21. The window display looks beautiful and it will be dreamy when the little chandelier is twinkling....I love how Colin is helping you along your journey,what a great son he is.
    I bet it was great having your dad at the shop,he is a sweet heart and i have to say you are looking really amazing after those steak tips and salad!
    So funny about the application and job offer...the exterior colour is looking divine.
    Love to you x

  22. Love how this is a family affair, seeing Colin put to work is so sweet! The stores looking amazing! I am so impressed with all you have done....such a good call to take down the blinds. Looking GREAT!

  23. Well, what a treat..a visit from your dad....Isn't it always great to get an stamp of approval...a thumbs up from your parent...!...Wonderful window...gorgeous...
    and congrats on your first walk in!!..I am certain she will be spreading the word....Soon you will be so busy you will need to hire floor help!...

    Great helper you have there...!!!...So very nice that he is helping you...I am sure you love having him near!!

    Have a wonderful day of selling!!!

  24. The window looks fabulous!!! Question: can I adopt Colin? :)

  25. The window looks so pretty! Congrats on new customers, it's happening!! So nice your Dad could see the shop. I think we all need a Colin, can we clone him?

  26. Is your town just so excited they can't stand it?

  27. I am in love with painting the sofa !!!

    I am going to paint a bedroom chair , thanks for the encouragment

    everything else is fabulous also,, so nice to see your Dad and son also

  28. Your first walk in...how great is that! And many more to come. Of course I love seeing the chandi in the window. If at all possible, you should hang several in the window. Oh....just think of the possibilities for your windows at Halloween and XMas!

    So nice to see your Dad in there visiting you. I bet he's very proud.

    Has the restaurant across the street noticed a huge surge in their profits since you all started eating there every day?

  29. Forgot to say...it's so funny to see Colin painting so seriously. He doesn't look like he's having fun at all.

  30. looking good amy. love that ds is painting chalk paint samples. good thinking too. much better than a basic paint sample. love the pic of you and dad. you're twinnies.

    btw, my dad worked at raytheon for years (i did too for to summers during college). here's to your first of any walk ins! woohoo!


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