Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shop Series: Paint is here!

 It was a big day for Maison Decor~and me! 
I went out to the beautiful countryside of Berlin, Mass
and picked up my first order of Chalk Paint for the shop.
I met up with Sally Barker at Counting Sheep Antiques~
the painful part of writing the check....
The Colin loaded it into the back of my car~
Colin took this pic of me unawares as I unloaded the paint.
It is all safely lined up on my shelves,
and I feel like a kid in a candy store~
now only if I had time to paint some stuff!!
 Instead I took to artfully displaying one can on top of this cast iron angle pillar~
she is honored to hold Old White!
 I'll be mixing new and old things with a distinctive french feel in my shop~
So much to do~but little by little I find things coming together~
I am open for paint sales if anyone needs any!!
I have two ladies coming in this weekend...
 This is the Mora clock I am painting now in Chateau Grey~
it is shown with the original taupe as the accent color...
I have to see if Cynthia likes it like this ( I do) or 
she would prefer Old White or some 
other color for the accents....Cynthia?
 Then it will get waxed and buffed to finish it up.
 Another view of the shop coming together~
 OMG!! Look at this vintage wallpaper I found 
at Sally's this morning!! I fell in love straight away~
This will be so pretty inside a cabinet with pale green or lavender or pink~
Here is Colin entering all my inventory of Chalk Paint into 
my new iPad that I will be using for my store register 
and inventory tracking system...its quite amazing!! 
I'll tell more about that later~
He is my unpaid helper till the bucks
 start rolling in~(at his insistence!)
Time to head back to the ranch and get supper ready,
then I have a 4th grade Science Fair to attend!!



  1. Very exciting! Lots of cans! I love those chalkboards your are using to tell about the paint. Using an Ipad for your cash register! That will be interesting to hear about. I believe it will work....I love all Apple products. Sounds like you had a very busy day and a busy evening.

  2. How very exciting, Amy! I love that you get closer to realizing your full dream every day! What a blessing-xo Diana

  3. I am sooooo excited to come up and see the shop in a few weeks!! I am going crazy just from the pictures, I can only imagine being there in person!!!

  4. Wow! I don't think I've ever seen so much chalk paint in one place before. Just think, whenever you want a color it's at your fingertips and you don't have to store it in the cold garage! Ha!

  5. OMG Amy, Look at the shop! It's totally coming together, holy crap, it looks wonderful! I love the lady holding the chalk paint!, and that awesome cabinet with the curvy top! Colin is being such a great helper, and can't wait to hear how the ipad works, my friend has one, and says you can use it for people to pay you...


  6. It is looking absolutely gorgeous Amy! I'm so excited for you!


  7. It looks like your shop is filling up nicely, Amy! I can't wait to see a picture of the whole thing ready and waiting for Grand Opening day! Are you going to do anything special like an open house?

  8. lol! I'll be dreaming about all of your paint cans in my sleep tonight, Amy! lol!

    oxo laurie

  9. Very exciting for you and your shop!! Congrats again.


  10. Love the color of the clock. How are you liking your Ipad? I really want one.

    It's looking great in there!

  11. Love the color of the clock. How are you liking your Ipad? I really want one.

    It's looking great in there!

  12. Wow Amy i bet you are in heaven having so much Annie Sloan paint in your pretty shop,its looking really fabulous and i love the grey cabinet the Mora clock is leaning against it looks beautiful with those hits of lavender,good job on finding the vintage wallpaper its too pretty.

  13. How FUN to have all that chalk paint in your store. Looks like things are coming along!

  14. Goodness sakes are so busy! Exciting stuff though right? Your shop is really coming together. It will all be worth it in the'll see!!!

  15. Very exciting to get your paint order--I hope it sells well for you!

  16. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! You'll do wonderful with paint sales! I have a feeling that Colin loves helping his Mom out, what a great guy you raised! :)

  17. Amy...another amazing stocking your first order of Annie every exciting for you!

    I love, love the beautiful "lady" showcasing the can of paint...She looks very "victorious"...! Like she is holding the ASCP and saying, "I did it"....this is really happening!!!...Congrats Amy!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Hi Amy,
    Everything looks like it is all coming together. Love the statue holding the chalk paint. Hope everything works out for your signage. Try to take some time for yourself this weekend. Maybe go for a pedicure or massage. That would be nice.

  19. Amy I cannot express how excited I am for you! Your new blog banner is awesome by the way. Shop looks incredible and if I lived in the area you would be my new supplier. I am blogging today about my trip to the annie sloan supplier that I go to in dallas, her shop is much different than yours but I love the look of both!!! Good luck, happy sales to you!!!!!!

  20. It's really coming together so nicely Amy!
    I am always amazed at how much you accomplish each day...I am currently feeling exhausted...where do you get you energy?
    Have a great weekend!

  21. The shop is looking good,Amy..actually fantastic looking..can't wait for the final reveal.

  22. I still love how your family is just right in there in your dream!

  23. Amy,
    How exciting for you! I am wondering how you picked colors of paint for selling? Old White is sure a safe bet.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  24. Amy,
    It is all looking amazing.Love that french bottle it for sale only by visiting??????
    Love how you displayed the paint can too.

  25. It's all looking wonderful, Amy!
    You are one busy lady!!!
    I hope you are able to get some rest in between working on the shop, and doing orders.

  26. Great post,I really like your article

  27. So excited for you Amy!!

  28. Oh you have such a wonderful son! You're lucky to be able to sell ASCP. Such a wonderful product.

  29. Look at all that chalk paint looks like heaven! Am interested how the ipad works as a cash register and inventory keeper!


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