Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day, Angel Wings, Gardening...

 Colin set up pink tulips and a mothers day card late Saturday night
so I would see them first thing in the morning~I really was
surprised, and I do love getting flowers!
 He always tries to pick out thoughtful cards that
 I would like, and this one was no exception.
It was a little house covered in glittering flowers 
with a very sweet handwritten note inside.
 I also had a vintage card sent from my son Justin the day before~
and just to show you the state of affairs in my house, 
this rose and lilly of the valley has gone dead 
and dried before I could get rid of them~I am never
 poised in front of this window for very long anymore...
 Kind of a petrified state around the house while 
Maison Decor takes precedence while its being set up.
 After making coffee on Mothers Day and having 
the early morning to myself I saw a bunny rabbit hop 
by the window and head to my garden~see him? 
I watched him for a long time.  He was a big plain brown rabbit,
 but cute just the same...I had every intention of getting 
out in the garden to weed later on in the afternoon on Mothers Day~
but first I had store hours from 11-2.
 The day before I asked hubby to power wash 
the side deck as I have some plans for this space...
 He was happy to do it~and what a big difference it makes!
 Last year I scrubbed it on my hands and knees and 
it was a bear of a job...this is easy peasy.
 I got the opportunity from Pier One Imports to 
"create an outdoor space" for my blog~and 
the side deck is where I plan to set it up~
so stay tuned for later this month!
I have to say I was so impressed with what Pier One carries~
they have all kinds of decorating styles including 
vintage and frenchy stuff~its not like I remember it...
 I'll give you a peek at one of the items~this giant clock and 
thermometer gauge is an outdoor model that comes from Pier One~
it dwarfs Tobey!  And it has the rustic aged copper look that I love!
 Anyway, late morning on mothers day
I headed to my shop and worked on the gilded wings~
I met some wonderful Annie Sloan customers 
as well as a blog reader, Cheryl, and we had a lot to talk about~! 
All of a sudden my middle son Brandon had 
arrived at the store to take me out to dinner,
and so we closed down the shop to go celebrate!
 First we took a quick mothers day pic~Mimi (B's GF), Kingsley
and Brandon to my right and of course, that's Colin on my left.
 Later that day I got to relax and 
do some weeding and gardening~
here are some before pics.
 Even with a lawn cut, everything looks kind of wild~
I have bleeding hearts and bridal wreath in bloom right now,
 they came on the heels of the daffodils, tulips and lilacs~
but I was much to busy to even 
cut one bouquet this year~a first for me.
 Some pink pansies gather round the catmint
 planted next to the old wheelbarrow.
 Even when things are full of weeds I still think a garden is pretty~
 So while I weeded, Colin read his book and 
Dillon rolled around on his back in the grass.
 He wiggles back and forth for as long as I let him~
he actually rubs the fur right off his back, 
but it must feel good, because he loves to do this!!
So there are my weed piles~I was pleased with the progress 
and my mothers day in general~!  It was a beautiful day 
with a warm breeze blowing~and Monday is my day
 off so that will be nice too. Hope you all had 
great weekends, especially the moms out there!



  1. Amy,
    Glad you had a nice Mothers Day.I too was outdoors.A lovely day.But no yard work for me.I will get to it this week.

  2. What fun to read your blog. You are a very busy lady but I'm glad you find time for YOU!

  3. so glad you got to enjoy mother's day doing what you wanted. i sometimes find weeding therapeutic. you got lots done! dillon is cracking me up.

  4. Great family pic. You are so busy I am not surprised you didn't get to pick the flowers. Can't wait to see the side porch I remember your drawing.

  5. Glad you had a wonderful day! I just adore your wings. What a fun thing to get to decorate a space with Pier 1 goodies!

    I was under the weather yesterday but it still ended up being a good day!

  6. I am so glad you had a nice Mothers day. Just the other day I was thinking "I wonder how Amy's house is looking?" I know I'm weird but I always wonder how people who work can get everything done..and you have been working a lot. (since I don't work and have trouble getting everything done!) When I saw the dried up flowers I thought to myself--Good she isn't totally perfect:) I can't believe you were pulling weeds on Mothers day. You are a worker! I love those gilded angel wings...they are gorgeous. Have a great week..and try to relax a little:)

  7. Sounds like a very productive day, Amy. Glad you had a chance to enjoy your family.

  8. Awwwwwws, great blog post. You are so skinny now! I can really see it in that pic with your guys. Dillon really is just a cutie. I love his soulful face, even though you can't actually see it in this post! You made alot of progress with those weeds. Seems like now, i spend more time cutting things back and pulling things up in the garden than planting things! I'm glad you had a peaceful mother's day and time to have a cup of coffee and get dirt under your nails...


  9. great post. happy mothers day Amy. Hope you enjoyed your day off today.


  10. Well, it was nice to get a day off. I think it is funny that you WORKED even on your day off. I am thinking that you and I are related somehow. I love everything you have done in the shop...and your garden is looking so much better. Hope you did something to relax a bit if...xo Diana

  11. Amy,

    So glad your Day was special and your photos are so much fun! I like those angel wings and the progress you are making on your store is amazing!


  12. What a great day and I can't believe that Pier One has cool stuff like that. I haven't been there in years...I might have to check it out! ~Stacy~

  13. I always like to stop in Pier 1 they have so many neat things! I'm glad you got to do what you wanted for Mother's Day and the tulips are beautiful, great family photo too!

  14. Looks like you were surrounded by lots of love and great company..and who could ask for anything more? Getting to do just as you please on your special day! Glad it was a great one Amy!

  15. So glad you enjoyed Mother's Day it seems you had a great day.

    Love the picture of the dog upside down!!


  16. amy we all know you are "the bomb" from what we read and see on your blog but i know your a great mother b/c Colin is also "the bomb" you have done a great job being a mother the prooof is in Colin amazing young man!!!

  17. Your lawn looks just wonderful. I'm glad things are going so well for you.Those angel wings are gorgeous!
    Hugs and Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

  18. I am so happy that you had a wonderful Mother's certainly accomplished so much in one day!!

  19. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day! Your shop looks fantastic and I am just so excited for you.
    Hope you are having fun.
    I still am and it was three years ago in March when we opened it. Gets better with each passing year, Amy.


  20. That's such a great pic of you with your boys. Glad to know that you had a nice Mother's Day. Love your yard pics too.

  21. Looks like you had a great Mother's Day. I LOVE Dillon's pink! Love a pink tummy on a dog.


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