Friday, November 11, 2011

French Plaque Giveaway

 The French love these emblems of the Bee
and the Crown and the Laurel Wreath. 
 They are all put together in one lovely plaque
 and finished in a creamy paint with touches of gilding.
 Three crystal knobs for hanging pretty things are at the bottom.
 The style is glorified french cottage~tres magnifique!
  Did you know that the bee is the oldest emblem 
of the French sovereigns and its meaning
 is immortality and resurrection?
Amy of Maison Decor and Linda of Juniper Hill Antiques at Brimfield Fair
My blogger friend Linda, who owns and operates
 the successful Juniper Hill Antiques is 
offering a giveaway for this special plaque~
and "Like" them. 
 The first 200 people that "like" Juniper Hill
will be entered into the giveaway!  
Click on the Juniper Hill logo above and you will find their blog.  
Linda and her sister Sue find old furniture and
 turn them into wonderful pieces of cottage style furniture suitable
 for shabby chic or that vintage cottage look.  
I had the pleasure of finally meeting
the two sisters at the Brimfield Fair this year. 
They are located in Connecticut and have been
part of Brimfield for over a decade 
and have many repeat customers.
While I was in Linda's booth I saw a
 young couple picking out a pretty dressing table to add
to a bed and dresser they had bought the year before.
 Linda is busy trying to get followers for her business page
on Facebook and having people discover her blog~
so she is offering this lovely giveaway to introduce Juniper Hill.
If you like reading Maison Decor blog, 
I think you will enjoy seeing the furniture that these 2 pros turn out.
This is Sue's adorable little puppy sitting in a piece they just finished.
Need I say more? 


  1. Amy I just love all of those beautiful things!! The puppy is pretty adorable too!

  2. Thank you for your wonderful blog post! You make a girl blush with all the sweet things you say! We greatly appreciate that you took time to stop by and see us at Brimfield, it was a special treat being visited by such a talented designer! Loved you description of our Bee and Crown plaque, it really is charming! XO

  3. Thanks for recommending another great blog. Juniper Hill's furniture is beautiful!

  4. Oh how cute that puppy is! And the dresser is beautiful! I will go to their facebook page...thanks Amy!

  5. I do like Juniper Hill! Beautiful furniture.

  6. Ok, i went over and "liked" her Facebook page, and i really DO like it! Then to her blog, amazing furniture! Thanks for sending me over! Wish i was close enough to go to the shop, but maybe better that i can't, too many goodies to buy!


  7. Hi, Amy! Thanks for introducing us to Linda and Juniper Hill! So much talent!

  8. What a great giveaway!! I LOVE the placque!! I visited the blog and that's neat, too, so I became a follower and also liked them on Facebook!! I have my fingers crossed!


  9. That's a beautiful blog she has! Love the placque, too. Now, in that last photo- I don't know which is cuter- the dresser or the pup! xo Diana

  10. I'm going over to meet her right now Amy! Love the beautiful sign.


  11. That plaque is so pretty. I'll go check their blog out and sign up for the giveaway. Her puppy is just adorable sitting in that dresser!

  12. Yay...a beautiful new blog to follow!!!
    Janet xox

  13. Great giveaway by Juniper Hill Antiques. Thanks for promoting this. Love the puppy. Ginger

  14. That sign is wonderful! Nope, I didn't know that about the "bee"..

  15. I would love to have that bee plaque...LOVE IT!

    I posted about the giveaway on my Miss Bee's Haven Facebook page.

    Deborah aka Miss Bee


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